ABC has confirmed that One Life to Live is concluding the groundbreaking Kish love story featuring Scott Evans and Brett Claywell. Apparently, the network is attributing OLTL’s ratings slide to KISH and the recent Big Gay Wedding. Un-Be-Lievable. Daytime has obtained the following statement from OLTL showrunner Frank Valentini:

“We are concluding the story that we set out to tell with Kyle and Fish. We are very proud to have broken new ground with a same sex couple on daytime.”

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    Thats it!  I’m done with the show and the ABC network when they leave.  ABC must be filled with a bunch of morons!  I stopped watching CBS when GL was canceled and now it’s ABC turn.  Thank god for cable!

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    Daphne Duplaix,Scott Clifton,Scott Evans. aand brett claywell all axed within weeks apart.From what i hear online this is a precursor for Thorsten Kaye to return.Sorry but my boy aint cheap

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    So The mainstream audience cant accept two gay males but Todd Manning is the hero of the show


    What is the mainstream Audience? The Non gay Viewers?

    Talk about homophobia
    Ok so GLBT folks tend to have more expendable income but ABC doesnt care

    Frons is prolly dancing cause he hopes Frank & Ron will quit that Frons will hire hacks and kill the show

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    This is UNBELIEVABLE.  Frank and Ron you have dealt the ULTIMATE blow to the show.  It is now only a matter of time before you are cancelled.  I, for one, will watch until Kyle and Fish are no longer on and then you have lost me as a loyal viewer forever.  Very sad. 

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    ARE THEY NUTS! These two young men are two of the bright spots on the show. I don’t believe they have told all the story that can and needs to be told. The custody of Sierra Rose should be the beginning of a new chapter for these talented young actors. Shame on TPTB at OLTL. I think this move will cause the show to lose fans.

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    This is the beginning of the end for OLTL.  Why is they getting rid of their bright young stars?  I not buying that Kish is the ratings bummer, it is the Morasco Fiasco that is the problem.

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    You have got to be kidding me!!!

    The problem with OLTL is the stupid fast pacing, stupid couples like Ford and high school Langston, the glamorizaiton of rapist Todd and all that Mitch nonsense!  In no way is Kish to blame for the ratings! They are one of the few good things on the show! Argh!

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    So it’s Kish’s fault for the ratings slide?  It has nothing to do with the resurrection of Mitch Laurence for the umpteenth time, killing off Jared, ruining Charlie, having Dorian “come out” and some of the other lame stories they have going on.  I don’t dislike Bree Williamson, but I am sick of Jessica/Tess/Bess, whoever she is this week.  And Ford has no redeeming qualities.  He’s nice to look at, but I can’t see Langston just up and sleeping with him because he’s hot.
    Whatever, I watched GL go down the tubes, then ATWT, I think I may just leave this trainwreck now.  I can’t take it anymore!

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    I think we’re seeing the endgame for OLTL. Bo & Nora are back together, McNat II is just around the bend and I think a Viki-Clint reunion is in the works. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they put Cris and Jess together for keeps during this silly high school SL. All the newbies exiting at once is a real bad sign. I’ll say it again: Valentini and Carlivati’s so-called love for this show is looking a lot like Münchausen syndrome by proxy. A shame…

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    This is probably the beginning of the end for OLTL which is quite sad.

    If ABC think that getting rid of everything gay from their show is going to make it a ratings winner then they are going to have to fire most of their staff too!

    Also maybe they will decide to ditch Dorian who is surely the gayest over the top soap diva of them all (that’s meant as a compliment btw)!!!

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    I’m soooo upset about this news I hope these people will change their minds!They are making a huge mistake! who is left on this show to care about now?Well I hope OLTL gives us at least one last sex scene between them.Or two considering the fact we’ll never see them again.

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    They need to get rid of some of the bad acting headed by GIGI!! Can’t stand that woman and her bad acting. Also get rid of Rex, Roxie, Ford,  Any Strippers & Cult Members/Leaders!!  The show needs to bring back the Buchanans & Cramers to their full glory (from the 80’s & 90’s).  They were the ones that made the show!!!!

    Having said that, Kish should become a new family on OLTL!!

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    Well, I stopped watching "The Young and the Restless" for "One Life to Live" in October. I guess it’s time for me to book a flight from Llandview to Genoa City. It was fun while it lasted.

    Thanks for those months of excellent television.

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    I have read this story three times, and I still do not understand. They are getting rid of Scott and Brett?  I am physically sick over this.  These are two of the best actors OLTL has seen in year, what are they thinking.  I have watched One Life for over 30 years, and once they leave that is it.  Letting Scott Clifton go was a major mistake, getting rid of KISH is beyond crazy.  They are going to cancel One Life within 6 months.  I wish Scott and Brett the best, and I hope they know how much enjoyment they have brought to the viewers.  They gave me hope a gay couple could be portrayed just like everyone else.         

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    Why the hell hasn’t Terrell Tilford been let go? He’s the worst of the newbie bunch!  And his character is a snooze. Rachel’s history soon, Matthew’s up and walking — get Dr. Greg Evans the hell outta Llanview! Stat!

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     This is crap. Why in the world would they get rid of the 2 BEST characters on this show but keep characters like Gigi and Rex. Fish and Kyle are the reason why I have started watching the show again and if they really decide to write them off than I’m going to stop watching. 

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    The problem with OLTL isn’t Kish, its Rex and Gigi, Stacy (before Amanda Setton) the focus on characters "cough John cough" that need to go and yes Mitch Lawrence. It’s not Kish, if anything Kish has given them something people can talk about around the "water cooler"

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    This is sad! Kish was the best thing going for the show. The Mitch storyline, Ford and Langston fling and not having Vicki on the show all the time is what’s killing the show! I agree with all the comments above. OLTL is suppose to be the "groundbreaking" soap, yeah for killing great storylines with issues that are up to date with today’s world.

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    I think it sucks and I can’t believe they would blame the bad ratings on Kish.  I certainly hope both Brett and Scott leaves.

    Slightly off topic but I hope the pimping of OLTL stops now since the show really isn’t  the best soap around and hasn’t been for some time now.

