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Let’s tackle these Bradford Anderson RUMORS that have been circulating the net these past few days. Before those of you who haven’t seen them get freaked out, let me SQUASH THEM. He isn’t going anywhere. The RUMORS had him being the victim of some mob violence as a way for his character Spinielli to exit the canvas. Now, as I’ve already mentioned Spixie as a couple is getting a little stale in some fan’s eyes and we MAY see them go in another direction.This fake caper that lands Maxie in a hospital bed COULD be the start of it. As our friend Karen from pointed out on Twitter a few days back, the only place we know of Bradford going is a honeymoon as he is engaged to be married.

Spixie… do you think they’re stale? I do and then again I don’t. At times I still see why I fell in love with Spixie and then they tend to rehash the same conversation over and over and over again. The pair definitely needs something new to do. As with any soap pairing, sometimes they just run their course and need a break to shake it up. Is this happening to our beloved Spixie? What sort of shake up are they getting? RUMORS have Johnny and Olivia ending with a possible revisit to that heat we’ve seen between Maxie and Johnny, but what about Spinelli? I say the cast still needs a young adult female on the canvas as they are much too male heavy with Johnny, Spinelli, Dante, Milo (if they ever use him) and Ethan who will have his hands full with the Kristina storyline and Maya Ward when she arrives. I wonder if Guza still thinks killing off Georgie was such a good idea. And…

If I get my wish… the re-building of the Quartermaines should include Scott Clifton returning to Port Charles as Dillon now that One Life to Live has let him go. I don’t mind the Wards coming I just think the fans need a face they recognize with this rebuild. So if I get my wish, add another young adult male to that list. Would we like to see Dillon make waves between Lulu and Dante or perhaps Dillon is still grieving over Georgie and Maxie could be his comfort? Think about it. While you’re thinking about it, which young adult female could return to the canvas to help level off the playing field? Comment away!

Let’s get back to the storyline that everyone is hoping will knock it out of the park…Kiefer beats the crap out of Kristina! You all know by now that Ethan is the one who gets blamed for the horrible deed. How you might ask? Well I told you that he leaves a bruise after telling K to back off at the Haunted Star. There are, however a few older RUMORS that I can now somewhat confirm and possibly clear up why so many people believe Kristina’s story. Not only is Ethan a little too rough with K once, he’s also SAID to be the one who rushes an unconscious, and beaten Krissy to GH. How does Ethan find her? Well after pretty much degrading her at the Star, Ethan feels bad and goes to apologize. He will reportedly find her beaten after a very angry Kiefer has left her laying there. When does Kiefer convince her to lie? RUMOR has it that it all goes down at GH when Kiefer tells K he could lose it all if she labels him as her assailant. Plus there’s that little thing about her dad being the town godfather who kills people that hurt his loved ones.

Will Dante be there for his little sis? Or will he be one of the people who has doubts about her story? With Lucky as his partner and Ethan being Lucky’s brother will this all a little too close for comfort? Jason and Dante both want to know what happened and they want to hear it from Krissy. Kiefer is scared shitless and wouldn’t you be if you just beat the hell out of a gangsters only daughter? The two cops take note of how Kiefer is acting, and when his parents show up on screen it’s pretty obvious what type of home he comes from. If you’re a Guiding Light fan tuning in to see Bradley Cole’s stint on General Hospital, we hear this will be a complete switcheroo from his character in Peapack. There are so many notes to play with this story, will we see them all? Molly’s reaction, Sonny wants to kill him, but he’s already on trial for murder, Sam and Jason will be on opposite sides, Luke and Sonny’s friendship will be tested, but what about Natasha and Luke? Let us not forget that Ethan’s partnership with Johnny cannot help his cause with Jason and Sonny. Kristina agrees to stand by her man, but for how long will her man keep his hands to himself?

