Will EJ be a Hero or a Zero on DAYS?

The pieces of EJ’s (James Scott) plot are falling into place, but will it make him the hero or a zero? Watch this week’s Days of our Lives promo after the jump.  

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    Looks like the end to the Sydnapping is here! EJ was playing mind games with Sami and Rafe. Can’t wait till Sami ultimatel finds out the whole story. 

    Can’t see them pairing up Sami and EJ after this development, but James Scott is such a handsome devil though…….

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    I wish he was the hero…but I don’t know how he’s gonna get out of this one.  I started watching regularly because of EJ & Sami so I’ve kind of got a soft spot for them. 

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    I love a good villian which is probably why I’m cheering for EJ over Rafe. Rafe’s holier than thou attitude annoys the hell outta me. I’m cheering for EJ even though he’s doing awful things. Also I have a soft spot for Ejami, but when Sami was a schemer. I don’t like this weak female they’ve made her. She used to be such a great foil and now she’s all vanilla.

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    EJ is going to be the hero because he’s gone too far down the dark path and it’s the right time for him to see the error of his ways.  This always happens to him, the writers throw him under the bus with some plot point that would spell doom for any other mere actor, but James’ talent and natural charisma won’t allow the character of EJ to ever become unredeemable.  Plus we now have 2 EJami babies.  Plus the irresistable allure of a Brady – DiMera love match. Plus the Santeen connection.  Plus the incredible chemistry between James and Ali.  Plus a fanbase that doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit, etc.  Now that I think about it I’m getting pretty excited about the possibilities!

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    I am rooting for EJ on this one. I love Sami with him.  I know he has done some awful things and so has she, but in the end they always come togather.  They understand eachother.  Had Sami just come to EJ in the beginning and told him  her fears we would not be going through this now.  We would not be having to deal with FBI officer eyebrows…Mr.  you can’t know about me but I must know everything about you.  That seems kinda one sided ot me.  He is just moving in on all aspects of her lofe trying to replace EJ ans Johnny’s father to me that is just not right.. EJ is a great dad Sami said so herself so why do that too him.  This whole Rafe hero thing just makes me Sick.. When he is on the screen I have tuned out.  If this ends this storyline and onto EJ and Sami in some way shape or form I am all for it.  In the end there are too many fans of theirs to be hung out here high and dry.

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    I hope they make him a hero.  Sami and EJ look so right for each other.  They make a perfect pair.  I do believe that EJ is supposed to be Sami’s soul mate. Her  one true love and it the DOOL writers are smart that’s what will happen.  Personally I couldn’t stand Rafe when he played on Passions and I can’t stand him now.  They can get rid of him anytime they want.

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