CONFIRMED: Scott Clifton OUT at One Life to Live!

Sorry Schuyler fans, I am hearing Scott Clifton has taped his last episode of One Life to Live and is telling pals he’s been let go from the sudser! Just last month the talented actor, who hunked up considerably between playing Dillon Quartermaine on General Hospital and joining OLTL as Sky, was tweeting his excitement over landing Susan Lucci’s dressing room, following OLTL’s move to the old AMC studios. Now we hear his character will more than likely be phased out following the climax of the Big Gay Custody Battle For Sierra Mist Rose. Here’s hoping Clifton can return to his former Port Charles stomping grounds, since GH is in the process of rebuilding Generation Next of the Quartermaines!

UPDATE: Scott Clifton has confirmed his exit from One Life to Live on Twitter, with the following tweets.

Hey guys, just want to let you know the rumors are true: I killed JFK. (Oh, wait, the OTHER rumor? Yeah that’s true too. OLTL let me go.)

Had a blast working on the show, with a KILLER conclusion. I really hope you guys keep watching ’cause I did some work I’m really proud of.


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    Dang I actually liked Skye after this year I’m kinda done with Rex/Gigi and I thought Skyler/Gigi were good together. Maybe he’ll leave town with Rachel and then head to Port Charles, the Quartermaines need him badly, or over to Days.

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    Regan Cellura

    Personally I think Scott has grown so much on OLTL. Feel free to disagree. I only hope that Frons can take his head out of wherever it is these days and see that the rebuilding of the Q’s needs a face the fans recognize. Dillon needs to return to Port Charles. I’ll be sad to see him leave Llanview but I will welcome him with open arms back on GH. If not, I’m sure Jamey can think of another soap that will gladly take him.

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     Sad for Scott, hopefully GH takes him back. But THANK GOD they ended up giving Brett Claywell the role of Kyle instead of keeping him as Sky, that could have been him instead. 

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    Aawwww………….poor thing!!!

    I was kinda’ misled by the clues, because I don’t necessarily see Scott as “hot” or “sexy” (cute, but not SEXY!!!) and I don’t think he has really “improved” on OLTL. I never saw much NEED for improvement. I always thought he was great on GH.

    Why would they get rid of him and keep Farah Fath??? Since when did she become the “younger Robin Strasser” of OLTL?? She is TOTALLY replaceable and forgettable!!!! I actually like John Paul Lavoisier, so I am kinda’ glad he is staying!!! He may not be much of a dramatic actor, but he is GREAT at comedy!!!!!

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    Oh and on a side note:

    OLTL can’t think of ANYTHING for him to do after this storyline?  If all these daytime shows can’t get creative enough to WRITE AND PRODUCE and always fall back on  "the storyline came to a climax" BS, then I really don’t feel that bad that they are all in trouble.  C’mon peeps get creative, if you are out of ideas, us fans can help you out!!!

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    I’m sorry to hear this. I don’t watch OLTL regularly, but Scott Clifton is a great actor and one of the smartest people in the business. His Youtube channel "Theoretical Bullshit" is the shit!

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    Drats! He’s one of my favorites on OLTL. Schuyler’s the one who’s coming off sympathetic in this storyline, because of Scott Clifton’s wonderful acting job, whereas Gigi and (especially) Rex are coming off as smug and spiteful…

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    [quote=GHvetfan]HMM,  not sure I want Dillon back.[/quote]
    I don’t want him back on GH. 

    I do agree that I would rather see JPL get the bot over Scott but at the same time I’m not particularly fond of Schuyler so I won’t miss him.

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    This sucks…the writers are, clearly, at a loss for what to do with him now that they don’t have a triangle to portray. I’ve been a fan of Carlivati’s for a long time but the first sign of a show that’s going downhill creatively is when it gets rid of its talented actors. Ask Chuck Pratt.

    I wouldn’t mind him back on GH…I’d like to see  them rebuild the Qs and as a possible obstacle for Lante. Oh, and also: if they’re SORASing Abby Newman with Marcy Rylan, they’re going to need a new Noah. 

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    Bourgeois Nerd

    This is another head-scratcher like DD’s, because both Rachel and Sky seem to be being positioned for post-Sierra Rose drama, Sky with a breakdown and Rachel perhaps with a "saving Sky" thing.  Now they’re both gone, though.  Has Fronsie’s dread hand struck again (SC’s showing up his boy JPL something fierce), or has FV gone insane?  I demand you get to the bottom of this, Jamey!!!!1!!! 