RANDOM and CRAZY… Kate Sighting! She will be locking lips with Coleman who will be in the jury box with Lisa and Alice. That is FOR SURE! Kristina will give off doubts because of her concern for her supposed attacker. What does Dr. Lisa have up her sleeve and will it have dire effects on Scrubs? One RUMOR is a picnic meant for Robin is intercepted by Lisa. Any Jason and Robin fans still out there? They have scenes coming up. Maxie’s pneumonia is going to cause trouble for her ticker. Sonny gains points with Dante when he sits vigil by Kristina’s bed. Is Dante making a trip to Sonny’s island? Remember, Ghost Georgie is coming to see Maxie. Will Lucky have some questions for Kiefer’s parents? Are we to believe that a family we’ve never met before is very powerful in PC? Coincidence? Wasn’t Ethan’s Visa just mentioned? RUMOR has it that Alexis MAY cause problems for the Aussie by going after his Visa.


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  1. Profile photo of troymcclure

    Spixie needs to break up ASAP, them being stale is an understatement.

    I so look forward to the Kristina storyline.  I’m not a Bradley Cole fan but that has more to do with his goody two shoes roles on GL so I’m very much looking forward to him as Kiefer’s dad.

    Thanks for the spoilers Regan.

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    In regards to a young adult female joining the show, I wouldn’t mind seeing Scotty’s daughter Serena coming back to Port Charles.  Even though Lulu was SORAS’d, I believe in real time, Serena was born a year or so before Lulu, so they should be roughly the same age. 

    Honestly, I’m still holding out hope for Jolivia to make it.  I’d rather see Maxie mix it up with Lucky.  And on that note, I’d love to see Lucky cut loose a little and get a little wild, I think he and Maxie could be fun together.  I just don’t think I want him reuniting with Liz at this point.  It’s very been there done that, time to move on, for me. 

    Should Dillon return, NOOOOOOOO obstacles for Lante, please!  LOL  Sorry, but I am territorial of these two, they’re just perfect without any third party obstacles.  It really is too bad they killed off Georgie, she and Dillon were such a cute couple, and I liked her a lot with Spinelli before she was killed off.  If only there was a way to bring Georgie back, and I’m not talking about LL as a Georgie lookalike like they did with NL’s Rebecca.  But actually LL as Georgie, she was such a nice, GOOD girl.  GH really does need some more young adult females, I guess I will wait and see how things work out with Maya

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    I don’t think Spixie is stale–I just think they are have stuck in backburner hell since their wedding.

    And I don’t know…this next storyline (Maxie’s illness) seems like a way to resolidify them and their love. But who knows?

    But ICAM that the show needs another young woman. I want to see Serena Baldwin cast, stat! Selfishly, I don’t want Spixie to end until we have another potential love interest for Spinelli.

    And ugh, I hated JoMax. And not just because I am a Spixie fan. I just think they’re so whiny around each other. "Oh, we’re such bad people."  Zzzzz

  4. Profile photo of wiccachick_1

    *Raises hand and dances about wildly*

    ME!  ME!  ME ME ME ME ME!!!  I’m a J&R fan and I’m thrilled to hear we’re getting some scenes.  They are just too few and far between! 

    And yes, Spixie needs to end like yesterday.  I don’t think this pairing brings out the best in either of these two and Maxie has become such a watered down Nickelodeon version of Georgie that it’s truly painful to watch.  There’s very little of the fiery vixen that I love left in the girl and Spinelli has the same issues.  It’s just time to move on. 

    I’d like to see Dillon back in Port Charles but only if we can get a scene where we see Georgie alive and well and escaping from an equally alive and well Lorenzo Alcazar.  I never once believed that whole cock and bull story where Diego would EVER do anything to harm Georgie.  So makes more sense to me to say he faked her death and sent her off to Lorenzo until he could join them.  Then of course, Diego died before he could get there but Lo couldn’t just let Georgie go because she reminded him of his dead son. 

    Hey!!!! I know it’s outrageous but I don’t care.  I want Georgie back and any story that can make that happen, I’m all for it.  Remember they brought Diego back from an onscreen death to kill Georgie so why can’t they bring Georgie back from an onscreen death to get her back?

  5. Profile photo of ConqueringBlue

    Mardou, great minds think alike!  I mentioned Serena, too!  Actually, there might be some good conflict there between her, Lulu and Maxie, since Lulu killed her brother (in self defense of course, but still)

    I saw the actress who played Serena in a movie on TV recently, I think it was called Gracie.  It was so weird seeing her all grown up!  Wonder what she’s doing now? 

  6. Profile photo of mrsnoahdrake
    While you’re thinking about, what young adult female could return to the canvas to help level off the playing field? Comment away!

