Jimmy Kimmel Highlights Snoop Dogg’s Visit to OLTL

It looks as if Snoop Dogg helped pull in some extra PR for One Life to Live. ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel included a clip from Snoop Dogg’s visit to OLTL in his Jimmy Kimmel Live! monologue. Watch the segment after the jump.

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    I, too wish they would make it a regular event for Snoop to come on.  I think he is great!  I don’t really listen to his music much either but I think he is ultra cool and damned funny, so I "dig" the hell outta him!

    More Snoop D. O. double G!

    Fo’ shizzle!

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    TV Gord

    You can tell he’s a big fan of the show.  I loved how he knew everything that was going on in town.  It was a nice wink to the audience, because he was able to say things that we say at home.  I’d like to see more of that. 

    It would be great to have him on for a week so they could delve into how he and Bo got to know each other.  I’m sure Snoop Dogg helped Bo out with a case, don’t you think?  Or maybe David Vickers and Snoop were twins separated at birth!  (Hey, if any soap can explain that away, it’s OLTLOL!)

    Snoop and Jimmy Kimmel go way back, too.  When Jimmy Kimmel Live first started, he had a guest co-host each week who appeared on all five shows.  Snoop was Jimmy’s very first "Ed McMahon", and he was a pretty wild twist on the sidekick concept. 

    I also like that they use Snoop Dogg’s OLTL theme whenever he’s on.  I hope he drops by more often. 

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    I wish OLTL would have Snoop showing Viki and Dorian some love.  Once again they’ve missed an opportunity for Snoop to breakdown/get lost outside Llanfair or La Boulaie.  Loved Snoop as usual, wish there could’ve been a Jack/Snoop team-up.

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    Love the Jimmy Kimmel gave OLTL some love and promotion, since ABC is actively trying to keep the OLTL promos to a minimum. I also loved that Snoop knew more about what was going on in Llanview than Mitch Laurence!

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    they should make his visit a bi-annual must-have.  =)  i like Snoop, although I don’t listen to his stuff often, but found the episode extremely enjoyable…. even if you don’t listen to that kinda music on the regular. It was FUNNY. Funny counts for a lot in my book.

    Adored the opening credits too…. would be awesome if they’d kept it.  Keep dreaming, I know.  *lol*

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    Nat Guy

    My favorite part of the Snoop episode was watching all the characters dance at the concert.  Little Jack getting down.  Nora doing the back stroke.  Tea releasing her inner fly girl.  And Todd just standing there with a WTF look on his face.

    I would have liked to see Snoop go Statesville and pop a couple caps in Mitch.  Two in head (to quote Jillian) and Mitch is dead…..for real this time. 

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    TV Gord, Snoop as David’s twin? Funniest set of twins since Danny DeVito and the Governator! LOL!

    Jetty, he certainly did seem to know more than Mitch. Makes you wonder who their source is…

    Nat Guy, I’d love it if Snoop went to visit LINDSEY at Statesville and maybe help her break out again. So many storyline options for Snoop, they’d need to get him on contract to cover them all!

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    I also hope they keep that opening.

    I am going to miss Daphnee so much as Rachel. Not only did she have chemistry with so many people but she was dancing her butt off. I loved it!

    Destiny was so cute and so fly.

    Tea had the "don’t mess with me" face on when she was dancing.

    But Nora’s backstroke showed why some people should never be in a club.  Everyone was putting their hands up but for some reason she decided to add a little pizazz and start doing the backstroke.

    Snoop and David as long lost twin brothers or just long lost brother would be so cool. David’s mom could have had a little jungle fever back in the day.

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    [quote=TV Gord] 
     It would be great to have him on for a week so they could delve into how he and Bo got to know each other.  I’m sure Snoop Dogg helped Bo out with a case, don’t you think?  

    Back in the early 90’s Bo was a producer. OL had it’s own soap inside a soap with Bo’s Fraternity Row, starring Viki’s daughter, Megan Gordon aka Jessica Tuck. I think at one time Snoop said that that was when they met, when 1 of the characters asked how they knew each other. 

    I don’t listen to his music ether but I love how he’s not ashamed to admit what a big soap fan he is. His favorite character has always been Bo. Bo was really popular back in the 80’s. with all the women & I guess the men too. LOL 

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    TV Gord

    Thanks, vicious.  I didn’t know any of that.  I wish I had been watching back then!

    I always saw Bo as one of the most popular characters on OLTL, but that may be because he was the first OLTL character I ever saw.  Long before I was watching, he made a crossover to The City (the soap that morphed out of Loving), and I liked him then.  In fact, when Skye Chandler crossed over to OLTL (which is when I started watching), it was the prospect of seeing Bo in his natural habitat that intrigued me about getting into a "new" soap.  I had intended to quit watching OLTL after Skye left, but I was too hooked.  Today, it’s my only soap!

    Miry, thanks for the link!  That’s great!  Hillary’s, "Hey.  Hey." made me howl!  :-D

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     TVGORD..I’m surprised you got hooked at that time. NOT exactly the best years for OLTL…LOL Anything after 2000 the show changed from what it had been. IMO, RC is TRYING to bring OLTL back to it’s roots. But the audience is so different now, & I think he’s trying to please everyone & you just can’t do that, no one can. 

    BTW, I know there are some scenes from the "Fraternity Row" days on YT. Not sure if the whole story’s there, but I did see the award show clips & also the scenes when Bo took the cast to Badderly Island where they ran into Marco Dane & other characters from Llanview. It was a fun time. You would like it, being a Bo fan especially. He was married to Sarah at the time. Megan’s sister.

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    TV Gord

    I was drawn in by all of the strong characters.  Bo, Asa, Viki, Dorian, Nora, Lindsay.  They were all a hoot, even then.  The stories at the time may not have been great, but I loved the characters. 

    I will check out those YouTube clips, thanks.  I have a vast collection of TV-related books, and I bought the OLTL Scrapbook that was put out years ago (30th anniversary, I think), even though I wasn’t watching at the time.  It was in the bargain bin, and I’ve never really looked at it, except to look up a few things here and there.  I really need to take it off the book shelf and get to know the backstory.

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