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    This is such a load of shit. The ratings did not drop when KISH was featured or when they had their love scene or gay wedding. The ratings slipped when they were focusing on Mitch and let their focus wander. They are so far off the mark with this one that the bullseye is in the wrong place. 

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     I’m in utter disbelief… not a huge Kish fan (cuz Fish’s sexuality kinda came out of left field as far as I’m concerned), but I like the two characters, and I know that they are EXTREMELY POPULAR! This is a really dumb move by ABC…

    Jamey, I’m going to be the first one to say it…


    I’m coining that right now!

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    I plan on quitting watching OLTL as well.  KISH was my favorite couple.  I had NO problems with the gay storyline and found it very refreshing and enjoyable to watch.   No more OLTL for me – they just lost me..

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    I’m not trying to be provocative – I am just putting out this question to my fellow DC readers.

    Are there any actual quotes from executives about the decision regarding KISH being a ratings issue or is this hypothesis?

    Because, as many noted when this story started, neither character was related to core families which would limit their long term storyline potential.  Also, as a gay fan I am happy to not see the "breakup and makeup story" of Nuke replayed on OLTL.  Finally, there is still a "gay sensibility" that will keep me tuned into OLTL, from Dorian’s hats, to David’s shirtlessness and Blair’s bon mot, this show is still gay friendly even without an "after school story" gay storyline.

    So, I’m sad for the actors and the characters, but I’m really not that angry.  UNLESS an ABC executive is quoted as saying that they dropped the story because gay stories effect ratings, than I’ll get angry.

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    OMG yes discodan! Brett Claywell would be perfect as Thomas Forrester! They don’t even have to make Thomas gay (although they should).

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    I smelled this a mile away when this paternity mess started to unfold. KIsh are the new Michael and Marcie, relegated to arguing about a baby issue. The only resolution being they get their "happy ending" and get shuttered out of town.

    Very disappointing ABC. I suspect some of those invoice for the AMC LA move have come due and you need to scrounge up some money.

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    By the end of 2010, I expect ABC will announce OLTL will leave the air in 2011. They’ve seriously tried to make the show worse and have given it no promotion compared to its other soaps.

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     dkb, let’s face it… Thomas is all but out of the closet… he hasn’t had a love interest since Amber and how long has she been gone? and all he does is talk to his sister? Smells FISHY! (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

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    Honestly is this a surprise? Storywise yes, but how the ass backward trend of gays on American daytime no. Hate to sound harsh, but if one wants to look for an amazing story involving gay characters, you will not find it on an American daytime soaps.

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    That didn’t take long. I already said on the thread regarding Scott Clifton’s dismissal that I was worried about the Kyle/Fish story, but I didn’t know it was gonna happen the next damn day!  I mean, we still have no-talent Greg, no-talent Gigi, and not talented often enough Rex, not to mention peripheral characters that amount to zilch(the guy that plays Ford is gorgeous, but that character is an utter d—–bag). Plus, still saddled with Todd the rapist who the show’s been trying to shove down the audience’s throat as an "anti-hero" for the last decade to no avail–again, Trevor St.John is a great actor, but that character is also a complete d—–bag.  And of course Mitch Laurance, arguably the most heinous character to ever disgrace a soap.  Top that off with John/Natalie redux, the idiotic Jessica-is-a-teenager storyline(watching Bree Williamson play seventeen hurts my soul and is just plain bad) and the possible Kelly/rapist pairing and I think I’m gonna jump this train for good. Sad that the execs think the audience would rather watch the exploits of a rapist trying to pass as human over a grounded, believable couple who happen to be same-sex; personally, it’s insulting and not just because I’m gay.  I think this does indeed signal the end of the show–the "showrunners" have probably been given a final ultimatum with regards to ratings.  I say a cancellation announcement will come within the next three to six months with the show ending at the end of this year.  Just how I see it.

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    I was shocked when I heard the news but when I read Scott Evans’ tweet–which suggested that he was just learning about this news through the media–I was ticked off. To talk to TV Guide Magazine without first alerting the actors themselves is CLASSLESS and may, ultimately, be the reason I walk away from this show.

    Guza’s slowly but surely dismantling the show and Frank Valentini has opted to forego operating with integrity and decided to do his bidding. I guess now that Pratt’s gone, the role of Guza’s lackey is being played by FV.

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    Are the ABC Daytime executives TRYING to get this show cancelled???????? I don’t even really watch the show, but as far as I’m concerned, this show is suffering from a great big ol’ CREATIVE SLUMP!!!! I can’t say it’s completely Ron C’s fault, because who knows how many great storyline ideas he comes up with that get AUTOMATICALLY vetoed by the producers and executives??? I am sure he has more creativity than he is being allowed to show, and that he is a better writer than they are allowing him to be……
    I don’t think that Ron C. is the one to blame for this coupling going SOUTH. As a gay man, I am sure he enjoyed writing for this couple. It was probably Frank Valentini’s idea!! It must be SO frustrating to write for a network soap where you are always being CREATIVELY stifled, and any innovative story idea you want to tell is AUTOMATICALLY shot down by a bunch of panicky executives who really don’t give a damn about anything except for making money!!!
    I can’t open up "Soap Opera Digest" or "Soap Opera Weekly" without hearing endless GUSHING/lauding of this couple, so I find it hard to believe that it was not popular!! People are always going on about Noah and Luke on ATWT, so obviously there is room for gay characters SOMEWHERE!!!! Either way, I chalk it up to HOMOPHOBIA!!!

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    Are you effin’ kidding me?!  This is SO ridiculous!

    I hope Kish gets to leave with Sierra! I agree with everybody who said:
    Get rid of…Ford, Greg, Gigi, Rex, McBain.

    And yeah, KISH brought in bad ratings but TODD’s the "hero" main character! WTH!?
    I do NOT believe Kish s/l brought in bad ratings!  I haven’t heard anybody who’s anti-Kish (though I’m sure there are SOME..). 

    This is BEYOND stupid!

