Should Y&R's Billy Abbott and Phyllis Newman Hook Up?

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The Young and the Restless star Billy Miller visited with Our Prattville'sMelissa Parker about his popular womanizing character Billy Abbott.

Melissa Parker (Our Prattville): Which woman would you like to see him with next?

Billy Miller: He’s been paired up with pretty much everyone. I don’t know … he hasn’t hooked up with Phyllis yet.

Melissa Parker (Our Prattville): Some fans really liked Billy and Heather together, but that didn’t seem to last.

Billy Miller: I think that’s just Billy’s character. Billy just likes to hang out with attractive girls … and less clothes.

Melissa Parker (Our Prattville):Do you share any similarities with your character?

Billy Miller: Are you trying to ask me if I’m a man whore?

Melissa Parker (Our Prattville): Well, not necessarily (laughs).

Should Billy Abbott hook up with Phyllis?

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