John Callahan Brings Dastardly Dr. Baker Back to DAYS for Lengthier Stint

Ruh roh. Looks like more trouble for Nicole Walker Roberts Kiriakis DiMera (Arianne Zucker) once she gets out of the clink. Sources say John Callahan is back on set at Days of Our Lives this week reprising the role of Dr. Baker, the sinister physician who helped Nikki switch Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Mia’s (Taylor Sprietler) babies. Look for this stint to be a bit lengthier, according to one mole.

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    His finger was MOVING on the last shot, so……of course he did not die! Everybody comes back from the dead! Awesome! What now with these babies……..

    Jamey, what do you’re moles say about Days renewal?Do the PTB have to make a decision by April? Should Days fans start writing NBC/SONY or whoever now?

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    Glad to have him rear is head again. Hope he takes some others down with him if he goes down. Never did believe him to be dead. Talk was he could be the one returning and some were right. Any idea on his first air date?

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    Is that just a bad picture or does he really look that bad?

    He has really got to get it together. Get nurtisystem and some botox.  You are never suppose to let your ex look better than you.

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    BigDede, that’s what he looks like.  He’s gained some weight since AMC.

    I’m curious as to what the writers have in store for him.  When I first read the rumor that a recently deceased character would return, I was REALLY hoping that Michael Sabatino/Lawrence Alamain would return.  I mean it IS DAYS and it’s totally possible for his henchmen to have saved him to let Carly suffer! I’ve enjoyed the scenes he has had with Vivian so it would have been interesting.  Or Nicholas could have saved him and he could be re-introduced to Salem getting to know his half-sister and be all awkward with everybody.  Just my two cents is all.  I think Lawrence alive would have had a better pay off for the show than bringing back Dr. Baker.  But I do think the show needs balance so some focus off of Carly would be nice too.

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    Big Dede——- I was thinking the same thing!!!! It’s obvious that John has gained A LOT of weight, just like Tyler Christopher from GH has gained a lot of weight. When men gain weight, they usually don’t get much flak or ridicule, but if a woman gains TWO pounds, suddenly she becomes a great big fat a**.
    I miss the John Callahan from the mid 90s with those "movie star" good looks, but we all have to age EVENTUALLY. I just hope that he doesn’t have any medical condition that is causing this drastic change in appearance…..I just hope he is HEALTHY!!

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    Yeah it’s not just the pic…he looks bad!! I remember when he first came back to Days I was like woah!! He has really put the pounds on and aged just a few years ago I saw a pic of him and he still looked like he did on AMC so I was shocked. Not to happy that he is coming back to days..never really liked his character. But when is a soap character really dead lol.

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    Wow, Shallow much?

    Okay, So that particular picture isn’t the greatest, but still…

    I don’t necessarily agree that only women get flak for gaining weight. I mean, just look at this thread…

    Anyway, I am a woman (One who has been judged on both sides of the looks spectrum), and I find it rather appalling when I see women get so all up in arms about the men who only go after the “hot” women instead of valuing women as people, But they find it perfectly okay to go around making snide comments about men who “used to be hot” but who now aren’t in their opinion. (And, NO, I’m NOT saying that this applies to anybody here! It’s just something that I’ve observed my entire life. Obviously there are shallow women in the world just like there are shallow men.) It’s just that (rather ironically), if we were talking about a soap actress who’d gained weight and people were making cutting comments, a stop would be put to it *immediately*, because it would be considering demeaning to women. (Because it WOULD BE demeaning to women!) But here we have nearly an entire thread lamenting a “former hottie” who has now “let himself go” and everybody is just basically agreeing and piling on and nobody is stepping in to try to put a stop to it. I’m not really sure why exactly I feel so compelled to respond to this thread, except that I just believe that respect should be a 2 way street. Of COURSE, men should not demean women. So shouldn’t it stand to reason that women should also not demean men? Just sayin’.

    Well, Sorry for writing a book. Maybe somebody somewhere will read this and understand what I was trying to say.

    P.S. Dr. Baker (John Callahan) is the ONLY reason that I am still *watching* “Days”. He’s *that* good. :)

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