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    What the frak?  I’m done with One Life to Live.  I smell Frons all over this.  He’s trying to destroy OLTL so he can cancel the show and point to super low ratings.  Brett Claywell’s twitter and facebook accounts are missing, I wonder if he pulled the profiles out of disgust.  Greg, stupid GiGi, frank’n Rex, Mitch, crazy high school Jessica, I can go on and on – I’m done in April after Kish is gone.

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    Delia Diva

    I’m so bummed…I guess the writing is on the wall and OLTL is the next show to be cancelled….Kish is a storyline I like…Can’t stand Langston/Markko/Ford….Go away Mitch & Vikki’s absence will be really felt now….

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    Guess I am somewhat surprised and yet not surprised.  KISH had no Llanview family connections. They killed off Kyle’s  sister in last year’s KAD story. I liked budding friendship between Kyle & Roxy but Fish was John McBain’s sidekick and John is not popular.

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    By the end of 2010, I expect ABC will announce OLTL will leave the air in 2011.

    It won’t take that long. I wouldn’t be surprised by an announcement in April and the last episode in Sept., just like good ol’ GL.

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    Well according to another soap site, Fish is indeed gonna find out he’s the daddy and he and Kyle are going to raise her…  As in, not leaving the town of Llanview, just not being seen onscreen again.  It all goes down in April apparently, at which point after I’ll have one less hour of television to devote my time to.  And if indeed this is the first that both Evans and Claywell are hearing about this, then that is indeed classless and the show–and it’s spineless execs–deserves what’s coming to it/them i.e.cancellation. Pathetic. 

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    I’m shocked at the lack of support of "Kish" by the executives.  I tuned in to OLTL for the Kish story and really liked the show.  I’m convinced they don’t want to continue the high cost of production in NYC and this will surely be the demise of the show. Sorry ABC for your lack of and ability to recognize potential talent. CBS will surely make room for these guys as they have many of  AMC’s greatest actors. ie… Billy Miller, Eden Riegal, Elizabeth Hendrickson and of course Peter Bergman.  I will stop watching the show as of 4/29 when Kish has completed their air time.  Y&R is the #1 soap opera for a reason.

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    I wonder what Jamey and Jillian have to say about their beloved OLTL now.

    We may not want to admit this, but the kish romance has been a ratings disaster

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    I don’t understand why the networks can not see the loyalty of a gay/lesbian fanbase. I watched GL mess up the great Otalia story right at the end and now OLTL is going to screw up Kish, one of the better stories on the show right now. ABC would be better off embracing the loyal fanbases for these characters instead writing them off. It also reminds me of the non-wedding of Bianca and Reese on AMC last year. I just don’t understand. I guarantee that it was not the Kish story that is making OLTLs ratings go down. How about the lack of publicity or bad stories taking over sweeps like the Mitch thing?

    Very disappointing OLTL….

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    Nat Guy

    This news really hurts.  I can’t see how the network can blame Kish for the decline in ratings.  Compared to other characters they weren’t the major story at the end of 2009.  It was all about Mitch at that time.  His horrible plot driven return hurt the show IMO.  And the Gigi/Rex/Stacey/Sky baby story didn’t help things. 

    sodsince16, I’m also happy that we won’t have to see Kish do the breakup/makeup dance that Nuke has been doing for the past year.  I also wish that they had been connected to the canvas more.  I’m not saying that they had to be related to Viki or Dorian.  But the characters were so islanded.  How many of their scenes were just the two of them talking in Kyle’s apartment?  And I don’t understand how they won’t be seen but will still be in town.  Is Gigi going to mention to Rex once in a while that she stopped by Kyle and Fish’s to see the baby (offscreen)?  And unless they bring Bianca back to AMC are we ever going to see another gay character on ABC Daytime?  F-ing Frons! Ugh.  I put all the blame on him.  Ron and Frank seemed to be genuinley invested in this story, but it all comes down to Frons and his idiotic opinions. 

    I’m sure Brett and Scott will find work.  They’re both so talented.  I’m going to miss them and Kish. 

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    Wow.  After the Amanda Setton announcement I didn’t expect this. 

    I can honestly say I don’t watch OLTL for Kish, but I do enjoy watching them.  They’re a believeable couple and I’ve gotten into them during this paternity thing.

    If they’re being let go to make room for the return of another (presumed dead) character I think it’s a huge mistake.  They brought back Marty Saybrooke and it hasn’t exactly been a slamdunk.

    I stopped watching Y&R well over a year ago and turned to OLTL as my last best hope for an entertaining daytime drama.  It looks like TPTB at ABC are getting ready to pull the plug on it.  Well, then I guess I’m done.  General Hospital is a pile of stinking crap with the pathetic mob angle and the others are ho hum.  I REALLY  like OLTL, but when it’s gone I won’t be replacing it with what’s currently available.  Maybe when Crystal Chappell’s Venice goes to a respectable half hour or hour length I’ll hop on that.

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    This is really really sad. Kish has been the most enjoyable storyline on OLTL, I can’t imagine enjoying the show without them on it.

    I hope that Kyle and Fish still get to raise Sierra.

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    Uh, how could it be a ratings disaster?  With the exception of the "Big Gay Wedding" their storyline has never even been the central focus of the show but more of a running subplot.  Things that make a show a ratings disaster–lack of promotion; continuing to feature characters that are unlikeable,irredeemable or portrayed by mediocre/subpar actors i.e. Mitch Laurence, Stacy Fiasco, Todd Manning, Rex/Gigi, Greg Evans, Ford, etc.; all-around bad storytelling /writing i.e.Mitch AGAIN, Jessica as a teenager AGAIN,  Rex and Gigi AGAIN.  Five of the show’s best actors–Daphne Duplaix, Amanda Setton, Scott Clifton, Scott Evans, and Brett Claywell–have been dumped or let slip away in the last month.  The ONLY sound decisions made by this show in the last three or four months was firing Crystal Hunt(and thus ridding the canvas of Stacy)and bringing back Gina Tognoni(though pairing her with that d—–bag Todd will effectively nullify that decision).  THAT’S IT. 

