Who Should Raise Baby Sierra Mist on One Life to Live?

Poor, lil ‘ol Sierra Mist Rose. As if it isn’t bad enough that her slutty, deranged mama is stuck to the bottom of a frozen lake (Or is she?), the young ‘un is also having to fight for her life as a passel of nincompoops fight over who should or should not raise her on One Life to Live

First up there’s the baby’s Aunt Gigi (Farah Fath), a well-meaning soul— if not the brightest of bulbs. Then there’s Schuyler (Scott Clifton) who, although he tries to come off as earnest, is every bit as depraived as the late Stacy (Crystal Hunt) in my opinion for letting his lust for Gigi prevent him from putting a stop to Stacy’s shenanigans months ago. Not to be outdone, there’s Kim (Amanda Setton), the dearly departed Slutcicle’s BFF, who has her teeth firmly sunk into Clint Buchanan’s (Jerry verDorn)…you get the picture, ouch!
Last but not least, there’s Oliver Fish (Scott Evans), the actual baby daddy (barring some last minute twist), who is struggling with the thought of being a parent because he’s gay, as his supportive boyfriend Kyle (Brett Claywell) encourages him to step up. Now if that isn’t a lineup of potential parentals to make even Maury Povich proud, I don’t know what is! So what do you guys think?

Who should raise the little soft drink?

Who Should Raise Baby Sierra Mist on One Life to Live?

  • Are you kidding me? They HAVE to follow up the Big Gay Wedding with a Big Gay Paternity story! Duh, Kish has to raise the kid! (69%, 1,115 Votes)
  • Kim should marry Clint and raise the little carbonated beverage as a Buchanan! (5%, 88 Votes)
  • Schuyler should raise the baby on his own. (2%, 25 Votes)
  • Gigi should stay with Sky and keep the kid! (2%, 25 Votes)
  • Rex and Gigi should get back together and raise the baby. (22%, 354 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,607


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37 Responses

  1. Profile photo of PinupWench79

     I want Fish to man up and be a parent to his daughter.  So what if he’s gay?  Has he taken a good look around Llanview lately?  Normal is the last word that I would use to describe a large majority of the residents there!  I tell you who I don’t want to raise little Sierra Mist and that’s Gigi and Rex.  Personally, those two can get back together and take a trip to backburner land for a bit.  I can’t stand those two and the two weeks has just drove it home for me.  I know I’m supposed to feel sorry for her and Rex for being lied to and want them to have their happy ending but I can’t tell a lie…..they both suck.  

  2. Profile photo of dkp

    Even though Fish is being a bit of a douche right now, I vote Kish, not because their gay, but because Fish is the dad and needs to man up and raise his own kid.

  3. Profile photo of liason4real

    Kim – I can just see baby Sierra Mist wearing pasties and a diaper g-string.

    Sky – He’s too busy going through withdrawals from Gigi.

    Oliver – The poor guy needs to come out of the land of denial and admit that he could be the baby’s father.

    Gigi and Rexx – Heck No!  They barely remember Shane!

  4. Profile photo of FaisonFanInTexas

    KISH all the way!
    I think Oliver will man up when he knows for sure.
    He sure did kiss Sierra alot at the lake when he was holding her while Rex fished for Gigi!
    But I think Kim might take the baby and run!

  5. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I would love to see Kish and Rex and Gigi become a throroughly "Modern Family" revolving around the little beverage choice. Kish should have custody, while Rex, Gigi and Shane play fully realized roles in their lives. Maybe they could all even live together? I would also have Kim as the wacked out godmother. OLTL needs to recast. I love Setton, but Kim is a great character, and they need to keep her around.

  6. Profile photo of east.west

    Be careful what you wish for Jamey. A great character can be ruined w/a less than stellar follow up. And plus w/the complaint of the cast being bloated they might as well call it a day for Kim Buchanan.

  7. Profile photo of sunnydays25

    I want it to be Kish…after Ollie gets his head out from up his behind and take responsibilty.   This will make for a great storyline.

