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This week in daytime,

I Wondered: Why General Hospital just doesn’t get it over with and make Jason (Steve Burton) a cop? He and Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) are practically partners already and Jason solves most of Port Charles murders and mysteries anyway. Who Robert Pattinson would call "The Sexiest Woman in Soaps" if he considers Betty White to be among the sexiest women in America?

I Cheered: The returns of Eden Riegel and Marcy Rylan to soaps. It’s fantastic both actresses will once again be on my TV screen. The characters they will portray on The Young and the Restless may not be the ones a lot of online fans would have wishfully cast for them, but in the big scheme of things, these developments are still major casting coups for CBS, and after the cancellations of two soaps back-to-back, it’s about time the network had some good news.

To all the Daytime Confidential listeners and readers who Tweeted me or put in the comments that I must be "peeing my pants" in excitement over Y&R signing Rylan, I’m here to tell you that didn’t happen, but I am thrilled she is returning to soaps. As I mentioned on Twitter I would have been ecstatic had All My Children cast her as Colby Chandler, but I’m thrilled nonetheless. Which leads me to why I jeered this week.

I Jeered: At All My Children. Get your act together already. It is insane that you wrote the amazingly-talented Billy Miller into a corner and got rid of him so The Young and the Restless could snap him up. It was stupid not to figure out a way to bring Elizabeth Hendrickson back to Pine Valley before she ended up on Y&R. It is ridiculous you didn’t know what you had in Stacy Haiduk. It is proposterous that after Chuck Pratt penned an awful storyline for Riegel’s Bianca and then threw the actress under the bus, that you didn’t work just as hard to get the wildly-beloved, Emmy-winning star back to the canvas as you did to secure the returns of Rebecca Budig and Julia Barr.

AMC, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves, and before you even attempt to  recast Bianca out of spite, you need to fix the glaring casting problems you already have on screen, and you know who they are!

I Applauded: As the World Turns for finally, finally, finally putting Carly (Maura West) and Jack (Michael Park) back together at the end of the week. I know next week’s preview has Jack and Carly falling victim to Janet’s (Julie Pinson) pregnancy, but for a brief episode, we Carjackers were ecstastic.

I Cringed: At General Hospital’s Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). Now you know I love Spinelli and Spixie, but I am sick of this character going in circles and GH giving him the same story week in and week out. We get it. Spinelli suffers from a bad case of Small Dog Syndrome opposite of all the Alpha Dogs who run rampant in Port Chuck, but give the kid a stronger spine already!

I Realized: Coy-fights are the new catfight. This week, The Bold and the Beautiful proved it is possible for a catfight to be pathetic. As a viewer I should be cheering for either Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) or Taylor (Hunter Tylo), but instead all I felt was an immense sense of pity for both actresses, and desperately wanted the poorly-choreographed scenes to be over.

I Hoped to God: Marty Saybrooke (Susan Haskell) isn’t pregnant with John McBain’s (Michael Easton) baby on One Life to Live. Can embryo’s brood?

I Imagined: New products for The Bold and the Beautiful’s upcoming merchandise line. How about a line of Honey Bear brand skin cream, spray on tan products, hair extensions, candles, swim suits, wigs, coy fish, and Forrester Creations Special Edition Botox?

I Discovered: Some snippy members of the soap opera press continue to redefine the definition of the term "exclusive." Last fall during the Eric Braeden Goodbye Tour we learned that everyone and their mother can have an "exclusive" containing the exact same info. This week I discovered  some still think they are entitled to top dibs on all soap news and call up shows and pitch monster hissy fits when they get legitimately scooped. Why anyone at a print magazine that is struggling to stay afloat— while we here at Daytime have a diehard following of of 250,000 monthy readers—still believes they are entitled to anything in a new media age is beyond me. Sidenote: How smart is it for the equally-struggling soaps to still be giving all their "exclusives" to the back page of a print magazine when most of the genre’s fans get their soap info online and have for years?


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    You hit the nail on the head about AMC. I found myself saying the same thing earlier this week. 

    This was a great column, Luke, I hope it becomes a regular DC feature. 

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     I’m not very familiar with Eden Riegel or Marcy Rylan’s work except for a few times I caught them on their former shows but these are big casting coups for Y&R.  I’m so happy that Y&R has gotten some big names recently.  

    That catfight on B&B was beyond horrible!  It was painful to watch like you said.  Worst catfight in daytime EVER!

    Have only been watching GH since February and I have to say Spinelli isn’t one of my favorite characters.  He annoys me!

    Great column Luke!  Now you know we will be expecting this every week now  LOL

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    I honestly believe that nepotism and other factors behind the scenes that NONE of us knows about accounts for a lot of these horrible actors being cast on the shows. I mean, come on!! Look at AMC!! You KNOW that the casting director is being influenced to hire these bad actors SOMEHOW!! There is no possible way that she could have done a real casting call with 200 or 300 actresses and come to the determination that Denise Vasi and Brittany Allen are the BEST two actresses to play Randi and Marissa!! No way in HELL!!!!! And I still believe that Maria Bell and Paul Rauch hired (and are keeping) Clementine Ford as a favor to Cybill Shepherd, or as a favor to SOMEONE!!!