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    eightiesaddict – I have a right to my opionion, just as you do. What I said is not hate but the truth as I see it. The Gay wedding episodes were a ratings flop, period deal with it

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    It sounded in your post like you were more worried about being spiteful to Jamey and Jillian, then you were about KISH leaving OLTL.   

    Scott and Brett are critical and fan favorites, and they will go down as the first real gay soap couple of any substance.  Deal with that.  

    I do not work for an executive at ABC, so I could care less about the ratings.  Maybe you can call Brian Fronz and work as an intern, I am sure you two would get along famously.

    Nothing personal. 


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    I hate to say it, but I told you so.  I posted here a year ago stating that the gay story wouldn’t last long since Fish and Kyle weren’t tied to any major families on the show.  If Joey Buchanan had come back gay or River or Billy Douglas, etc.  The writing was  on the wall from the outset.  It also became to much of the focus of the show.  If the characters were connected to main families it would have worked better.

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    Bourgeois Nerd

    I really don’t think having Fish and Kyle connected to the much-fetishized "core families" would have made any difference.  I mean, when has being a legacy character really stopped any show from getting rid of a character when they wanted to?  Frankly, I wouldn’t have had Kish written any other way than they have been.  I just want them to continue to be written! 

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    THAT’s it, I am done!!!!!

    I love Kish, and I hope that Brett and Scott, as well Scott C.,Daphne and Amanda all get jobs and excel.

    BAD FRONSIE!!!!!

  50. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I was always worried neither one of them was tied to a core family unlike GL and ATWT but I thought OLTL had better sense then this, Kish has a fan following, that is very loyal you don’t screw over loyal viewers, you move Kish to the backburner for a while, give another couple a chance to shine, have more balance get rid of characters that havent been working for a long time. Honestly this feels like Guza/Frons. Maybe he’s upset that Eden Reigel left so he’s getting rid of all the "gay" characters on his shows or maybe he’s doing what GL was forced to do. And we all know how that turned out.

  51. Profile photo of appleridge

    Im sorry the only way Billy Douglas would have worked would be if Ryan Phillipe which would not happen

    That character only had ties to joey 20 years ago

    Ok so the BGW was over the top at least Dorian’s part but they are not to blame for the ratings

    Blame that shit on ABC and the PR not giving  a damn about OLTL Plain & Simple

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    Simple C

    I don’t underdtand. Where does it say that these actors are getting fired? All it says is that this story is coming to an end, which could mean many different things?

  53. Profile photo of sunnydays25

    BG is right in one aspect…the big gay wedding was lame…but NOT because of Kish, but because of Dorian’s "coming out". Come on…even Robin Strasser wasn’t happy with what they did to Dorian’s character.

    But at no time was the pairing of Kish to fault for ratings crashing, at least in my opinion. That’s when things started looking up. The beginning of the end was bringing back Mitch and his whole lame storyline,,,killing Jared, destroying Charlie, the mess with "17 yr old Jessica". I guess I am missing the appeal of brooding John and another round of him and Nat.

    We all (ok, many of us) rejoiced when they dumped Stacy and that farce of a story. But to cut Daphne, Scott, Scott and Brett is ridiculous!  And to add insult to injury…they keep Gigi, Rex (who I loved until Stay made him a moron), Greg-the-boring, try to make the rapist a hero…you get the picture! Mark lawson better watch his back…we’ll be seeing that he’s leaving, too, before long.

    In a perfect world, Viki would be front-burner again, Jess would grow the hell up, Marty would shut the hell up, take John and leave town…with Ford and Gigi in the trunk of his car!! Kyle or Oliver would be related to a beloved character in town and live happily ONSCREEN with their new daughter (who they would rename something less sodapop-ish)

    April 29th is it for me…the day i am done with daytime after 30 years of watching (prob more if you count watching with my mom as a kid) I won’t join another soap, there’s no reason to wait til 3pm to suffer thru Mobsterville on GH, either. Screw you, ABC, Frons, FV and whoever else made this decision…hope you’re happy now.

  54. Profile photo of cheryl85

    Just pathetic.  If OLTL happens to be let go maybe Ron Carlivati (if he knows the history) could probably get recruited to write for Days.  But I’m only being wishful here.

  55. Profile photo of abc soap lover
    abc soap lover

    If they have gut the show to afford bringing Thorston Kaye on then shame on them.  He isn’t that great an actor and I hated his character when he was on before.  The actors they have let go were revitalizing the show.  I don’t expect some recently returned vets to stick around now (say goodbye Kelly Cramer and Tea). 

    This show is about to get painful to watch.

  56. Profile photo of blake3b

    This is suprising, and shouldn’t be a suprise that Frons would f*ck up a great couple like Kish, who also are the only characters giving the show attention outside the soap media.
     Kish can’t be blamed for ratings decline! Not the Mitch Lawrence mess or stupid John? Like the idiot he is, Frons didn’t get rid of Stacey while she was the worst and most annoying character on the show, he waited like a year to do it. Brilliant, that Frons is!
     I won’t be suprised if OLTL is cancelled, which is sad because i love Dorian, David, Kelly, Blair, Starr and Tea. But after this and having OLTL last in the ratings with a soap that is already cancelled just spells cancellation.
     And I also wondered as I read this story if the DC team would still be saying OLTL is the best soap on. I think that goes to Days of Our Lives lately.

  57. Profile photo of Simple C
    Simple C

    [quote=Jamey Giddens]Simple C, they stopped pursuing a contract with Scott and Brett’s isn’t being renewed.



    Oh okay!

    Well that’s a shame.

  58. Profile photo of luckyguy2k9

    It’s because of them the ratings are down. Thanks for clearing that up because I was walking around blaming it on:-

    The Mitch "god is trying to tell me something" and "to get the second coming I’m going to rape my already mentally ill daughter" story.

    The Todd is mad because he didn’t get to ruin Danny’s childhood or sell her story.

    The break up of Matthew and Destiny.

    Jessica being 16 again.

    Starr’s perfect baby (it makes me wonder why everyone is against teenage pregnacy whenever I see that baby).

    I could go on but by the time I’m done OLTL will be too.

