Nathan Fillion Remembers Scenes with Robert S. Woods on OLTL

Nathan Fillion dropped by The View to promote his primetime crime drama Castle. While he was there he reminisced about his time as Joey on One Life to Live and sharing scenes with Robert S. Woods. Watch the segment after the jump.


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Nathan Fillion is always a class act!

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 I LOVE Nathan Fillion such a broad spectrum of a career, Firefly, The Waitress, Dr. Horrible, Desperate Housewives, and even a voice in the Halo:ODST video game! But the best thing about him, he ALWAYS pays his respect to daytime Smile I wish he'd been part of the Olympic Ceremonies since he's Canadian! Sorry to hear about his cat though Sad

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It's always great to see Nathan Fillion. I'm awfully sad to learn his kitty cat died. Sad
I'm *so* glad he's having so much success with Castle, but I wish he'd consider returning to OLTL for a quick guest spot.