As The World Turns Films in Staten Island

As The World Turns
recently filmed a location shoot in Staten Island at the Tides at Charleston. The exterior scenes were used for an upcoming car accident featuring two citizens of Oakdale. The show seems to be keeping mum on who is involved in the accident, but be sure tune in on March 11. to find out. Also, don’t forget to check out for more information.

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    I want a decent ending damm it; give some respect to the vets; they should each be given a storyline, Lisa should get maried again that would be a blast; I don’t want a GL ending. It should end with Nancy saying good night dear, since she said the first words good morning dear. I’ve watched it since the early ’80’s I sure missed those days, after a bad day in school and as soon as I walked in the door herd the theme and saw the spinning globe I knew I was home. Even though are some bad point now I still watch it, convert show.

    Theme music identifies the program, they seam to forgoten that.

    Here is the theme from the mid ’80’s.!videos=qXfjxybG0oA&v=4aI_0lXJU6A

    And I like this theme very relaxing!videos=ltP1uViHll8&v=tPG259otWtM

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    It’s a blond in the photo so it’s either Kattie or Carley. Nice of ATWT shooting around the city, there will be only one soap in N.Y.. I don’t want to get political hear, but corporations in N.Y. are bailing but Calif.. about to go bankrupt.

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