The Men and Women of All My Children Speak!

We Love Soaps TV has a batch of new interviews up with the men and women of All My Children. Hosted by Stephen Seidel, who starred in Roger Newcomb‘s sudsy flick Manhattanites, the interviews feature such Pine Valley dwellers as Bobbie Eakes, Julia Barr, Denise Vasi, Shannon Kane, Natalie Hall, Brittany Allen, Jamie Luner. Vincent Irizarry, Jacob Young, Cornelius Smith Jr., Walt Willey and Adam Mayfield. See the revealing chats after the jump!

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    seriously? he called it "temple" magazine after julia barr had already said "tempo" .. wtf? i would have killed to do those interviews, at least find someone who watches the show! that dude should never interview again.

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    Truly the worst interviewer ever .. could he ask any more inane pointless questions… asked Walk Willey about hair and makeup w/HD???????? 

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    Jamey Giddens

    Come on guys, this dude wasn’t working for CNN. He’s a friend of Roger’s who is helping him out on the West Coast. No doubt, for free. People like the We Love Soaps peeps and us don’t get paid a king’s ransom to do this, we do it for the love.

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    Yeah, I think they need to develop and start writing decent stories for Shannon Kane—the actress who plays Natalia!!!! I hate when they get these CLUELESS interviewers who ask the most inanely IRRELEVANT questions!!! If you don’t know anything about daytime and/or soap actors, RESEARCH first, and then find INTELLIGENT questions to ask these actors!!!! Otherwise, find another job!!!

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    I honestly would love to see Natalia fill the void as the Lesbian character on AMC…it would honestly get rid of the waste of JR Martinez.. he has outlasted his welcome… She is so much more interesting than him…

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    It’s great to see so many interviews! i espically loved Vincent and Brooke’s!
    The interviewer was more than a little green, when he brought up the fact that he didn’t know the PC term for African-Americans I cringed and I’m just  a little old white chick.

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