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    GH’s Jason—a cop???? That would end his “BROMANCE” with Sonny Corinthos. Hell, his relationship with Jason is arguably the most stable this guy has ever had. Turning Jason and Sonny GAY and having them become lovers would be more plausible for me than Jason becoming a cop. Besides, Guza has created these "monsters," now he has to keep churning out the blood, gore, shootouts and chalk outline-obsessed serial killers to ensure that they don’t get bored!!

    BTW: I LOOVVE the fact that Jason and Sonny are mobsters, and I hope they never "rehabilitate" or "normalize" any of them….

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    You make a good point about online media.  I used to subscribe to a couple magazines but became frustrated with the focus on the same characters month after month and the sensationalistic headlines that were misleading or outright false when you read the articles. Now I get my news from sources like DC which is more balanced.

    I get what you are saying about Marcie and Eden, but as a long time Y&R fan I am concerned.  The name of the show is Y&R not AMC West.  The show used to have one of the most stable casts on daytime and valued their vets that were developed on the show.  I don’t know if that is the case anymore. 

    The show is over run with characters in their twenties while a number of talented actors, over 40, spend way too much time on the backburner.  The teen scene is non existant.  I don’t want character I have loved and have made Y&R what it is today to be sacrificed (pushed farther on the backburner or worse written off the show) to make room for these new named hires.  And I still have to wonder where is Y&R getting the money for these new hires?

    So I am happy for these actors getting jobs again, but I have to question the casting decisions.  Abby did not need to be SORASed and ER would seem to have been a better Mac than Heather.  MAB and HS have struggled to write one story this past year for certain vets so how are these new hires going to effect that?  There is just so much story and screentime to go around.

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    Steve Burton has said he likes Jason in the mob, didn’t he? And what Steve wants, he gets at GH.

    I’m more curious as to why they continue to allow Jonathan Jackson to look like someone replaced his face cream with kitty litter.

    " It is ridiculous you didn’t know what you had in Stacy Haiduk."

    Is it that ridiculous, considering Y&R doesn’t know either? Her stories are awful. When the only thing people cheered was a stuffed cat, what does that say? Is this really any different than her stories as Hannah? Y&R has wasted her horribly. They turned MJ/Patty almost overnight into a psychopath who killed or nearly killed a slew of characters, then when they realized she was ruined, they brought in a psychologist so boring that even Taylor Hayes must be yawning.

    I’m also not really sure what good Richie or Maggie would have done, given that AMC has struggled to write anything of value for the characters they did keep around. Just ask Chrisell Strouse, Alexa Havens, Bobbie Eakes, among others, about how much talent can overcome bad scripts. In the long run it only goes so far.

    And given that Chloe’s story for most of her run has amounted to being cheated on and dumped, and then spending over six months dating a virgin who seems to get more excited about the word "Riggs" than he does about her, I wonder how long she’s even going to be around. I just hope Liz can get something good at some point, as she’s a better actress than Y&R deserves.

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    I usually agree with you on things, but you are wrong about Reigel and AMC,

    According to Nelson Branco. it was Reigel who decline to come back and play Bianca.

    The ball wasd in her court and she took the ball elsewhere.

    there are pro and cons to her move. The Pro Y&R is solidly # 1 and and has more legs than the other soaps.

    The Con – Bianca was always guaranteed a storyline by being the daughter of the most famous soap icon ever,

  8. Profile photo of Islandof1

    The CON is that Heather has no storyline because she keeps going after Victor & losing. So are they going to allow Eden’s Heather to win one against TGVN? I think not!

  9. Profile photo of PST

    I agree about AMC, Luke. They absolutely need to recast or just plain get rid a half dozen people. It hurts the show’s credibility to keep them on. These are mistakes they should have corrected right away, not move them to California, imo. I have no idea what they were thinking.

  10. Profile photo of RCLGuard

    Did you forget that there is a soap on NBC? It’s called Days of Our Lives. A lot happened on it this week. A lot of good stuff. This column may be biased, i reckon. 

  11. Profile photo of cecepepe

    Your comments on AMC are totally true.     I don’t know who their casting director is but they should fire him/her.   They need to get over the Ryan Lavery show too and give the talented actors on that show a chance to do their thing or maybe they just need to fire Brian Frons and everything will work out from there.

  12. Profile photo of Crusher

    BG get it right, Jamey broke the news about Eden.   I don’t blame her not going back, AMC sucks and tptb just let Pratt tear her to shreds.

  13. Profile photo of jlj0117

    nah, Spinelli can be saved, as long as the writers don’t waste any time getting him and maxi out of each others orbits.

    what the hell were they thinking??????

  14. Profile photo of troymcclure

    [quote=BigDede]Since Spinelli has the Small Dog Syndrome, it’s time for him to be put down.  There is no saving him.[/quote]
    Spinelli is already neutered so they might as well put him down.

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    I  really hate to see any criticism of Betty White. She was very cute and pretty  while a younger lady and she still has a pretty face and those gorgeous blue eyes and dimples. And for an "old broad’ She is very attractive. She is witty and funny  and can laugh at herself too. She has had quite a career and still going strong– not only that she is a very savy business woman.

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    I wish they would put us & Spinelli out of his misery for good.
    By the way, i just found this clip of Ronnie Marmo,Tyler Christopher,Kimberly McCulluogh & Brian Austin Green in a movie called Stage 4 The Pilot. It is funny

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