    I am stil holding out hope that Helena has been holding Georgie hostage & will show her hand when Alexis is ready to arrest Helena. By then, Alexis & Mac will be a real couple and she’ll have to choose b/n revenge & love.

    They could also bring Serena Baldwin back (with Scotty & Lucy) to mix it up with Dillon (preferably) or Ethan, thus re-igniting the Spencer/ Baldwin feud.

    Or a SOARS’d Christina Badwin (Coe? Collins?), the adopted daughter of Scotty & Lucy, whom we last saw on Port Charles.

  7. Profile photo of rebecca

    NOOOO  to Dillon Coming back! Especially if he is still in love with Lulu! NO to having him come between Dante & Lulu because NOBODY in their right mind would even look at Dillon if they had Dante because D.Z is WAAAAAYYY sexier then S.C could ever be.

  8. Profile photo of cecepepe

    I think Lulu and Dante have a enough of an obstacle with their families and don’t need a third party at this time in their relationship.

    I think with all the stuff going on with her children they need to bring Laura back even if it’s only for a short time.

    I want Johnny/Olivia together.  I definitely don’t want her with Sonny.  When woman get with Sonny they lose their fight and become dumb and stupid

  9. Profile photo of GH LOVER

     Thanks  for the spoilers  Regan 
    I am really looking forward to the Kris abuse S/L to explode… 
    Finally a real family drama….
    This is the Story I am really interested, I want to see how it played out….

     also as A JaSam fan looking forward to see how it will effect JaSam, Sam is really close to this , as Kris’s sister and has someone who was in abusive situation before and Jason because he is cool for the most part and because of his new friendship with Lucky will try to see if it was really Ethan?? It will be good scenes to watch,

    about brining back Dilon and Spixie , they should have not kill Georgie!!!
    she could have been great with Spinelli.
    I like Spixie but the writers kind of destroyed them…

    Dillon should come back I like the idea of the wards  But I want to see the Q;s more the old family members, and dilon is it.
    He can be a cousin friend to Michael and have more Michael Q’s connection, and maybe that will push Jason to the Q’s orbit .
    and also I like to see Tracy caring for her own kids and not just Luke’s kids 

  10. Profile photo of PurpleRocks

    Love the idea of Diego faking Georgie’s death.  It’s a soap, it could happen.  I loved Georgie and Dillon.  I hope they come back for good.

    I used to love Spixie.  But now they are soooo boring.  But I think it’s the writer’s fault b/c they don’t write for them, and the few times they do, it’s stupid and redundent.  I don’t understand why there hasn’t been any growth for Spinelli.  How could he still be so wimpy and not have self-esteem?  Why won’t the writers let him grow into a man and accept that he’s better off being the brains and proud of it.  Why can’t they have him be confident especially since he’s with a hottie like Maxie?  All Spixie needs is some good writing and self-confidence on Spinelli’s end.  They have so much chemistry, or did, before the writing when downhill for them.  And I want Maxie occupied so she can keep her hands off Lucky.  I still hold out hope that L&L2 will get through this and will be different this time around with them both realizing they have grown up and need to let go of the past.  I want the original L&L2 magic back.

    Really looking forward to this Kristina storyline.  Although I will hate her and feel bad for Ethan at the same time.  You know what would be better than Sam falling for Krissy’s story and Jason being the hero and figuring it all out, it’d be better if Jason wanted to just kill Ethan like the killer that he is, and Sam working with Lucky and Dante b/c she’s the one that thinks that something is off about Krissy’s story.  Oh well, same old boring Jasam where Jason is the hero and Sam is his lacky.  It’d be nice to have a woman on the show be the her for once and figure stuff out instead of the mobsters in town.  Well, at least Lucky and Dante will be smart enough to see something’s wrong.  About time they make the cops look like the smart ones…

    Oh and I’d love to see Serena, BrookeLynn, and someone’s long lost daughter back.  Maybe Brenda had a kid with Jax and hid her from him.  I want Brenda back too.  And while they’re at it, they can bring back Ned and Lois…

  11. Profile photo of KMRDaytime

    I think an obvious person to come back would be Sara Webber — she has a past with Nicholas and Lucky plus is a doctor who can make waves at the hospital (then maybe Lisa could disappear into a supply closet never to be seen again.)


