Pratt Falls Girls Wish Eden Riegel Well at Y&R!

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll queef! The Pratt Falls girls have wished Eden Riegel well en route to The Young and the Restless!

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  1. Avatar of KKaine99

    [quote=yojoromo4469]Eden Riegel is a piss poor substitute for Vail Bloom[/quote] And you, yojoromo are a piss poor substitute for a human being. Eden was hired to play a character. What happened to Vail Bloom sucks, but it’s not Eden’s fault.  Inane comments like this help me understand why so many soap execs think soap fans are stupid. What a shame.

  2. Avatar of binksfan999

    Vail Bloom, through her spokesman said she left on her own to persue other things. so it’s not Eden’s fault for taking the job.

    Also calling Eden a piss poor substitute is just plain stupid, and show a lack of class on your part.

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