BAM REUNITED: Eden Riegel Joins Pal Liz Hendrickson on The Young and the Restless!

BAM REUNITED. Okay, okay, enough teasing! You know the awesomely fantastic blind item I’ve been tormenting you with all morning? Well Soaps In Depth just officially broke it! That’s right folks, our girl Eden Riegel is joining the cast of The Young and the Restless as a recast for the role of Heather Stevens, currently played by Vail Bloom. You know yours truly is over the moon about the news, especially since I was the first to say Riegel should head on over to Genoa City to reunite with her sexylicious BFF and former All My Children love interest Elizabeth Hendrickson— who now plays fashionista Chloe on Y&R— when Luke and I interviewed Riegel and Hendrickson in April of 2009.

While I desperately wanted Riegel to play Mac, I have no doubt she will KILL as Heather, Genoa City’s bitchtastic legal eagle. Just think, Eden Riegel going head to head with TVGN’s Eric Braeden, and sharing scenes with the amazing Doug Davidson (Paul) and Michael Muhney (Adam) BUTTAH!  Maria Arena Bell, you officially became Auntie Ri Ri once again with this casting coup!

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     I was beginning to think it was Eden towards the end. Heather, huh? I was actually digging Vail, but I’ll get over it. I’m happy with this, but why recast a character that we kinda like? Mac & Victoria recasts are much more needed than Heather. So, was Vail canned or she quit?

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    Why???  This makes no sense.  Love Eden but she looks nothing like Doug Davidson.  

    Why not a recast as Mac (not that I want to see Clementine fire but if she quit)?

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    I don’t care if she doesn’t look like Paul, all I care Eden is finally back on my screen!! I hope they give her some meaty stuff. She deserves it!

    I still don’t get why Aunt Riri doesn’t let go of CF already but meh. This news has mellow me down a little with all my anger toward tptb on Y&R. They better not mess it up!

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     Frons should have did what he could to get Eden back once they moved AMC to LA. His loss. Jamey needs to get on a wishful casting for Bianca. The AMC fans will take a recast now that Eden is no longer available…

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    if fair skinned, red headed Molly Burnett can be CC’s daughter then Eden can definitely be Doug Davidsons! I’m so excited by this news ABC’s loss (once again) is CBS’s gain. When is ABC gonna start keeping there actors? They’ve lost Billy, Elizabeth and now Eden to Y&R all wonderful actors and great characters on AMC and they just let them go. I’m sure Brian Frons is getting on the phone stat to steal someone from CBS…just don’t let it be Ellen Wheeler, OLTL has enough problems.

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    Omg, I sooo thought you were going to say ER was the recast for Victoria.  I agree with the first poster – the need for a new Mac, Victoria, or Malcolm is much more serious.  I liked VB and thought she was getting good. 

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    Jamey Giddens

    The Best said it, well, best, a powerhouse actress like Riegel can mold the hell out of a character like Heather. Who cares if she doesn’t look like Paul? My father is four shades darker than me and skinny!

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    Jillian Bowe

    There ya go peeps! THEBEST u and others said it well.. THE BEST! *LOL* Molly doesn’t look a THING like Crystal or Shawn. The look thing’s cracking me up since I got it with both barrels for saying the same thing about Darius. Started to come around with Vail but hell! Y&R told me to tell ya’ll they are back in this game! DEUCES VAIL!

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    I really like Vail bloom and she has great chemistry with both Doug Davidson and Billy Miller. But I really love Eden Riegel. She was magnificent as Bianca on AMC and on her web series Imaginary Bitches.  Will be interested to see who on the current canvas she is paired up with.

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    Jamey, congrats on breaking the news!  Is there any word if the role of Heather is now contract.  I know it was a recurring role before.

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    Reigel is great. This is a lost for AMC. I believe no character is too big to be recast, except Erica Kane and victor Newman

    They shoud rcast Bianca or Kendall

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    I’m not ecstatic but I’m pleased. My lukewarm response is mainly because of two reasons:

    1. Now with Chucky Doll Pratt gone from AMC, I was hoping for Eden’s return to Pine Valley but considering what she went through with Pratt, and with CRAPuthers still there as EP, I can understand Eden not pressing to go back to AMC.

