Regan and Jillian’s Picks for Oscars’ Best and Worst Dressed Ladies!

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards brought out its biggest stars. Daytime Confidential’s Regan Cellura and Jillian Bowe make their Best and Worst picks of the night.

Regan’s Best Dressed Ladies:  Hands down my Best Dressed pick goes to former General Hospital star Demi Moore. I simply loved her Versace blush gown. From the bodice to the tiered skirt to the simple hair and jewels. Mrs. Kutcher was simply flawless.

I must commend Kristen Stewart for finally cleaning up nicely and putting away those Converse, or at least hiding them away from what I could see. The Twilight star looked great in her Monique Lhuillier gown. Another younger star who sometimes catches a lot of flack for her red carpet choices, Miley Cyrus looked fantastic in an age-appropriate Oscar pick. I loved the bustier top and flowing bottom with a touch of sparkle. One of my favorite trends is prints and two ladies rocked it this year on the red carpet. Presenter Rachel McAdams and nominee Maggie Gyllenhaal took a risk that paid off in their gorgeous gowns. Another nominee, Penelope Cruz stunned in scarlet while Elizabeth Banks’s gray, Versace gown was simply amazing. Best Actress winner Sandra Bullock for The Blind Side looked beautiful in her shimmering Marchesa. The lace and cap sleeve were perfect on the Oscar winner complimented with simple make-up, a vibrant lip and minimal jewelery leaving all the focus on her and her gorgeous gown.

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Jillian’s Best Dressed Ladies: Cameron Diaz gave us the old school Hollywood vibe with her entire ensemble. She looks amazing and thank GOD she didn’t have that nasty bed hair she usually dons! Mo’Nique looked just magnificent in blue which made her radiate. The flower in her hair gave the look the prefect touch. All hail the Queen, the faboosh Queen Latifah! Her gown hugs and accentuates her curves in all the right places. QL told me to tell ya’ll plus sized girls can steal the show! Rachel McAdams was beautiful. She shows you don’t have to wear the traditional blacks, whites, and reds at an award show. The colors and design aren’t over the top and peps up a show that can be a bit stuffy.

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  1. Profile photo of jlj0117
    Lord in the morning. Does Maggie Gyllenhall think she’s at a luau or the Oscars?

    Tell me about it. I swear I had to check my kids bath room, to make sure she hadn’t stolen their shower curtain!

    I pretty much agree with all of the other picks too.

  2. Profile photo of engradypind

    I was actually impressed with the dresses this year.  I thought they were lovely — and in keeping with the nature of the ocassion.  Fortunately this year someone told the women that when you clean up and put on nice clothes to go to a stylish event you really have to do more with your hair than pull it back in a ponytail like an eleven year old. 

    Kristin Stewart did clean up nice, as you so aptly put it.  Too bad she didn’t show some positive emotion, some animation.  Even her body language screamed that she didn’t want to be there; thought she deserved more adoration than what she was getting; and, was bored sillllllllly!  I can’t help but be reminded of a 15 year old with  too much money and a penchant for ennui. 

  3. Profile photo of BigDede

    I don’t know if I’m biased by I thought Zoe Salanda looked great. That color really matched her skin tone.

    The Queen looked great. And she lost some good weight. She looks good.

    Rachel McAdams looked stunning.

    Cameron Diaz dress looked good but shes’ looks so bad to me.  She lets the dress wear her and she doesn’t wear the dress.

    Jennifer Lopez really needs a new stylist and she needs to stop trying with this "comeback".

    I just hope Monique shaved her legs. I still cant’ believe what she said about her marriage! Oh my.

  4. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Best dressed?? Tie between Penelope Cruz Demi Moore, as far as I’m concerned!!!

     Kristen Stewart looked nice– it’s nice to see that she finally took a much-needed BATH!!!

    Miley Cyrus, as usual, made me wanna puke!! When will this girl finally retire???

    Zoe Saldana?? WTF were you thinking??

    Worst dressed??? Jennifer Lopez!!! That dress was OVERDONE, GAUDY, TACKY and MESSY!!!!Besides, I’ve seen her "acting" over the years, and people who give performances as horrible as this woman shouldn’t even be INVITED to the Academy Awards!!! 

  5. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I hated Miley’s dress…horrible fit and since when is a bustier age appropriate for a 16 year old.

    Hated Zoe’s dress what in God’s name was she thinking.

    My best dressed were Demi, Sandra and Anna Kendrick. 

    Worse dressed  to me was Mariah Carey…seriously remove the funbags because they make you look fat.

    As a plus sized woman…All Hail the Queen…she was divine

    I actually wondered all night if Melanie’s face moves anymore.

    I loved SJP concept, the vintage dress and the vintage hair, but the front looked out of place while the back was smooth.  I was not in love with the dress on HER, but adore couture vintage Chanel.

  6. Profile photo of diallo41

    Loved Loved…Zoe Saldana’s dress.  Hands down it was my favorite.

    Others that I thought really really worked:: Rachel McAdams, Kristen Stewart, Sarah Jessica Parker, Maggie G.

    Good but didn’t grab me: 
    Sandra Bullock, Amanda Seyfried (but she had one of the best hair makeup combo). Cameron Diaz, Anna Kendrick (really hot mess hair) 

    Interesting but …took a left turn: Vera Farminga and JLo

    Definitely did not like:  Penelope Cruz

  7. Profile photo of timepass

    Demi moore best dress, seriously?!

    Some people might look up the fashion show from Paris and Milan, instead of going through old, discarded maid of honor horror dress!

    Just saying!

  8. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I thought she looked amazing and the title is Regan and Jillian’s picks… as for Miley’s bustier, it wasn’t like she was in a stripper’s costume. I’ve seen far worse walking out of the local high school than what was on her at the oscars.

    As for couture… I’m all for it at the Met ball, it has a place there. At the Oscars, I just don’t think it fits.

  9. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Miley never looked comfortable in her dress she had her shoulders rolled in every picture, so for me if she had worn the dress with more confidence I might have liked it, instead I saw little girl trying to play dress up 

  10. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    [quote=Ravennite613]I hated Miley’s dress…horrible fit and since when is a bustier age appropriate for a 16 year old.

    I really liked Kristen navy blue dress minus jewelry she looked spectacular, I liked so many looks its hard to call them all out…all the ones you choose.  Also thought the Plus ladies were well dressed and their dresses flattered their body shapes, Good job to these designers.

    I also liked Kate Winslett’s,  Demi, Sandra, Anna Kendrick.  

    Something wicked this way comes re: SJP concept, the vintage dress and the vintage hair, which was blown by the wind I guess in the front as was many of the hairstyles little stray hairs were poppled up on their heads.  Some just had interesting dresses eg Charlize Theron.[/quote]

    I didn’t realize she was 16  she has the voice tone of a all nite bartender or a trucker. She behaves much older, eg mannerisms etc.  I’m sure its because of being rich and famous but she behaves older than 16 "to me." 

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