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    I honestly think this was a reworking after Amanda Setton left the show… Something tells me her leaving affected the shows re-writing a great deal. It affected this specific storyline a great deal as well. I have a feelingClifton is a casulty because of it.. Daphne Dupalix was already cut prior to her resignation.

    With Daphne and Amandas characters out of the picture
    Farahs Character doubtful to be with anyone other than rex

    With that being considered Schuyler has now has no real chance of being paired with anyone so they just let Scott Clifton go…





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    I don’t really know what to feel about this lol.

    Part of me is happy, I never really connected with Sky, but at the same time i alwaysed enjoyed Scott’s portrayal….

    I hope that this isn’t the last we will see of SC, hopefully he will go back to GH, or join another soap soon.

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    What about rumors that Sky is Mitch Laurence’s son?  Wouldn’t that offer reams of story, since Rex hates his father (and Sky)?  He and Sky could bond over their psycho dad.

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    Time for Dillon to come home and bring my love Georgie back. I dont care how it happens, just make it happen.

    Though, I may not agree with him on his youtube channel, I love him as an actor and hope he comes back to GH with Georgie.

    lets hope it comes through!

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    This sucks!!  I really enjoyed Schuyler.  Scott Clifton is a great ACTOR.  Did I say ACTOR?  Why yes, I did!

    What’s is wrong with these fools?

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    I guess if your not a pet of Frank and Ron your firing is “story dictated”. This sucks b/c Scott has been a welcome edition to the canvas. Even though I bashed them just now I see why this happened since the cast is already a large ensemble and I guess they need to start saving some cash money.

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    Gee.. if he’s as great as has been implied, maybe he should return to California and become the recast Noah Newman on Y&R? (Which would bring the character in line with his newly-SORASed cousin, Marcy Rylan-as-Abby Carlton.)

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    I agree with angrierblackerman.

    I gotta ask myself, if OLTL (the LAST soap based in NY once ATWT ends in Sept.) is letting go one the the best and most popular young actors in daytime, is this a sign?

    I’m not worried for Scott, though.  He’s great and I’m sure he’ll land on his feet.

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    People, they can’t recast him as Noah Newman on Y&R…….Scott Clifton is ARGUABLY a better actor, in my opinion, than Joshua Morrow (who’d be playing his dad!!), so he’d end up upstaging him!!! LOL!!! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Joshua Morrow, but he’s not exactly one of the greatest thespians on daytime television!!!

    Also, I don’t know if I could buy Scott Clifton playing Sharon Case’s son….he would look more like her BOYFRIEND than her SON!!!

    If he goes over to Y&R, maybe he could play a love interest for Abby????? Scott and Marcy Rylan—SERIOUS comedic potential there!!!

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    [quote=DanMan869]Gee.. if he’s as great as has been implied, maybe he should return to California and become the recast Noah Newman on Y&R? (Which would bring the character in line with his newly-SORASed cousin, Marcy Rylan-as-Abby Carlton.)


    OOH I like that idea but Frat boy Nick having a son as old as Scott?? not sure about that one

  21. Profile photo of josser

    Scott Clifton is too old to be Sharon Case’s son.   But, he’d be perfect to play Chance!  Or, what about a love interest for the SORAS’d Abby? 

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    This is a very sad bit of news for me. I’m a huge fan of Scott Clifton’s, both as an actor and as a person (he’s extremely funny). I was very happy when I read that One Life was casting him, because ever since he left GH there was a part of my life that was missing something.

    As someone else said, in the perfect world he would have been CJ Roberts. Would that have really worked? No… but he would have been Andrea Evans’s son, and that would have made me very happy. I had kind of hoped that since they cast him as Dr. Joplin’s son he would have been interacting more with the heavy hitters of the whole Hope fallout (I envisioned some great Dorian/Sky scene which, much like Jason/Dillon scenes, never truly came to fruition). After that, it seemed like he was going to get thrown in the whole Gigi/Rex mess, and Scott’s way better than that. So, while I’m sad (very sad) that I will no longer have a gauranteed show to see Scott Clifton on, I can at least find some comfort in knowing that he won’t be at a place where the writers refuse to write for someone with his considerable amount of talent.

    I guess that means he won’t be making the final emmy ballot. Though it would be ironic if he did. And even better if he won. I realize his chances of winning are slim, but damn that would be good.