    2. I know I’m in the minority, and that’s fine, but I really, really liked Vail Bloom and always have. I would much rather see Eden casted as Victoria Newman or Mac Narcolepsy.

    With all that said, it’ll be great to see my girl Eden on a regular basis.

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    Like I said on twitter…

    Eden Riegel is a good actress and I equate this to when Y&R recast Tucker with Nichols over Columbo!

    It’s a good BUSINESS move!

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     Bianca or Kendall HAVE to be recast! Alicia is playing hardball, but she needs to shit or get off the pot with AMC. Erica Kane’s daughters are needed. I can’t think of a good enough actress in Eden’s age range to tackle Bianca, but I know Jamey can think of something…

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    Congrats, Y&R fans!!!!

    Eden is amazing, so what she doesn’t look like Doug Davidson!  Who cares? She is a powerhouse and she will be great!!!

    I agree once again Brian Frons is freaking out right now and he should be. Another former AMC actor goes to Y&R, joining Billy Miller and Elizabeth Henrickson (love them as well).

    That has been AMC’s problem in recent years letting great actors go and keeping a lot of the crappy ones.

    I also agree Frons should have gotten Eden back when AMC first got to L.A. or even right after he fired Pratt.

    Jamey, you should do a wishful casting for Bianca, I think we will accept a recast with the right actress. (We don’t have a choice at this point)

    Congrats, Eden!!!!!!


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    I thought Vail Bloom was fine.  At least she was sexy when she was allowed to be and she certainly wasn’t the worst actress cough’*Clementine*cough. 

    I have a really hard time seeing Eden in the role.  First off  i think she is overrated and second, why not recast her as Mac, that is where the real problem lies.

    I think it’s gonna tank

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    Frons and Carruthers had better find a way to sign Julia Barr back on AMC permanently…because this casting coup has the potential to undo much of the progress AMC has made.

    AMC viewers LOVE Eden…and they may just jump ship and start watching Y&R just to see her.  

    So sad too, because I think AMC was making steady progress. When Swajokeski and Krapzmann take over, the show will start going downhill again. That, coupled with this will help tank AMC.

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    This is really bad… MAB/Rauch strike again… When will the agendas stop?

    At least Vail is finally free of Y&R… she was only used as a tool they brought up to prop someone…

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    I like Eden but I don’t see her as Heather. They will have to rewrite the character, as she has been reduced to a bad lawyer and a moron with awful taste in men. She looks nothing like Paul or April. Remember all the hype over Stephen Nichols joining Y&R? And it’s a big yawn.

    "They’ve lost Billy, Elizabeth and now Eden to Y&R all wonderful actors and great characters on AMC and they just let them go."

    Yet the poor use of Liz and Billy just shows how pointless the casting is if the writing is not there.

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    [quote=Katiebug9624]I can’t believe some people are saying Eden isnt "Y&R Material" I mean I didnt hate Vail Bloom but I don’t think she’s as good of an actress as Eden.[/quote] That’s silly. VB was getting kinda decent at the end, it will give her that, but Eden is a powerhouse! If you give her a half-assed storyline, which AMC didn’t do on her last stint, you get a hell of a performance.

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    [quote=josstheguy] Luke,
    Doesn’t Frons bite the head off a puppy dog every day?[/quote]

    Well, he does need to get nourishment from somewhere.

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    [quote=c0rinne]Eh. Don’t care. She’s dull.
    But I think you "BAM" fans will be disappointed if you’re looking for a hookup.

    I’m a BAM fan and I hope they DON’T even have teasing subtext, let alone a hookup. Chloe isn’t Maggie and Heather isn’t Bianca. Not even close. I’m excited because Eden is an amazing actress and I have missed having her on my screen, not because of some BAM expy hookup.

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    I posted this in the "Blind Items" comments, but since this is the official announcement post I will repeat and copy what I said here….

    Eden Riegel will rock the role because she is an amazingly talented actress.  Ms. Riegel, break a leg as the new Heather!!!

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    I think every one who knows Eden R’s work understands that she’s a great actress.  If anything, we’d prefer her in a more pivotal role, like Mac.  Heather is an ancillary character.

