Turning the Tables on Y&R

Adam (Michael Muhney) threatens to turn the tables on Victor (Eric Braeden) and Emily (Stacy Haiduk) doesn’t stand a chance against Patty. Can anyone ever turn the tables on Victor? Watch this week’s The Young and the Restless promo after the jump.

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    I think that Michael Muhney is a good actor, but the writers push Adam to the point of no return.  Everyone keep saying that Kevin, Michael, Phyllis, Gloria, Victor and Jana did worst things, but they paid for their crimes, Adam didn’t and I don’t know how Adam going to get out of this without the whole town wanted him dead.

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    sharon is so blind she needs to open her eyes y and r wrote her so dumb good i cant believe after everything and she still sides with him well im glad her eyes are slowly opening. if he messes with victor he will be burned that how they write it thats waht the character is all about victor newman is not his real name he chose victor for himself to be victorious and newman to be a fresh new man so what else do u expect. and patty that is just a terrible trajic mess both with everything that jack victor and life did to the character and that that storyline patty jack loves emily and not you and by killing her u hurt your pauly in the process.

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    abc soap lover

    Only one person could "out" Adam on all of his recent sins and that man is dead.  His biggest crime (the baby switch)  still has the potential to go undetected for years.  Unless of course housekeeping at the Newman ranch has gotten so poor since Estella’s departure that they find the bloody towels Adam used to clean up the miscarriage.
    Something tells me Faith may have a medical drama in the near future and she is going to be a rare blood type that the combination of Ashley and Victor couldn’t produce.

    Once everything comes out, I can see Adam staying out of jail but who would he interact with without getting beat up constantly or worse?

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    The Emily/Jack/Patty "triangle" is a mixture of contrivity and foolishness. They have combined every soap opera cliche involving "evil twins" and put them together…… And Jack Abbott is being played as a COMPLETE fool, despite the many personality and mood changes of his new BRIDE. But we shouldn’t expect Jack to really KNOW Emily since they only dated for about 2 days before getting married.

    Victor has had the wool pulled over his eyes MANY times in the past—-Leanna, Eve, Patty, Nikki, Ashley (should I continue????) so it’s not implausible that the all-knowing "Big Brother" of Genoa City is not knowledgable about his son’s despicable actions.

    Adam should be giving seminars on how to fool EVERYONE in town and rope in a wife—-all while practically BLIND!!! Talk about a success story…………

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    Adam – Michael Muhney is great but I agree it will be hard to redeem Adam after this. The only way he’s gonna be forgiven is if he saves someones life (maybe Abby).

    Sharon – It irritates me to no end that they have written her to be such a weak, desparate woman. Seriously? Is she that desparate for a man that she would just believe everything that comes out of his mouth?

    Corporate Storyline – Im actually kind of liking it and can’t wait to see how all of this will play out. I don’t care how good Adam may be The Mustache always gets the last laugh.

    Ashley – Just shut up and move out already! She & Neil are such a boring couple! Just bring Dru back already!

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    Great comments from all of you.

    I don’t see how Adam can get out of his predicament either but I somehow have a feeling that he just might be around for quite some time to cause grief for Victor and all. Nick alluded to the fact that all is just conjecture right now and nothing really can be proved. The main thing that bugs me here is Phyllis being so front and centre as the angel of exposition. Besides … nothing that the people around him right now actually know that he has committed any crimes since he left jail. How can Ashley actually prove what she is accusing  him of and the cloth remnant they have now cannot possible be viable for any DNA evidence.

    Victor is so cozy with his Jabot purchase. Victoria had it right for once this time by trying to distance herself. Victor should realize that he of all people would be suspect in any fishy dealings considering his past shady corporate dealings. Remember when Nick turned him in … and now is working with him breaking the law?

    Patty/Emily … hope that is for the short term. I think Patty will slip up and be exposed.

    "Sheila" … this has gone on for so long. How many of you still think it is Sheila and not someone else? I just don’t think it makes sense to have such a major character hiding in the backround when we all really just  know who it probably could be anyway. There still could be a surprise here.

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