Casting Bloodbath for UK Soap, Hollyoaks

Paul Marquess, the new producer of the UK soap Hollyoaks, is playing hardball. In addition to five previously announced departures, 11 additional cast members have been axed, taking the total up to 16. The casting bloodbath is being done in an attempt to revitalize the struggling sudser. Can you imagine the online anarchy that would take place if this happened with a U.S. soap? Check out the full story at Digital Spy.

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    Getting rid of a HUGE number of beloved characters to save money??? It HAS been done on a U.S soap, Darren!!! That soap is called "General Hospital"!!! We all have Jill Farren Phelps and Bob Guza to thank for the massacre that has gone on over there for the past decade. Let me TRY to count the casualties: Tony, Alan, AJ, Courtney, Emily, Bobbie Spencer (she’s not dead, but we never SEE her, so she may as well not be a part of the cast at all), Zander, Claudia…..the list probably goes on, but that’s all I can remember at this time.

    GH has a bad habit of KILLING off characters when it would be equally as cost-efficient to simply have the characters move out of town, get sent to mental institutions or just not show them at all (like they do Bobbie!)

    Of course, I am still the biggest hypocrite of all, because I still can’t manage to miss an episode of this show, despite the massive body count!!! Go figure.

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    There is a HUGE difference between what Hollyoaks just did and what GH has done.

    Hollyoaks in the course of TWO months axed sixteen people. GH axed people that you mentioned over the course of YEARS.

    Eleven stars lost their jobs yesterday, that includes Veterans who have been on the show for years.

    This needed to happen, he needed to clean house, but some of the people chosen I don’t really agree with (The Ashworth family…) but I guess we will just have to wait and see because he cannot be worse then Lucy Allen.

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    Jamey Giddens

    GH has written out characters over the course of a decade, this is all happening at once. The closest thing we have to compare was the Valentine’s Day Massacre when DAYS axed seven contract players at the same time in the mid-80s. Although, I am hearing two U.S. soaps could be gearing up for mass firings…

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    Jamey, I hope OLTL is one. I love the show, but it could use a house cleaning IMO.

    But wow at HollyOaks axed 11 at once. I guess one has to do what one has to do.

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    Jamey Giddens

    pspencer618, in the early 80’s DAYS brought on nine new contract players at the same time to try to draw in—wait for it—a "younger audience". The fans revolted and all of the new actors were fired, except for Gloria Loring, whose character, Liz, the fans took a liking to.

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    [quote=Darren Lomas]I wish the equivalent would happen on B&B [/quote]

    Me too, Darren  Here’s a list of contract players that are a complete waste of money and space and need to get the ax ASAP:

    1. Drew Tyler Bell (Worst excuse for an actor EVER. His voice is like nails on a chalkboard and watching him struggle through a scene is painful to watch)

    2. Texas Battle (This dead-behind-the-eyes hairmodel makes Ronn Moss seem animated)

    3. Jackie MacInnes Wood (There’s no depth or truth to her performance. Everything comes off as phony and one-dimensionsal)

    4. Aaron D. Spears (I like the actor, but they’re obviously not invested in writing for Justin, so why keep him on contract)

    5. Winsor Harmon (They should drop him to recurring. Thorne is not needed on the canvas. Again, why keep someone you have no use for on contract)

    6. Alley Mills (I like Miss Mills, but I’m so tired of Pam, especially her dumb scenes with Donna, which stopped being funny a long time ago. There’s no reason for her to remain on contract) 

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