  12. Profile photo of wiccachick_1

    PurpleRocks -

    Love seeing another L&L2 fan around.  I love them too!  Hope the rumors about them rebuilding from the ground up are true!

    As for Maxie, if she were single I don’t think she’d be going to Lucky.  I would HOPE that GH would FINALLY be giving JoMax their fair shot.  I mean they’ve been teasing the idea since Maxie danced with him back at the B&W Ball and they keep just refreshing the option every once in a while so we don’t forget it.  Well, it’s time.  Johnny has been her white knight since as far back as Maxie freaking out about Logan in the hospital when she thought he was the TMK.  She was livid that anyone would save him and Johnny was the ONE person that understood her point of view.  He found her after Logan nearly raped her.  They helped each other for Lulu while Lulu was in Shadybrook.  Johnny pulled her out of her wrecked car before they wen to the garage.  He ran into a burning hospital to get her out.  He saved her from the REAL muggers on the docks and now this.  The man is GOOD for her.  They have each other’s backs in a major way and they understand each other (without even having to communicate it mind you) on a level they don’t share with anyone else.  Where Spinelli and Maxie are all about fronting, game playing, manipulations, insecurities and immaturity, Johnny and Maxie are open, honest and loyal to each other in a way they aren’t with ANYONE else.  Those are GOOD things.  Those are the best things in each other and they bring it out in each other like nobody’s business. 

    Geesh GH, just give us the story already!

  13. Profile photo of PurpleRocks

    wicca_chick, when you put it that way, I can go for a JoMax storyline, as long as they find someone for Spinelli.  I think they do him dirty on the show by writing him so one-dimensional and wimpy with no self confidence.  He was such a breath of fresh air when he first came on the show.  But his nerdiness has gotten tedious.   I’d love for Spinelli to be the hero for once, to show that brains can get you somewhere, not just guns.  As much as love Spixie, I can see how hot JoMax would be, especially with them having so much in common and understanding each other.  EDIT:  I forgot to add, I’ve always loved L&L2 but started to lose hope when GV was playing Lucky b/c they wrote him so horrible and not like the real Lucky that first came on the show.  The writing’s much improved for JJ’s Lucky so I have new found hope for them.

  14. Profile photo of williamjc

    Let’s be clear – Guza HATES Spixie so he writes them boring hoping their fan base will wither and die.  Plus they neutered Spinelli anyway – remember when he first came on the scene and he was a total smart ass with attitude?  Now he’s all nice and sweet and BORING. 

    Bring back Dillon, have him totally over Lulu so he doesn’t interfere with Lante and have him firmly believe that Georgie is alive and being held captive. 

    I’m not looking forward to this new s/l with Krissy and her abuser bf.  Just because I can see TIIC draaaaaging this out forever….

  15. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Glad Bradford Anderson isn’t going anywhere!! Aside from playing one of the most interesting and original characters in daytime television history, Anderson proves that being successful in daytime isn’t reliant on bulging biceps or having movie star looks…..He is truly an inspiration!!!

    Okay, now on to what’s NOT working……

    I don’t like the idea of them villifying Ethan. I like this character, and he is basically a great big sweetheart who was fighting away the advances of an oversexed teenage girl!!! I suppose Guza is trying to pit Sonny against Luke. Whatever helps bring more Luke Spencer onto my screen is fine with me, but knowing what’s coming up will be like watching a TRAIN WRECK for me: painful and uncomfortable!!!

    Spixie is becoming a little bit stale for me!! Maxie CLAIMS she is happy with Spinelli, but the second some hunk of "beefcake" comes along (Franco, Johnny) she starts drooling like a cat in heat and flirting shamelessly!! I think that Spinelli deserves better. Maxie is interesting, but clearly not the kinda’ girl that you marry and have ten kids with!!! The whole "beauty and the geek" scenario has lost it’s luster!!! I’m ready for them to give Spinelli a new love interest!!!

    Looking forward to Bradley Cole coming on…….even though I know it’s gonna turn into a great big old BLOODY mess!!! Add Sonny, Dante, and the mob into the equation—not to mention someone going after his DAUGHTER, who he basically ignored for the first 15 years of her life (SORASED life, LOL!!) and you have The Godfather part…..(whatever part it is!!!)