    Sorry that these two are leaving. Them, Stacy (what I was a fan) & Kim and were a big part of why I even watch OLTL (remember that "fight" they had when Stacy said check mate bitches to Kish. I still laugh when I remember it).

    Now that they’re gone I’ll just limit my OLTL time to when David Vickers is in town or when Blair and Eli hit the sheets (if they still do).

  59. Profile photo of syworld82

    This is the nail in the coffin … FOr ME.. I was begining to turn away because of Amandas Departure.Also, the firings of  Scott and Daphne.. A beloved connected character is shown the door but her significant other is allowed to stay… RIDICULOUS…

    Now 2 young immensly popular daytime stars that either both or one of will most likely end on the daytime emmy ballot are given the axe…

    We are now left with …

    Actresses like

    Melissa Archer who cant do drama well  if you paid her 10 million to do it …

    Michael Easton whose best acting is when hes not acting stiff as a board…when he is just natural I.E. not MCBAIN like…

    Farah Fath is one of the worst dramatic actresses in soaps

    John-Paul Lavoisier is just plain dull….

    The List could go on…

    we are left with talents that just arent working out but kick off talents that havent been given their rightful time in the spotlight.

    We are left with Veterans that clearly want to fix the storylines they do and the way they work.



  60. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Well, if this is about getting Thorsten Kaye back, that truly is pathetic.  The man actually sucked the air out of every scene he was in on AMC yet continuously received Emmy noms for his "work".  It’s worrisome to what lengths Frons or whoever is really in charge will go to to secure some of the "talent" they insist on foisting on the audience.  Regardless, I’m done after April 29–I refuse to keep watching the Rex and Gigi and All Their Talentless Friends Hour.  This is bulls—.

  61. Profile photo of myworld

    I think one thing that OLTL does well is that it tells stories in a classic format. Things are not rushed, it is a build to the stories that all the other shows have long forgotten maybe except Days of our Lives.

    The problem with OLTL is that they do not have stories that POP. The stories that I really like Todd and Tea over, Kish soon to be over, Clint and Kin soon to be over, and Layla and Christian um over.

    The show has wonderful actors put somthing happened that has kept OLTL in a rut. I hope the show will go on.

  62. Profile photo of Chels725

    This is some bull-fucking-shit. OLTL is taking away all the reasons I watch the show. They deserve to be last in ratings if they make stupid ass decisions like this.

  63. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    It sounds to me that the heads of ABC Daytime aka Frons are bothering OLTL again, they are getting rid of Kish and gutting the cast because they either want to save more money (its well known that OLTL is the cheaest of the ABC soaps) or they are trying to dictate storyline like they’ve done unsuccessfully on GH. Either way there messing with OLTL and OLTL is one of the best written soaps imo, they just keep focusing on couples and characters that don’t work.

  64. Profile photo of realitythink

     I’ve been watching OLTL for over 35 years and I know soaps inside and out.  I can tell you how a storyline is going to play out and which ones work and have the potential for longevity.  At this time I see very few stories that have potential for either, except for Kish.  This has got to be the stupidest decision made by executives in daytime in a long while.  I for one will not be motivated to watch OLTL anymore.  It’s really getting very tired and boring and the only bright spot right now has been Kish and possibly some of the fun of Allison.  Other than that I’ve had just about enough. I’m pretty sure some execs read this so hear me now, reverse this decision or you’ve lost me. The Kish storyline was just getting started, don’t you see the potential that you have with having the first gay couple raising a child on daytime?  Seriously, who is putting the pressure on you here?  If you think people are going to believe that the ratings have dropped due to this forward and progressive storyline you obviously think your viewers are just stupid, which they aren’t.  I’m pretty sure this is political pressure coming from some of the affiliates in some of the more backwards conservative regions of the country.  It’s awfully sad that you buckled, you fucking cowards. 

  65. Profile photo of monica186

     I don’t get it. Did ABC conduct some super secret poll or something? This was such a great story line and I was looking forward to seeing what happens next. Does this mean both actors are leaving? Just one? If I can’t have Kish, I’d at least like to continue to have Kyle and Roxie scenes to look forward to…

  66. Profile photo of Y2Jin99

    Well I am obviously in the minority based on all these comments  but good riddance.
    I never saw all the hoopla with Kish.   I think Oliver was wimpy and a horrific actor.

    Kyle on the other hand I liked and enjoyed his friendship with Roxy.

    Rumors have been running rampant that OLTL is on its last legs.  Will it be here this time next year?

    I hope they aren’t kicking out the entire cast for Thorsten Kaye.

    I couldn’t stand him the first time he was on and I hated him on AMC.

  67. Profile photo of Analiza

    "We are concluding the story we set out to tell.."

    Are they kidding me?

    Kish’s story hadn’t even begun to be told.  Although, other posters did have a point when they mentioned how unrealistically OLTL has depicted the job of caring for an infant (Hope) so maybe we’re being spared watching how easy it would be for a same-sex couple to raise a child (presumably as easy as they’re showing us it is for a teenage couple).

    OLTL suffers from a real disorder–they waste TONS of time dishing out the beginnings of a storyline in drips and drabs then POOF it explodes in a second and they’re on to something else.  And usually that something else is just plain boring or (as in the case of Jessica regressing to a high school student) stupid.  Now, they’re making it worse by getting rid of the characters that were pivotal to that storyline as soon as it comes to somewhat of a resolve.  WTH?

    I’m sad to see Kish go, especially the character of Fish.  I really thought that they were going to make him Spinelli-ish at one point because of all his computer knowledge.  I would have loved to have seen more of that.

    As far as Thorsten coming back as Patrick is concerned, a lot of us have been waiting for this for a while and, now that the writing is on the wall for John and Natalie to get back together, it would seem like a good thing.  I can only hope that Kish, Schuyler and Rachel haven’t been sacrificed so Cole can have his dad back (I never liked the character of Kim so I’m not shedding any tears that she’s leaving).

  68. Profile photo of LorrieK

    I can’t express in words how disappointed I am in OLTL and ABC.  Kish has been one of the few bright spots on OLTL in recent years.  I’m not gay (I suppose I’m "mainstream," whatever the fuck that means), but I have watched OLTL for 20 years.  If OLTL really thinks the ratings decline was Kish’s fault, I want to know what kind of drugs they’re taking.  Because, it wasn’t Kish. 

