CONFIRMED: Betty White to Appear on SNL

Betty White has confirmed she will appear on Saturday Night Live, according to People. No details have been released as to what the pop culture icon’s visit will entail, but Entertainment Weekly reported in late February that it may be part of a "Women of Comedy" episode.


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    I have seen every thing that Betty has been on, but I will skip this one; SNL is not funny; it’s like a bunch of drunk people trying to be funny or you have to be drunk to watch it or a bad high school play. SNL should be proud to have her on, give her some respect. Sorry SNL fans.

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    TV Gord

    henry007, I consider myself an SNL fan, but I haven’t laughed ONCE this season (except for a few Weekend Update gags).  It is absolutely awful.  Losing Tina Fey was a big blow, but Amy Poehler was when it stopped with a thud.  Don’t worry about offending this SNL fan.  I was hoping Betty wouldn’t do it, because she’s too good for it these days.  (I think even Lorne Michaels knows it, since he’s talking about bringing Tina and Amy back for her show.)

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