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    I liked Vail Bloom’s version of Heather……………as well as her chemistry with Michael Muhney!!! Why did they recast her???? She was WAAAAAY better than Yvonne Zima and Clementine Ford, yet they continue to get free passes to BORE me with their boring, monotone and UNINSPIRING "performances"!!!! I would much rather see Eden replace Mac!! I guess they didn’t want to piss off previous "BAM" fans by having them play "rivals," but I saw NOTHING wrong with Vail’s portrayal!!!! I’m not gonna complain about having Eden Riegel back on my screen WHEREVER I can get her, but I agree——— she’s playing the wrong character!!!

    This is just another HUGE misstep the show has made. That damned casting director needs to be TARRED and FEATHERED!!!!!!

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    I think Eden will fit in well at Y&R, but I’m not thrilled with her taking over the role of Heather. It’s a waste of a an amazing actress. I would have been MUCH more excited to have her as Mac — a character in DESPERATE need of a recast. Vail Bloom doesn’t blow me away as an actress, but she fits the character.

    I’m sure there will be major rewrites for the character to give ER more to work with, but I don’t care about Heather. Maybe that’ll change … 

    I hope this experiment doesn’t bomb, but it doesn’t sound promising.

    Definitely AMC’s loss, though.

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    I’m not an AMC viewer, so I can’t speak to Eden’s talent, but I can say I think she has her work cut out for her. 

    The character of Heather has become an annoying, self-serving whiner who keeps her head in the sand and her foot in her mouth.   I don’t blame Vail Bloom;  I think she did the best with what the writers gave her.

    It will be interesting to see where they take the character once this beloved AMC alum takes over the portayal.

    I’ve hardly been watching Y & R lately because the way they’ve been dragging out EVERY storyline has made the show unbearably boring but I’ll probably tune in again to see how this little casting "coup" works out.

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    Vail Bloom didn’t need to be recast. She’s on 7 minutes a week, and isn’t horrible.

    Clemintine Ford is HOOOOOORIBLE!!! COME ON!

    No offense to Eden, but the Sex Appeal on the show dipped a bit with this recast. I’m a straight female and can’t get over how Smokin Hot VB is!! HAHAHA!

    So the Wooden Box stay’s, to carry the twins, pop open beers at Jimmy’s and annoy me another day.

    Billy Miller
    Elizabeth Hendrickson
    Stacy Haiduk
    Eden Reigel

    Oh, AMC….. Ya better hope that Big, Fantastic "MOVE" pays off. Morons. Your stupidity is our gain (BM and EH especially)

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    I like Vail, but it’s been obvious that they were not going anywhere w/her as Heather. I wouldn’t call this an upgrade but Eden will be a welcome recast.

    Suck it ABC!

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    [quote=goyankees]No offense to Eden, but the Sex Appeal on the show dipped a bit with this recast. I’m a straight female and can’t get over how Smokin Hot VB is!! HAHAHA![/quote]
    Disagree big time, Eden is HAWT. She’s beautiful and has a very, very erm, curvacious form.

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    I am glad that someone else said this and not me. The hotness of Heather is gone. The gag was that Heather is a Barbie doll lawyer. And yes Vail was green when she began but she haa become one of the shows better yng actress when on screen. Yes Eden is loved, but damn I am going to miss the hotness that us Vail, but I guess I’ll see in something sooner rather than later.

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    [quote=goyankees]No offense to Eden, but the Sex Appeal on the show dipped a bit with this recast. I’m a straight female and can’t get over how Smokin Hot VB is!! HAHAHA!
    So true.  VB is sexy and ER is…not. 

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    Yeah, Vail Bloom does have a sexiness about her that Eden Riegel hasn’t played.  However, time will tell if the show is taking the character in a different direction. 

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    [quote=babyc][quote=goyankees]No offense to Eden, but the Sex Appeal on the show dipped a bit with this recast. I’m a straight female and can’t get over how Smokin Hot VB is!! HAHAHA![/quote]
    Disagree big time, Eden is HAWT. She’s beautiful and has a very, very erm, curvacious form.

    Don’t take that the wrong way – ER is adorable. In that ‘girl next door’ way.

    Did you see the Epi of Billy and Heather in bed? 