    Hell, even when Kish were front-burner last Fall, they weren’t on that often compared to other characters.  What was going on back then?  Let’s see:  You think maybe it was the ill-thought-out Mitch return and the murder of Jared?  Dorian’s faux lesbianism (which even many Kish supports found annoying)?  The never-ending Morasco fiasco (although, ironically, I started to like Stacy right before she died)?  Todd being written more and more like a sleazy-bag and/or sad panda, depending on the day, and now with another kid (and I still can’t stand the sight of him since the rapemance)?  Viki and other vets being back-burnered so we can watch Rex mug for the camera?  Boring John and his latest boring relationship?  And Starr and Cole weren’t front-burner during this bad ratings period they’re trying to pin on Kish.  Starr and Cole aren’t my favorites, but they’re popular I believe.  Yet, somehow, it’s all Kish’s fault.

    I refuse to watch another minute of OLTL by official means.  I’ll catch clips of the departing Schuyler, Rachel, Oliver, and Kyle, but after that, I’m through.  They finally managed to drive this long-time viewer away.  I have no interest in sociopath Todd and his harem, young actors who are only fair to middling in ability, and John and his harem.  I’m so disgusted with OLTL that even if Roger Howarth would return as Todd, I have no interest.  But that isn’t going to happen.  I believe that OLTL has already been unofficially cancelled.

  69. Profile photo of jsg03jd

    After the shoddy way Y&R handled its purportedly gay storylines, I hope Scott Evans does not go there.  Exhibit A: Thom Bierdz.  ‘Nuff said.  I believe SE is better off seeking work in the theatre or prime time and films.  Same with Brett Claywell.  This was his first foray into daytime, and he gave his heart and soul to the work only to be treated so poorly by ABC Daytime.  BC is better off not doing soaps for now.  Films and prime time are calling.

  70. Profile photo of At50

    Their idiots if they honestly believe that Kish are the reason for the loss of ratings. Plenty of non gay people liked them and when you really look at the ratings and there screentime there is little evidence that they are responsible for the bad ratings. Its unfair to put all that on one couple. There was never any major ratings slide when Bianca was appearing 4-5 times a week on AMC with a girlfriend yet  two supporting gay characters who get little screentime must be responsible for any bad ratings OLTL gets? I can understand if they cut them because neither of them are core characters and they do not have much history with the show but if the main reason is because they are a gay couple then that ridiculous.

  71. Profile photo of dsrbroadway

    As much as the news is a sucker punch, I’m very interested in hearing opinion’s such as BG. For all we know there is a large group of people that for whatever reason don’t care for KISH and/or the younger characters and made those opinions known to ABC; perhaps ABC has determined that the audience that this storyline has brought in may not be the audience that will stick around now that "the story has been told" and want to refocus on the core families? Who knows. Will we ever really know.

  72. Profile photo of doctormo77

    The OLTL culling has broken my heart :(  I should be old enough to accept that these things come with life.  But when great characters and storytelling come along it really remains inside one’s subconscious. 

  73. Profile photo of dsrbroadway

    As much as the news is a sucker punch, I’m very interested in hearing opinion’s such as BG. For all we know there is a large group of people that for whatever reason don’t care for KISH and/or the younger characters and made those opinions known to ABC; perhaps ABC has determined that the audience that this storyline has brought in may not be the audience that will stick around now that "the story has been told" and want to refocus on the core families? Who knows. Will we ever really know.

  74. Profile photo of lymanyc
    OLTL is now officially dead to me. As a fan for yrs., I had literally started back watching EVERY day since June of 2008. But, since OLTL cannot hold onto Stacy, Kimberly, Rachel, Schuyler, and now Fish & Kyle, I cannot hold onto OLTL. I leave before my favorite show officially gets renamed "The Rex and Gigi Show"

  75. Profile photo of wbl_amc

    When i heard about Kish on DC i though… ugh now i have to add 5 more hours of soap viewing to my life! But it was TOTALLY worth every hour because it got me hooked on OLTL. Sorry but without Amanda Setton, and Kish my desire to watch OLTL is about 0 right now. Sorry Ron & Co but I’m jumping back to AMC once Kish exits, which is probably exactly what Frons wants people to do. How about we blame the ratings slide on MITCH LAWRENCE eating the entire month of February. So dissapointing Oltl. <shakes head>

  76. Profile photo of wbl_amc

    Also, how can Kish be blamed for the ratings slide? They had like 1 hour of screen time together in January and February combined. Whereas we have Mitch on for 4 3/4 hours a week. Rediculous. UGH

  77. Profile photo of empty

    It’s not enough that they had to kill it, but to blame the rating slide on it? How unfortunate (and wrong). I know many people don’t wanna see anything gay, or that it’s ok, as long as they don’t have to see it. But it’s just so sad. There was a time when people didn’t want to see or talk about interacial couples or AMC’s breat cancer storyline in the 1970’s (or when Carridine White guy played Asian on TV show Kung Fu) , and now we take these kinds of things for granted, so even if someone doesn’t LIKE it, there’s no denying that there’s a certain power in seeing it. So there was finally a gay couple who could’ve been seen like any other couple with issues of parfenting, sex, and so on. And on a soap opera even , a genre whose strength is layered and complex relationships. Anyway, sad, but as someone disabled, who still hasn’t seen a person in a wheelchair or who’s blind, what-have-you on daytime, stay disabled and have a life as a disabled person (there was Port Charles I guess), I’m not at all suprised. But why do you have to blame Kish when soaps in general have been spirialing dpownward, and sound like a bunch of spineless jerks? Brett, Scott E , Scott C, and Amanda all deserve better anyway, especially Brett who can act his a*** off.

  78. Profile photo of ltk

    I came back to OLTL for Kish and I will leave when they do.  Finally, a unique and compelling storyline with interesting characters and they are dumped for the same stories I’ve seen hundreds of times before.  No, thank you.

