Blind Item: Which Popular, Two-Soap Twentysomething is About to Get the Axe?

Pack your bags. This two-soaper who seems SO excited about her job and front burner storyline has likely already taped his last episode on one sudser and doesn’t know it.  Don’t feel too bad for the talented, Twitter-happy thesp, who has grown leaps and bounds (and quite a bit hotter!) since her last television gig. I doubt his career will be ending up back in any basements anytime soon… Want more clues? Follow me on Twitter! (By the by, like how I switch up his and her to keep ya guessing? :p

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    I wouldn’t be shocked if it’s Scott Clifton. He was on GH before OLTL, most feel has grown in his acting skills since he days as Dillon Q, and he uses twitter a lot. Plus, I feel they’ve written Sky into a corner. 

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    TC irene

    Is it that cluesless baby on AMC that used to be Tammy on GL who now challenges Denise Vasi for biggest waste of screentime,hair spray and air ?

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    I think it’s either Farah Fath from "One Life to Live" or Kirsten Storm from "GH"…………..not much of a "Twitterer," so I’ll just wait for the BIG REVEAL…..
    Please tell me that it’s not Billy Miller from Y&R!!!!!He has done two soaps, hasn’t he???? Wait, he’s 30…
    Hope it’s not ANOTHER actor that I actually like being fired, but GH seems to be the only show that knows how to make CONSISTENTLY good casting decisions!!! The other shows are hit or miss—-with MOSTLY misses!!!

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    Oh no!  I’m afraid it might be Scott Clifton, too.  Once it comes out that Fish is the father, there is really nowhere for Schuyler to go – no friends, no love interest, no kid, and no job.  Bummer.

    Boy do I WISH it was FF!  In fact, if it’s a petition, I will gladly sign.  ;)

    KS can’t be going anywhere.  GH is already short on young adult females.  Besides, she is more likely to move onto bigger and better things than be let go.

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    Hopefully Oliver Fish is out of there. Yeah get Scott Clifton out of there too. What if it’s Annie from AMC? You know Adam is gone with Brooke, she was down and out hiding in the basement or was it attic?

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    I would have guessed this was Sarah Brown because of her recent jump from GH to B&B but i forgot she did ATWT too lol ….never the less  i get a hunch someone from OLTL is going .. its either Farah or Scott Clifton.. my guess is scott…

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    TC Irene——-You mean Stephanie Gatschet, but her character on AMC is not in a front-burner storyline, so I doubt it’s hers……….

    I think it’s Scott Clifton also, now that I’ve connected the dots. However, I don’t think he’s necessarily GROWN much as an actor. I always thought he was good on GH. Also, as far as "hot stars" go, he’s not ugly, but he’s not in that "beefcake" demographic with many of the other 20-somethings, so it may not be him after all…..He pretty much looks the same as he did on GH, just with tamer hair!!!

    I hope it’s Farah Fath……but, of course, that means it won’t be—-just to piss me off even more!!!


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    [quote=CarlyCfan]If Jason Cook comes back to Days, i will come back with him.

    I wouldnt complain either .. JC is not being used enough on GH so I say let him go back to DOOL if he wants .. I think the character could be used now !

     this blind item is definitely misleading but I guess we will find out in due time !


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    Love <3 the Dexter Avi season1217! 

    On topic –

    The item implied that his/her last scenes may have already been filmed which leads me to believe it’s someone we do not see very often.  That leads me to Jason Cook.  Poor guy has been seriously, seriously screwed by GH.  I would imagine it would probably be a relief for him to be released from his contractual obligation.  He deserves better.

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    Nat Guy

    Based off Jamey’s clues on here and on twitter it looks like Scott Clifton is getting fired.  Too bad.  He’s a great actor.  They really wrote Sky into a corner.  I thought making him Rex’s brother would save him, but I guess not. 

    What was the basement reference? 

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    It can’t be Jason Cook. Jamey said the person is in a front burner story. Jason Cook isn’t in a front burner story, hell he’s not even in a backburner story! LOL

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     Frons…. listen to me very carefully…

    If you even touch a hair on my Spixie’s head, I will fly from Columbia, Missouri, skip class, and punch you in the throat Victor Newman-style. Thank you. -Dan

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    [quote=season1217]Thanks, wiccachick. Who’s that in your avatar? [/quote]

    Mine is Henry Cavill who plays Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk in The Tudors.  I am an absolute Showtime show JUNKIE!

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    I’m wondering if the “two soaper” comment means they’re on two soaps at the same time. Maybe this means Lesli Kay is no longer on B&B?

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    The only twentysomething two soaper I knowis on   Days and Venice-  Nadia Bjorn. Also look at her twitter page, its constantly updated. High five to the above poster who also mentioned it.

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