    Why don’t they use Kate more?? She is FAR more interesting to me than Sam and Robin!!! I know that long-time fans love Robin and Sam, but I find them both to be quite dull most of the time!! All Sam does is BROOD and toss her hair around, and all Robin does is lecture people and give unsolicited advice!!!!

    I am VERY excited about GH!!! I hope this show climbs back to the third place in the ratings where it belongs. Actually, I think it belongs in 2nd place—-behing Y&R, but I will take what I can get!!!

  16. Profile photo of Delia Diva
    Delia Diva

    Thanks for the spoilers!  I hope they don’t get rid of the Dodger, I’m finally getting to like him :)

    Spixie just needs to have some adventure…that doesn’t involve the sewer!! Always liked Jason & Robin….been over Lisa for a LONG TIME now….

  17. Profile photo of wiccachick_1

    Okay I’m going to push my agenda again (and I’m sure Regan is going to punch me right in the nose).

    I want Kristina and Spinelli.  I call them KriSpin. 

    That’s right.  You heard me right.  Kristina and Spinelli. 

    Just think about it!  After Kristina gets the ever living SPIT knocked out of her by Keifer she’s going to need a man that has a list of traits that reads like Spinelli’s character bio:


    Spinelli believes in sweet, courtly love that is poetry and flowers.  He’s not an aggressive alpha male which would scare Kristina after everything she’s been through and she’ll need someone that knows how to put her needs first because for a while after this that will have to be the way it is.  She’s not going to trust easily and she’ll question her own judgment.  WHO BETTER than Spinelli to help her through that? To help her heal?  Who else would have the patience, gentleness and kindness to listen to her and be there for her without pressure? 

    And during this time GH has time to build their story and age Kristina as least a year (in soap time) to make her 18.  Spinelli has to be very early 20’s because he was in school with Georgie so assuming he’s Georgie’s age which is younger than Maxie’s established 23 we’re not talking a big difference here.  And Spinelli ACTS incredibly young and for once that could be to his advantage in this kind of story.  It would "fit" with this and use some of the better points of Spinelli’s personality to show him in a great light. 

    Plus this could affect peripheral characters to Spin and Kristina like Sonny, Alexis, Jason, Sam….even Molly (who had a crush on Spin at one time). 

    There’s a TON of potential here for Spin that I would LOVE to see!

  18. Profile photo of anderson90

    First off I’m glad that the BA rumor is false, and had a strong feeling all a along that it was.

    Second Spixie ain’t stale. It’s just bad writing for Spixie. The issue is GH is just doing way to much surface writing for them since them. All GH has to do is start showing depth again Spixie will be fine. Spixie has so much story still to be told for them. Also This story feels like more for Spixe to reinforce their love for each other, and make there bond even stronger, that is the sence I’m getting from this storyline. I’m interested in Spixie current storyline and can’t wait for Georgie to come and help Maxie.

  19. Profile photo of keanna

    As always thanks for the spoilers, Regan!!!!

    I am glad to hear Bradford isn’t going nowhere (only on his honeymoon congrats to him), but as much as I love him and Spixie, they do need to grow Spinelli up a little, and spice the couple up.

    I would love for Scott Clifton to come back, but like I said before is there going to be room for him in the canvas?

    I hope GH doesn’t screw up the Kristina abuse s/l, I am looking forward to it and to what the fallout will be. I am also looking forward to Bradley Cole, from you guys have said (and I didn’t watch GL and I have only seen pictures of him and agree he is gorgeous) just wish he wasn’t playing an abusive father, but I digress.

    Any word on how long Robin Christopher’s (Skye) stint will be and any news on the casting of Zoe?

    Again thanks, Regan!!!!

  20. Profile photo of Analiza

    [quote=mrsnoahdrake]Or a SOARS’d Christina Badwin (Coe? Collins?), the adopted daughter of Scotty & Lucy, whom we last saw on Port Charles. [/quote]

    Wow, Christina.  I totally forgot about her.  What a good idea.  Of course that would mean we’d need Lucy back too.

    I’d like to see Serena or Brooke Lynn too.  Maybe one of them could actually give Matt a storyline.