    But, all my super best wishes to Brett and Scott.  THANKS for your professionalism and talent and just plain ADORABLENESS.  I wish them both successful careers and happy lives!!

  79. Profile photo of harlee490

    ABC, is not as scared anymore after seeing how CBS killed 2 of their long standing soaps within a year,  NBC  has 1 soap,  and ABC is following the trend, AMC had been moved and Kim Zimmer said it in an interview, she is correct  1 soap can’t make it as the lone soap in NYC.   It is too expensive and ABC is going probably wait until ATWT goes dark then announce the cancellation of OLTL next year.  You mark my word within 5 years we will be lucky if there is a soap left on television because ratings for soaps are all HORRIBLE and it is the EPs, writers, and networks own fault and doing what they wanted not what the fans wanted to view.   It started in the late eighties, when soaps thought they had to have a young demographic of viewers and what happened they forgot their longtime viewers and then DOOL (ironic Days is the most classic right now..go figure)  started with James Reilly’s as headwriter and went into a crazy direction all plot no substance, yes it was fun but not lasting and demos didn’t change that much and all soaps started to think they had to go in that direction and hired cheap hacks with dropping ratings, stupid sci-fi plots.  What they didn’t figure on is the LONG time viewers older yes viewers are the ones the stopped viewing the soaps as the industry kept trying to feed their youth obession, and dumby down the soaps now look it is ugly.  Everyone wanted the control, networks, EPs, soaps owners, etc.  Too many chiefs and not enough Indians and it is sad, sad day soaps will go into television history.  You could tell with P&G’s soaps, Paul R. cloning bullshit, protrait time wrap, the princess storyline was so far away from GL.  When AW was canceled P&G & MADD did try to save AW, more so then the their last to soaps, I think after everything and they couldn’t save AW, P&G finally wanted out, but didn’t know how to cancel ATWT or GL, so they slowly destroyed them in fans eyes so there wouldn’t be a boycott against P&G products.  Look at the bright side for all the networks or how the web as opened up, they could actually offer old eras of soaps on the web, have a block of soaps like TV everyday through certain time periods and keep posted for 30 days so people could watch when they can at their schedule.  Example I sent TeleNext email about now with successful return of AW (my soap fix now days) why not post on either TeleNext website or P&G’s website and exclusive P&G products for commercials and show their "Crown jewel soaps"  their could offer daily 2 of their best 30 soaps, which is SFT (watch clips from the late seventies w\Morgan Fairchild shooting Eunice!!!)  it was part my lineup, EON, (this was a great different type of soap) and of course AW, ATWT, GL to round it off.   Let them compete daily (with reruns) against television and the soaps.  I think with proper advertising, P&G will stil be advertising with the remaining soaps on air but add a website in the commercial, P&G would not have much cost, maybe residuals to the actors, they have advertise to get eyeballs to drive traffic but that is peanuts for P&G. Do a infomercial w\all their divas to get traffic to their website!!  HELL I know I would watch and others to see their favorite divas of each of their soaps.  HULU is already talking about charging people now $4.99 monthly membership for viewing, possibly in the near future, hell I don’t mind paying but I would rather have to pay it P&G because it’s their soaps and not wait for other shoe to drop on cancellation aka "SoapNet" leave viewers hanging.  P&G could be a genius, limited commercials exclusively ads of their products, for $4.99 month or set up account with email, send in receipts of P&G product (soaps Tide, Downy, Gain, Dawn etc) worth the amount or greater the customer has access to free viewing on their website .  It would drive their profits up and truly track viewership and think they would be amazed of turn out.  We all use P&G products.  You tell me who wouldn’t want to see their favorite characters and storylines again, it is not like they been in repeats for years and P&G was always progressive if the first of many things, 30 min. soap, hour soap, location shooting, colorization, etc so why not lead the way in this enviroment and the rest will follow…Sorry, I know this is long but trying to think of ways soaps could surive even if they are not producing new soaps……HMMMMMMM!

  80. Profile photo of inspiron

    I don’t watch soaps for actors or characters or couples……If I did I would have given up on OLTL when Roger Howarth left in 2003. Sooner or later, they all leave.

  81. Profile photo of pspencer618

    Why not just go ahead and say that we want to cancel the show?  It is becoming painfully obvious that TPTB do not want this show to succeed.  How else can you explain the complete turnaround that the show has done.  The recycling of Mitch Lawrence with this pathetic storyline was not a completely bad idea, just poorly executed.  There was potential for a great story here.  You have the wonderfully crazy Allison Perkins who was last seen and referred to with the mysterious secret that she held.  I don’t believe this has been followed up on.  The list of characters that were currently on canvas that were supposed to be connected with Mitch’s cult (this has yet to be satisfactorily addressed).  Remember when GH had a story centered around Mr. Big and Mr. Big turned out to be a beloved character.  No one saw that coming. 

    Instead we get the Mitch charicature trying to rape his beloved daughter to produce the second coming?! STUPID!

    Drop Ford, Greg, revamp or get rid of Gigi and Rex, get the blight that is Jessica away from Christian and Layla and give them a story that we can root for!  Hell, bring back Roseanne and let her be the third in this triangle.  Please do not do Blair and Todd for the umpteenth time.  We are tired of seeing this.  I would like to see Todd and Tea work things out between themselves and their daughter.  Why introduce yet another woman into this story.  They already have enough story to tell in this situation alone.  I would have really appreciated Natalie mourning her husband for more than one week before she started pining after John. 

    Whatever you do, you don’t get rid of the ONE couple that the fans are rooting for.

  82. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I’m glad somebody brought up this homophobia before me. Because that’s what is, plan and simple.
    To everyone who thinks it’s Frank and Ron, it’s not. Frons is all over this. How he could honestly think Kish was the reason for the ratings fall?  I can’t stand it!

  83. Profile photo of mike4atwt

    I can’t believe they’re so matter-of-factly axing KISH!  I’ve been watching OLTL off and on since I was in high school in the 70s. I LOVED it when the show finally included a gay couple.  And they were even treating them well!  Breaking new ground.  Well, this long time fan is going to shut off the recorder and say goodbye to Llanview…  I know we live in a homophobic society, but for the network to blame the low rating on them and just pull the plug feels like a slap in the face.  The ratings were low before KISH were even a couple…

  84. Profile photo of tml

    At this point, please just take the show off the air immediately and put us all out of our misery.  I can’t stand being tortured anymore.  Bring on your stupid game shows and court shows…whatever.  I need to start reading more books anyway…..