    THATS what I’m sayin! LOL

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    I was liking Vail as Heather now, but I can’t wait for Eden to come on Y&R.  Her and whoever they cast her with to be her love interest will be great together and can’t wait for heather to bust Adam.

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     While I don’t mind Eden in the role of Heather, for those that are looking forward to seeing going head-to-head with Eric Braden, forget it.  Not the way the writers continually bend over backwards to cater to his character.  And Victor has never shown a bit of decency towards Heather, and having Eden in the role ain’t gonna change matters either.  However, I am looking forward to watching her rip Adam’s ass to pieces and then some (the ONLY reason why I’m bothering to tune in is to see him get his just desserts).  It would be juicy if they did a Heather/Billy/Chloe triangle.  Here’s hoping that the writing will get better now since they have a stronger actress taking Vail’s place.  

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    [quote=goyankees][quote=babyc][quote=goyankees]No offense to Eden, but the Sex Appeal on the show dipped a bit with this recast. I’m a straight female and can’t get over how Smokin Hot VB is!! HAHAHA![/quote]
    Disagree big time, Eden is HAWT. She’s beautiful and has a very, very erm, curvacious form.
    Don’t take that the wrong way – ER is adorable. In that ‘girl next door’ way.
    Did you see the Epi of Billy and Heather in bed? 
    THATS what I’m sayin! LOL[/quote]

    I’m one of those few people that don’t think everything with Billy a explosion of chemistry. So I wasn’t interested in Heather and Billy, it was kinda eh for me. I think the only time I actually liked Heather was when she was rpping into Adam. That’s it.

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    They have not been writing for Vail, so why recast Heather? If it were Clem or Victoria then I could understand Eden signing. Just not seeing what is in this role for Eden???

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    I liked Bloom in the role and didn’t have a problem with her.  I like Eden but these switching actors in roles by Y/R I just don’t get it.   Yes I’m glad to see her  in something new.  But I will miss Vail in this role

    And her voice is  unique and I  liked listening to it.
    I agree if she came on as Victoria   I like Clementine but even Mac

    but Heather?


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    I love Eden Riegel and I will watch her on any show, but a little part of me is upset at the loss of Bianca Montgomery. I’m sorry, but I can’t imagine or accept anyone but Eden playing Bianca.

    Now all we need is my other fave, Tamara Braun, to come in as Victoria Newman. Then, Victoria, Heather and Chloe all turn into lesbians and have a love triangle.

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    And totally (sorta) off subject, but I read somewhere that Billy Miller and Elizabeth Hendrickson were dating in real life?? Anyone hear that??

    Lucky Lady………

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    I think Eden will do an excellent job as Heather. Y&R made a good decision, but still needs to take care of the poor casting of Malcolm and Victoria, not to mention Mac.  They know how to cast as they have just proven with Heather and Tucker, Just getting them to do it.  Come on Y&R trim the fat with three poorly cast actors.

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    I agree with the poster that this was her choice… This was more about Eden than it was about the role… This is just an educated guess but… they probably came to her for recasts of either Mac or Heather… She went with Heather because of her personal experience as a Harvard Law Student.

    BTW.. a Fan can still hold out hope that TAMARA goes over to Y&R as Victoria Newman

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    Simple C

    What’s the point of recasting a character they barely use anyway? Bloom is a pretty good actress if they gave her the material.

    ….they better not make Chloe (or Heather for that matter) gay out of nowhere.

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    [quote=PinkNikki143]Omg, I sooo thought you were going to say ER was the recast for Victoria.   [/quote]

    Now there is a great re-casting idea!

    Too bad they could not come to that conclusion on their own!

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    I, too, was really starting to like Vail Bloom (and she is really sexy with a great, sultry voice) 

    However, this will probably be really good for the show (and Eden R. is a phenomenal actress, in my opinion).

    Would I have liked her as Mac?  You bet.  But, this is still great news!

    Now… if I had my druthers they’d bring back Cynthia Eilbacher as April (at least for a few weeks) and have an arc concerning April, Paul, and Heather (maybe Mary too!)… I’d LOVE to watch that.