    I find it extremely fake that in a few short scenes, Gigi lets go of everything that happened in the past year and all of a sudden loves her skanky ho of a sister…and now wants to raise her daughter. And Rex should be nowhere near the child, since he still hates the mother and doesn’t seem particularly sad at her demise. And yeah…where the heck is Shane most of the time, at Jimmy’s house??

    Sky needs so therapy, STAT, and a new babe with no "flock of seagulls" hairdo  :P  And I wouldn’t trust Kim with a stuffed animal, nevermind a child! Let’s hope Clint doesn’t fall for thiscrap…but there is a spoiler out that they were filming a wedding before AS quit last week…..blech!

  8. Profile photo of TC irene
    TC irene

    Kish with a side of Auntie Kim should raise  the soda pop tot. Can you imagine the good catfights between Kim/Kyle when she buys baby’s first clear heels….

  9. Profile photo of Karissa

    Fish should get to visit the baby but raise it NO!! Sorry I think the baby belongs with her aunt espeically since Gigi is the only one in the group who has experience with raising a child or children for that matter. Yes, Kish raising it would be like a couple raising their newborn however, I don’t think either are ready to be parents just yet.

  10. Profile photo of discodan

     I cant believe no one is on team Sky but me… The guy got blackmailed back and forth, yanked around like a rag doll, and is now being lied to about not being the father. He’s obviously ready to man up and claim responsibility for his actions, which starts with taking care of Little Mello Yellow.

  11. Profile photo of maxsmom

    I vote for Sierra Rose Fish. I love Oliver. I’m still not sure about Kyle but I trust that he will be on his best behavior as long as he is with Oliver.

  12. Profile photo of sunnydays25


    how can a man who even entertained the idea of inducing labor and having "his daughter" bonr early, to keep the secret of her paternity from his new squeeze, the best person to raise this baby? I love Sky, but he needs some serious face time with Dr Marty…lol

  13. Profile photo of PinupWench79


    I find it extremely fake that in a few short scenes, Gigi lets go of everything that happened in the past year and all of a sudden loves her skanky ho of a sister…and now wants to raise her daughter. And Rex should be nowhere near the child, since he still hates the mother and doesn’t seem particularly sad at her demise.[/quote]

    Thank you!  Granted, I haven’t been watching OLTL as long as some, but I know enough to know that I call shenanigans on Gigi all of a sudden wanting to raise a baby out of obligation to her sister.  The same sister who had no issues dangling the life of Shane in front of her face busted up her relationship with Rex.  I get that Gigi is pissed the hell off at Sky, but damn, she ought to know that when it came to runnin’ game, Stacey was one of the best (it also helped that people she ran game on weren’t very bright either).  As for Rex, I just find him to be a disgusting piece of flesh.  He was all too happy to rub in Sky’s face how he lost Gigi, which wouldn’t have happened had Rex been thinking in the first place.

  14. Profile photo of jhs12

    Karissa – By your reasoning, Gigi wouldn’t have any experience with children either because Shane would have been taken away from her when he was born. After all, she was a single teenage mother and I am sure she wasn’t ready to be a parent, so she shouldn’t have been allowed to raise him. discodan – Why should Sky get custody? He has NO connection to SR at all. It would be like giving custody of Bree to Cristian if Mitch had killed Jessica just because they used to date.

  15. Profile photo of discodan

    Sunny, everything he did, he did for Gigi, which granted, she’s gotta be crazy awesome in bed for that be a justification, but he’s admitted his mistake and he’s ready to take responsibility for what he believes to be his daughter. Granted, he still has several lingering things about him (stealing drugs, possibly losing his job etc.), but he has a good heart, and I believe that he can overcome this, and raise his daughter with the same love that his mother had for him.

  16. Profile photo of RoseVioletDaisy

    Even though I do think Fish will do the right thing in the end, right now, only Kyle and Schuyler seem to care about trying to figure out what the right thing for the baby might be and not just what seems right for themselves. As much as I like Fish, if he and Kyle do raise the baby, Kyle will probably be the better parent.

