Jillian's B&B Spoilers!

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Agnes: She ponders her life and next move.

Owen/Bridget: The duo makes a pact to keep mum about their steamy interlude. Meanwhile, during a trip with Nick, Bridget feels extremely guilty over her indiscretion and has something to say to him.

Owen/Jackie: The Knights decide to start fresh, but Jackie is oblivious about the secret Owen is hiding.

Oliver/Steffy: Steffy is a bit skeptical about Oliver. She gets an eyeful when she views a video on his phone. She tries to obtain the video by throwing herself at Oliver, but gets busted. Later, Steffy plots to use the latest development she's discovered against the Logan sisters. Meanwhile, Oliver is hell bent on derailing her plan because of his feelings for Hope. Mr. Jones learns just how low Steffy is willing to go.