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    Good for Y&R
    This will likely mean more airtime for the very underrated Doug Davidson.
    Vail Bloom grew on me.
    Like others, I would have preferred to see Mac or Victoria recast instead of Heather.
    Y&R should pull a "DAYS" and let Vail bloom play Mac, and we could get Clementine Ford to play Daisy, who will eventually be written off if anyone at Y&R has any sense.

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    how did GH’s Carly go from a 5ft brunette italian woman to a 6ft blonde white woman??

  49. Profile photo of Carol2



    If they don’t make sense then what’s the point in them? I still have no idea what the point of recasting Malcolm was, or the point in the Tucker recast, other than making me realize Stephen Nichols cannot work miracles. Not to mention the awful Abby recast, or the mediocre Billy recast, or the awful Victoria recast.

    Eden was great on AMC, but I think that the writing at Y&R is much too poor and inconsistent to help her. Yes, AMC’s loss is Y&R’s gain, but that’s only if you think Billy, Chloe, or psycho Patty/boring Emily have been much of a gain.

    If someone is being hired only because of their name, not because of what they will bring to a show, then they are already facing a huge hurdle before they ever film one scene. That’s what this casting gimmick as Heather seems like to me. Hey, let’s put her with other people from AMC, who cares about the rest, let’s continue to allow Mac and Victoria and Daisy to rot.

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    [quote=goyankees]Cyber, Vail’s voice WAS awesome!! Part of that ‘sexiness’ I feel people aren’t understanding…..[/quote]
    oh yes, Vail’s voice is awesome.

    They better not put Eden Riegel and Adrienne frantz in the same scenes or my dogs will go crazy

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    Jamey, I usually agree with you, but not on this one!  She should helped out AMC,  but I’m sorry Y&R is too good for her!  I like Vail as Heather.  Eden acting comes off as boring and dry! That will always fit her role on AMC, but Auntie Re-Re needs to stop adding cast members to the show.  Before she recast other characters she has a long list of people who need to be recast…..


    since Y&R loves to kill people off pls do a service by killing Jana, Daisy, Ryder, Jeffery

  52. Profile photo of Chels725

    I’m so freaking excited!!! I’ve been dreamiing for a BAM reunion for so long. She’s gonna kill it! Vail was good and all but having Eden & Elizabeth together will be just orgasmical. I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!

  53. Profile photo of THEBEST

     People are really underestimating Eden. Ya’ll have seen her play sweet Bianca for so long, that it’s impossible to see her as anything else. My girl is going to walk it like a dawg in Genoa City…watch!

  54. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    Eh. I’m getting tired of of Y&R recasting with people who look nothing like their predecessor, but this recast should do well. Both Tucker and Heather were not long-time, mainstay roles, so it’s okay. The Malcolm recast still annoys me though! And Mac! And Victoria!

  55. Profile photo of binksfan999

    [quote=THEBEST] People are really underestimating Eden. Ya’ll have seen her play sweet Bianca for so long, that it’s impossible to see her as anything else. My girl is going to walk it like a dawg in Genoa City…watch![/quote] Since when is she "your girl" Hee hee!!!But you’re right about one thing, Eden is going to knock it out of the park. Y&R fans are going to find out what AMC fans have known all along. Eden is a helluva actress.

  56. Profile photo of uofmichgrad99

     I actually thought Vail was doing a pretty good job.  There are a ton of hair models on Y&R and Vail isn’t one of them.  It’ll be interesting to see how Eden do on another soap.  AMC fans love Bianca period…and Eden made that role iconic.  I never see Rosanne when I see Cady and Heather Tom will always be Victoria…let’s see if Eden can escape Bianca…

  57. Profile photo of THEBEST

     I wonder who they’re going to pair her with? JT would be hot…Eden would destroy that moppet, Amelia Heinle in a scene…who am I kidding? My dead grandmother would destroy that thang in a scene. 

  58. Profile photo of goyankees

    [quote=troymcclure][quote=goyankees]Cyber, Vail’s voice WAS awesome!! Part of that ‘sexiness’ I feel people aren’t understanding…..[/quote]
    oh yes, Vail’s voice is awesome.

    They better not put Eden Riegel and Adrienne frantz in the same scenes or my dogs will go crazy[/quote]

    BAAAAAHAHAAAAA!! Awesome post – simply awesome! I can totally understand that cuz my own pooch will react the same way.