    Or, if they’re intent on splitting up Spixie, since I don’t see all the heat everyone else does between Maxie and Johnny, Maxie could be FINALLY be with Matt (isnt’ that what we were sort of promised when Jason Cook was hired?) and they could bring back Nadine for Spinelli.  I always liked the idea of the two of them together.

  21. Profile photo of purplebraids

    I like the idea of Nadine coming back but maybe for Matt or Brooklyn for Matt or even Ethan would be good ,GH is really lacking a young aduilt female and the show really does need one and if it`s Brooklyn it would be really great because of the rebuilding of the Q family .Sara   Webber coming back to would be wonderful because Lisa would be gone and friend to.Guza doesn`t like Scrubs either you can tall because of the badly written storylines for them and Spixie.

  22. Profile photo of purplebraids

    I like the idea of Nadine coming back but maybe for Matt or Brooklyn for Matt or even Ethan would be good ,GH is really lacking a young aduilt female and the show really does need one and if it`s Brooklyn it would be really great because of the rebuilding of the Q family .Sara   Webber coming back to would be wonderful because Lisa would be gone and friend to.Guza doesn`t like Scrubs either you can tall because of the badly written storylines for them and Spixie.

  23. Profile photo of CrystalBall

    Thanks for clearing up the rumors about BA. I adore him and would hate to see him leave the show.

    As for Spixie being stale, I don’t see it. I think they’ve been very backburnered and that the writers may be struggling to come up with stories for them (which I don’t understand because I can think of tons of storylines they could do for Spixie). If they would just write for them, they’d be right back to the Spixie that a lot of fans fell in love with.

    Take the story they’re in right now for instance. So far, I have adored Spinelli and Maxie in this story. Even though the case is a fake, I’ve loved the scenes with them on the case and working together to solve it. They are amazing with the Spixie PI stuff. And I’ve felt that they’re reconnecting and going back to their roots, what made me love them in the first place. I am so looking forward to the next phase of their story, because I think its going to just reaffirm how in love they are.

  24. Profile photo of BigDede

    Spixie isn’t stalled, they are stale as day old bread.

    I was never a fan. They should have stayed best friends like Carly/Jason.  Johnny and Maxie is where they should have went.  Today JoMax was so cute.

    I am not looking forward to this Kristina storyline.  Of course Kristina will look like the bad guy in all this and little poor Ethan will be seen as the victim once the truth comes out. 

    The only time I like lying in soap storyline is when someone is scheming to get a man or get a woman.  Not this kind of lying.

  25. Profile photo of Mobb Ish
    Mobb Ish

    How about a story where Kate had a daughter with Trevor that no one knows about but Old Man Zacrazy, and she could be Mikey’s love interest, because if that guy doesn’t get him some in the near future he’s really going to lose the last screw he has left!

  26. Profile photo of At50

    "Any word on how long Robin Christopher’s (Skye) stint will be and any news on the casting of Zoe?"

    I keep hearing that Skye’s return will be short term but I haven’t heard any official confirmation of that yet.

  27. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    Regan – "While you’re thinking about it, which young adult female could return to the canvas to help level off the playing field?  Comment away!"

    Serena Baldwin and BrookeLynn Ashton (Quartermaine).

    And with them of course Laura, Scottie, Lois and Ned!

    wiccachick 1 – "I want Kristina and Spinelli.  I call them KriSpin."

    Totally horrible idea!  Spinelli is supposed to be in his mid to late 20’s and Kristina is SIXTEEN!!!  Enough said!

  28. Profile photo of AmandPMS

    I would LOVE to see Maxie and Spin stay together, but it might not be in the GH cards, so to speak.  Wouldn’t it be cool to hook the new girl, Jax’s best bud in the fight to hang Sonny, up with Spin?  Think about it.  She’s smart, and Spin’s smarter.  I can see it.
    Bradford is a GREAT actor.  What as shame it is to waste this talent!
    Hook the guy up with someone who has some brains.

  29. Profile photo of AmandPMS

    Or…put some COUGAR in it.  How about Carly, or better yet, Diane!
    Man, the writers can have a field day with a Carly, Spin hook up!  CarSpin!  Just do it!
    Fun times, I must say!

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