    Now if only he can go back to GH, should that be what he wants. I miss Dillon ever so much. What would they do with him? I have no idea. Keep him away from his stepsister, though.

    And don’t get rid of Mark Lawson, One Life!

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    Too old to play Sharon Case’s son on Y&R?  Have you seen Dante and Olivia?  There is like only 9 years between them.  She must have been in kindergarten when Sonny knocked her up, not 15:)

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    I’m actually kinda happy about this, I never really enjoyed or connected to Schuyler. But I do adore Scott and hope he finds another soap so I can see him in a better character.

    I liked him sooo much better on GH and Dillon, so I hope he goes back to GH.

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    This is really sad, I love Scott Clifton, he definitely grew as an actor. First, Daphne, then Amanda, now Scott, what is going on over there?

    I would love for him to come back to GH, but even though they do seem to be revamping the Qs, would there be a place for him?

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    OLTL has been making some head-scratching decisions of late.  First Daphne Duplaix, who I think is great as Rachel, gets dumped.  Then they let Amanda Setton slip through the cracks.  Now Scott Clifton who, along with Setton, was the only thing remotely interesting about the whole Stacy Fiasco fiasco.  Yet, we still have folks likeTerrell Tilford (the weakest actor or actress on the show) and Farrah Fath (whose "range" is limited on her best day) soldiering on with support from the showrunners.  About the only logical decision made of late casting wise was killing Stacy off.  This makes me worry with regards to the fates of Scott Evans and Brett Claywell–who knows what’s gonna happen with them once the who’s-the-daddy storyline wraps up. 

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    TV Gord

    I liked him on GH, but I don’t think he ever meshed on OLTL.  I don’t think the writers knew whether they wanted to make him a good guy or a bad guy.  A romantic lead or a fifth wheel. 

    Unlike some others here, I like JPL.  I think he’ll grow on people again, now that Clifton isn’t around to mimic Rex’s mannerisms and twitches.  ;-)

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    Yeah age doesnt matter
    SC was born in 1984 turning 26 soon. sharon Case Just turned 39
    I Think Josh Morrow is 35-36

    If We can Buy Dante who is 30 IRL and Olivia who is 39-40 as Mom  & Son

    Plus TC is 38 and GF is 48 and they play Mom & son on GH

    As For CJ Roberts Doubtful They cant even keep Sarah Roberts longer than 18 months at a time.

  29. Profile photo of sunnydays25

    platinumdva….I think there’s something to that theory.

    FF made it perfectly clear that she did not like the Stacy storyline, both by comments she made and by the way she walked thru her lines for months.I think that’s one of the reasons CH was canned (besides her lack of spark in that role)
     I am sure JPL was not happy when their characters were broken up and there was a HUGE Gigi/Sky following.

    I am sorry to see SC leave, as I do think he’s a great actor and brought quite a bit to the show. But I wouldn’t mind seeing him on GH

  30. Profile photo of Grimm

    I never got fully past the icky introduction of the character and the ill conceived Starr/Sky pairing.
    Scott Clifton should land on his feet elsewhere.  
    ( I agree that the show/writing is losing its way btw )

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    Wow, what a difference three months makes. Three months ago, AMC  was atrocious and OLTL was being pimped as the absolute most fantabulous thing in the whole universe.

    Fast-forward to today and AMC is fantastic, although I don’t expect it to remain good once Kreizman arrives, and OLTL is utterly unwatchable and deserves every bit of it’s horrible numbers. The sacrifice of Schuyler/Clifton at the altar of Rex & Fifi/JPL & Fath is just one of the symptoms, along with the Mitch nonsense, Messica and her new life as a teenage moron, and the incessent Todd  pimping.

    Carlivati is his own worst enemy and OLTL’s biggest obstacle. It’ll be interesting in a few months when Kreizman’s AMC and Carlivati’s OLTL are airing back-to-back because they’re almost identical writers. They’re both longtime fanboys who proclaim to love their shows but ultimately don’t seem to understand what makes these shows special to most of the people who’ve been watching them for years. They’re both capable of stringing together some decent isolated episodes and can come up with some good ideas but their longterm story arcs and their executions of them are pitiful, all the while focusing on all the wrong characters.

    Given Guza’s hatred of anything and everything Quartermaine, I can’t say that I wish for SC to end up at GH either. What a mess this industry is in.

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