Chris Returns and Jack Gets Some News on ATWT

Next week on As the World Turns, Holden (Jon Hensley) and Molly (Lesli Kay) piece together clues while Luke (Van Hansis) and Noah (Jake Silbermann) find themselves at another crossroads. Chris (Daniel Cosgrove) and Vienna (Ewa da Cruz) return to Oakdale as Jack (Michael Park) gets some surprising news from Janet (Julie Pinson). Check out the promo after the jump.

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     I’m really enjoying my time in Oakdale these days.  Tom Pelphrey’s story is wrapping up, which is a good thing.  The other stories entertain me.  I will miss ATWT.  I am happy Mr. Cosgrove will be with the show in its final months.

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    I love seeing my GLers on ATWT even if it is for a few more months.  Daniel will make Chris interesting, finally.  This character has always been snoretastic.  Hopefully, this version of Chris will be more exciting and become worthy of being called Dr. Bob and Kim Hughes’ youngest son.  Welcome, Daniel! 

    Hahaha, that look on Jack’s face was priceless.  LOL  ATWT seems to be looking to go out with a bang.  ;-)

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