    This AM I was watching yesterday’s episode, which, had Vail/Heather in a scene or two (Poor thing has gotten pulled into the ‘Great Purple Piece of Fabric" Caper) Clearly they’ll now make Heather a Front ‘n Center character….Yet I jstill ust don’t understand why this recast.

    BOTTOM LINE – EDEN REGAL IS THE PERFECT MAC BROWNING. Aside from Ashley Bashioum, that is. And it would mean TONS of scene’s with the Great Kathy Chancellor.

    Ah well…..

  59. Profile photo of Ken

    It looks like this has the makings of a long term character.  They cast a well known soap actress in a part that has a tie to a long term character (Paul) on the show.  Additionally, she’s playing a lawyer and has the potential to interact with most of the characters based on that fact alone….everyone in GC needs a lawyer sooner or later! :-)  She has the potential to be the Christine "Cricket" Blair of the new millennium….not that I wish that on her. I’m just saying the potential is there for the character to be a major player on the show for a number of years.

    I will say I hope they keep Heather’s adversarial relationship with Victor.  His fued with Jack is getting tired after a few decades.  Heather seemed to be the only other character on the show that didn’t cower at Victor’s every word.  It was also nice to see a woman basically sneer in Victor’s face and just laugh him off as a blustery bag of hot air.  Generally women on the show fawn over Victor like lovesick school girls! 

  60. Profile photo of kateyz

    I’m super-excited about Eden coming to Y&R! Gonna miss Va-va-Voom Vail and her sexy voice though. And, please, Y&R, don’t put some horrible Mac-like extensions in Eden’s hair in a misguided attempt to make her look more like VB… Speaking about hair, maybe VB can pass her hairbrush on to Amelia, Vail’s seems to be quite a good one :D :D

  61. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Well, I am male and NOT straight but I have to go on record with everyone else–Vail Bloom is hot and gorgeous and frankly I think Y&R dropped the ball here; when she first came onboard I wasn’t fond of her, but she’s grown into a nifty little actress and I think she has ridiculous chemistry with just about all the men on the show (shame on you Y&R for not following up on that smoldering Heather/Billy rendezvous).  I like Eden Riegel, but this is apples to oranges if ever there was a case–not seeing her as Heather personally, but who knows.  And we still have to sit through all the barely adequate to mediocre actresses who play Victoria, Lily, Daisy and Abby.  But hey, Eden Riegel’s available so let’s jettison arguably one of the more interesting actresses on the show(certainly the hottest) and bring ER on to fill a spot that DOESN’T NEED FILLING.  UGH.

  62. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    I agree with THEBEST. Remember when Bianca found out Reese kissed Zach and ripped her a new one. Eden was amazing in those scenes and I see her bringing that type of fire to the role of Heather. I am biased because of my love for her, but I think she’s going to surprise some of the naysayers.

  63. Profile photo of

    Well if she going to knock it out of the ball park…I hope she changes her apperance and not look so homemade like she did on AMC.  I hope she get some new hair color, gain some weight, and show her boobs a little, and do the damn thing…

    Vail version was hot showin boobs, and havin a little attitude… I like that, and hope your girl Eden do the same… I’m not an AMC watcher or fan, but drop by sometime and she was boring for me, but I hope she’s good as you all say!

  64. Profile photo of syworld82

    They dont need to sign a TIRED VETERAN … they need to sign a hugely popular STARLET… BIANCA is in her mid-late 20’s to this role… AND THEY NEED TO DO IT FARELY SOON..

    Sign the star and bring on Tamara Braun for 6 Months to enter her in…

  65. Profile photo of JLCCNB1

    LOVE that BAM is on Y&R. I havent watched Y&R for years but now that Liz & Eden are on I will definately be watching every day. What a freakin BURN on AMC that they lost both girls. AMC screwed us all over but i’m super excited that my girls are on Y&R (Yes i just found out Liz has been on for 2 years. Havent had time for soaps recently). I have 2 years worth of Chloe to catch up on but I will enjoy every minute. Liz is so worth it :) I admit though if AMC hired both of them back as BAM at some point, they will be back in my good graces :)
    LOVE Liz
    LOVE Eden

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