Vail Bloom’s Publicist Claims it Was Her Choice to Leave Y&R

Vail Bloom wants to clear up any misconceptions surrounding the recast of the role of Heather with Eden Riegel on The Young and the Restless. According to CBS Soaps In Depth, Bloom’s publicist is saying it was her decision to leave the sudser.
As much as she loves Y&R and was honored to be on the No. 1 rated soap, and loved the opportunity to play the character of Heather, she felt it was time to pursue other projects.


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    Hmmm….doubtful. I remember reading SOMETHING last year in one of the soap magazines about an actor at Y&R who despite being Emmy-nominated was still on the chopping block, but apparently some of the actors on the show were trying to appeal to the producers to keep her around. Vail Bloom fits this description. She was nominated for an Emmy in 2008, and I am sure that Doug Davidson or someone with his clout probably liked her and convinced them to keep her around.

    As far as Eden Riegel just COINCIDENTALLY taking her spot, I think there was nothing “coincidental” about this casting move. The producers probably knew that Eden is a popular Emmy-winning actress, and that hiring her would bring over many AMC fans to Y&R, and they are undoubtedly toying with the idea of either putting Eden Riegel’s Heather with Billy or Chance, both of which would put her in A LOT of scenes with Elizabeth Hendrickson. The casting director at Y&R is not COMPLETELY stupid, obviously….

    I think that Vail’s agent is lying to try to save face. There is also a possibility that the producers gave her the option of QUITTING to avoid being fired, and she decided to take the offer to help save her reputation. Whatever the reason, I think that Bloom was doing a fine job, and I feel that Eden Riegel should have been hired to play MAC—not Heather!!!!

    If I were Vail, I would lie also if I had been fired. Seriously, how embarrassing is it to be fired from a show as a RECURRING character who is only on a handful of times a month???

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    I can actually buy this. I remember how sometimes Heather was missing for weeks to no end and sometimes we heard that it was because VB was busy with other projects and had alrady committed that time.

    Is it so hard to beleive that Y&R wanted to work on Heather more but the actress couldn’t commit to more time and hired a more avialable actress? Is not unheard, is it?

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    Eden wants to play against type.  Mac is just like Bianca, the saint of GC and I can’t blame Eden for want to do something different instead of playing the same character that she played on AMC.  But the writing for Y&R is bad and AMC is getting good again when Lorraine took over AMC.   So Eden better get with the crazy plots over on Y&R.

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    I’m enjoying Y/R stories and the writing isn’t that bad for me.  There are some things I’d change if I could but that’s the same for all shows I watch.  I can’t compare AMC with Y/R because I don’t watch AMC so I wouldn’t know but  

    Its not that I’m not buying its’  Vail’s decision to leave but it might have been more plausible if she had left first then they announce that Eden takes on the role of Heather. I don’t believe all these things anyway…it reminds me of when (GH)  Greg was fired as Lucky and The powers said he left when I know that all it was they got Jonathan back and dumped him.   They lie and have lied many times.

    Nevertheless, I look forward to seeing her in her new situation at Y/R.  It’ll be great seeing her act off some of my favs here…eg Doug, Victor, Billy, etc…Eden should hold her own that’s for sure. I liked Vail in the role so I’ll miss her and that voice is hard to beat.

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    Scott Novick

    I believe that at least part of this is true, because Vail has been on recurring status for months and she has been working on other projects, including a movie that is now in post production. I don’t know if it was the change from Engen to Muhney, but it seemed like TPTB backpedaled on Heather’s part in the story shortly after Muhney started as Adam and Heather learned about the kiss with Rafe, and outside of the one night stand with Billy, she’s been given precious little to do since.

    I wonder if that kind of thinking went into choosing which part Riegel would get. With Mac, unless they plan to scrap her current story as Cane and Lily’s surrogate now, she’s kind of in a holding pattern until the babies pop, and throwing Riegel into the part puts her in that rut for a while. But Heather’s part is just sitting around, not doing much with Bloom doing movies. So why not take the easy path and give Heather to Eden, knowing Bloom will willingly go along with the party line since she’s already doing next to nothing, instead of reinventing the wheel around Mac on a dime?

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    Vail Bloom fits the part of being Paul’s daughter on Y and R much better than the Riegel person does.  She is too dark complected to belong to him,  but Y and R does dumb things all the time.  Look at the stupid story lines they have going and some of the hacks that can’t act working there now. A once fabulous soap on its way downhill and going fast and thank you Maria Bell.

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