  17. Profile photo of jhs12

    [quote=discodan]I believe that he can overcome this, and raise his daughter with the same love that his mother had for him.[/quote]

    But she’s NOT his daughter!

  18. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    I vote for Kim because that’s comedy gold. I’m looking forward to Kyle and Fish getting into the fray, at some point, because it’s timely and I’ve never seen that story played out. 

    Although, I am concerned if Kyle and Fish get saddled with a baby so early on. That’s the number one way to neuter a hot, young couple. I want to see what every straight couple gets to play. I want to see a triangle. I want to see one of them become the long lost kid of some core family and get sucked into that. I want to see Kyle’s devious persona re-emerge (and like every other soap vixen before – Kendall, Sami,..) have him do something that he thought was a resaonable act at the time, blow up in his face and cause some relationship drama. 

    I do not want Kyle and Fish to become the new Marcie and Michael. I don’t want them to be the cute couple every one likes that bickers about babies. Jesus H., I think they’re now living in that doomed apartment too. 

  19. Profile photo of Carol2

    " First up there’s the baby’s Aunt Gigi (Farah Fath), a well-meaning soul— if not the brightest of bulbs."

    She’s about as well-meaning as botulism. She allows her son to verbally abuse her and to believe hate about women. She paid for her sister to abort the baby and she worships a man who wanted that child dead. She’s a lousy mother and only cares about settling scores.

  20. Profile photo of No Daisy
    No Daisy

    Well lets get real soapy. With this type of paternity-mamas dead-story, the kid will probably change hands 2-3 times before settling in its rightful place with baby daddy Fish.  But I don’t want Fish to get involved until he man’s up and decides he wants to care for the kid.  Kyle can push him into it all he wants but until Fish decides its the right thing then, Kim and Clint should raise the baby.  They would certainly be the most entertaining choice.  I’d love to see Kim trying to act like a mother.  You know she is a softie at heart.  Once the kid and Clint break down her defenses she would totally fall for both of them.
    Gigi is a huge hypocrite and, while she sould be involved, she should not raise the baby.  Especially with Rex since he is now acting like he wasn’t ready to desert the search for Stacy and the baby once he found out he wasn’t the dad. Rex is a big turd!

  21. Profile photo of Peaceole

    I really do not care right now who will raise Siera Rose (BTW name still sounds like a stripper name but some how cute) because Amanda Setton is leaving, gone, quit. It would of been really nice to see her hook up with Clint and adopt the baby and promise to make the baby a Buchanan. Yeah like we all need another Buchanan. Heck why not better then a Cramer girl. So since she is leaving I do not care who gets the baby. I do not think that it will be Oliver he just seems to weak and well boring. Gigi, – oh please Gigi still can’t decide how to do her hair. And those poutting lips oh please. So I say give the child to Starr why not add another baby to her already crowded apartment.

    IMO Of course.

  22. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I’m with you Jamey, Kyle and Fish sopuld raise the baby with Gigi also having involvement in the baby’s life.  After lots of gay couples having good friends of the oppisite gender help with the child to give them a taste of oppisite gender parenting. Heck, why not add Kim into the mix, she may not be the best role model but she’d certianly help keep Stacey’s memory alive and her fights with Gigi would be fun. :}

  23. Profile photo of celticbelle

    c/mon lets be serious.. who better to raise Sierra Rose than her Police Officer Father and his Doctor boyfriend…..she couldnt possibly be in safer hands……..
    she belongs with Oliver and Kyle…..  

  24. Profile photo of matilda

    I think Kish should raise the baby! Gigi will always be part of the baby’s life cause she’s her aunt but the baby should be with her father and his partner. 

  25. Profile photo of tfcocs

    Slightly OT:

    Am I th eonly person who thought that Setton’s Kim would have been a logical addition to the Cramer clan? During the gala event a few months ago, when Kim attended the event with Clint, she was introduced to the character Dorian. At that moment, it struck me that they could have been mother and daughter, at least aesthetically.

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