Procter and Gamble Actors Strike Back in Steamboat!

Anyone who has thought we at Daytime have been mean for making fun of the dismal production values at the Procter and Gamble soaps in recent years need only watch the first episode of Steamboat to see the actors obviously feel the same way we do! From the hilarious minds of Michael O’Leary (ex-Rick, Guiding Light) and Scott Bryce (ex-Craig, As The World Turns), Steamboat tells the story of a dead last sudser, desperately trying to stay on the air amid budget cuts so severe they have to move into a rundown theater to tape the series in Peapack, New Jersey.

I wonder who Kim Zimmer is channeling for her performance as the soap’s control freak show runner? I’ll bet you a New York magazine cover I know the muse! Me likes. Hell, if you can’t laugh, you’ll cry. See the Steamboat Season One teaser below.



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    I was waiting for DC to write something about the teaser and first episode.  It is darn hilarious, every soap fan NEEDS to see this.

    Jamey, are you implying that KZ is channeling Ellen Wheeler or Barbara Bloom?  If you mean Ellen Wheeler I think you are dead wrong since, by most accounts, Ellen Wheeler had no balls whatsoever and repeatedly had crying fits all over the sets and ran around like a chicken with her head cut off. 

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    Episode 1 is indeed hilarious…looking forward to seeing where they go with this. And it is so great to see so many ex GL actors working together again….I’ve missed them.

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    Yeah, it’s a SMALL consolation prize for the many people who STILL miss GL, but it’s KINDA’ short!!! I agree, however, that Kim Zimmer (even in small doses!!) is too much to resist, and who knew that Beth Chamberlain had a FUNNY bone??? All I ever saw her character do on GL was CRY, SCREAM, BREAKDOWN and repeat!!

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    That’s awesome! Love how it says its a mix between The Office and All My Children and how it’s a dying soap lol.
     But it’s great seeing the Guiding Light actors on there, glad to see them working again! Miss them on my tv. And thrown in the guys from ATWT also.

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    [quote=Jamey Giddens]Oh Troy, she’s an Emmy-award winning actress. Do you really think it was hard for her to cry on cue? She ruled that pasture set with an iron agenda.

    Ok, Jamey, i’ll take your word for it, your the expert:)  One of my many problems with EW was that she just seemed like such a wimp, wanting people to hold hands and sing kumbaya while she cried a lot to express her emotion, bohoo hoo. *roll eyes*

    Anyways, thanks for the steamboat article, like I said, I absolutely loved it.

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! I can’t wait for the next one.  They must have had so much fun on set and writing this.  I loved the part with them on a "bed" in the middle of the cow pasture lol I bet The Guiding Light cast had to do that a bunch of times that last year!

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    Now THIS is a Jack Snyder I can get behind!!!!! Holy crap was he funny! I mean, yes, the entire episode was beyond awesome, but watching trying to karate-chop was priceless.

    Defintely looking forward to more episodes.

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