  85. Profile photo of SoCalLiasonite

     Well I fell in love with OLTL over a year ago and was with them up until now. I don’t blame Ron C. or Frank V. I completely blame Frons and his need to meddle with these shows! I am out when Kish is gone.  

  86. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    When I have tuned into OLTL recently, it’s been to see these two. Beyond adorable. ATWT SCREWED UP Noah and Luke so badly it was nice to see a real gay couple written. And now they’re leaving. Sigh…

    Shame on Frons and Valentini.
    It’s almost like they are working to get this show cancelled.

  87. Profile photo of md1347

    It’s nice to know that the Mitch character, a religious nut job who electro shocks and wants to have a baby with is own daughter "resonates with the mainstream (OLTL) audience" than a committed gay couple is just startling to me.

    I only started watching the show because of Kish and when they are done, I will not be watching OLTL.

  88. Profile photo of md1347

    It’s my understanding that neither Scott or Brett knew when the news broke. Scott’s own Tweet said that it was "news" to him.

    And what is up with the Evans clan? I hear they are out too (except for Greg). Not sure it’s true or not.

  89. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I dont mind the fact that they trimmed the cast to bring back Thorsten Kaye, my biggest problem lies with WHO they cut.  Gigi isnt part of a core family and I am often shocked by the quality of her performance given how long she has been in daytime.  She is always at her worst in scenes with JPL.  Moreover I have to imagine she is expensive. Schuyler leaving doesnt bother me so much – I like SC but I am not sure where they go with the character.  Rachel is sort of the same thing – I liked the character but I am not sure where they go with her.  I love ML but if they are hell bent on reuniting Cris and Jess, then he is another with sort of no purpose.  Ford – I liked him the first time, but this show needs another sexual deviant like I need a hole in the head.

    I wonder if this is less about running away from having a gay couple on the show and more about the fact that they cant play musical chairs with these characters romantically unless they add a third gay character to the canvas.  If thats the case then all I can say is writers how about NOT being lazy.  Just because you arent having the characters jump around romantically doesnt mean there isnt story to tell.

  90. Profile photo of indeegirl

    [quote=md1347]It’s nice to know that the Mitch character, a religious nut job who electro shocks and wants to have a baby with is own daughter "resonates with the mainstream (OLTL) audience" than a committed gay couple is just startling to me.

    Perfectly put   

  91. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    I’ve posted numerous comments on this particular thread and this is gonna be my final one regarding this news—I feel completely let down by these showrunners and ABC as a network.  To say that you’re ending a storyline–which someone else rightly pointed out was basically just beginning–because of it’s content with regards to sexuality is insulting and in this case more than a little homophobic.  As a gay man, it was utterly refreshing for me to see a soap get it right for once (as opposed to the tired melodrama that is Luke and Noah on ATWT and the non-storyline involving Thom Bierdz on Y&R) with regards to a normal, down-to-earth gay couple.  Again, let me clarify, it’s okay to feature a storyline in which a deranged madman attempts to rape his daughter(herself a product of rape by said madman) as well as continue to try and rehabilitate another rapist into some kind of "anti-hero" yet you don’t have the stones to feature a loving, committed couple who just happen to both be men? Really?  Let me further clarify; it’s okay to continue to heap storylines on actors that frankly aren’t worth the price of the paper their scripts are written on i.e. Terrell TIlford, Farrah Fath, JPL(all overpaid and underworked as far as actually doing their job) yet you just cut four extremely good actors(Duplaix, Clifton, Evans and Claywell, all fantastic)and let a fifth(the glorious Amanda Setton) slip through your fingers?   Frankly, the f—ing people whose asses need to be canned are the ones making idiotic, uninforned decisions like these.  FYI, the ratings were down BEFORE all the Kish brouhahaha started and frankly I hope enough people jump ship after this bonehead decision to effectively put the final nail in this pathetic coffin.  I’m done.

  92. Profile photo of GiJoe8

    PEOPLE! Are you listening to yourselves? You are giving none of the other actors or the stories any credit! Your literally willing to walk away from a show because of one small part of a whole!  True fans will stand by the show and support it.

    Im sorry to say but the ratings have absolutely tanked with Kish but also with Stacy and the badly written return of Mitch.

    Its silly and disloyal to ditch the whole show over two characters. Get over it and try look forward to whats next. Support the characters and actors that will remain or OLTL is going to end up like all the other failed soaps.

  93. Profile photo of samanthadelayed

    I don’t check DC for one day and this is the news I am greeted with??

    I am sad. I love this storyline, but I guess they are not creative enough to deal with it.

    I will still watch OLTL because it is my main show. Love it or hate it, I would miss it.

    I am just not sure it is going to be on the air much longer.

  94. Profile photo of tml

    GI Joe,

    While I agree with you in theory…it’s not just a black/white issue.  All of these shows have been declining for YEARS.  For OLTL to decide to go with the KISH storyline in the firstplace is commendable, but for them to now ditch them and not move forward is desperate and cowardly.  You say people shouldn’t shut off shows for just two characters, but in fact, people gravitate to shows because of one or two characters, so why wouldn’t the reverse be a valid argument?  People were majorly turned off by Stacy character, while I thought it was the perfect love to hate classic soap villianess….and she is being unfairly blamed for ratings declined according to some.  It is very hard to stay loyal to a show, when they are dimishing one of the true depictions of a relationship (straight or gay).  The point is…when DAYS fired Deidre and John, people were in an upoar, as they should be…but the show survied and thrived (still don’t know how, but, whatever)…so these shows can and will live or die, but the addition or subtractions of character.  Thus, they all need to tread lightly with fans…but this time OLTL is making a major mistake.  There are still stories to tell with KISH, and I don’t care if they aren’t related to core families, that should never matter.  A good character is a good character and these two are GOOD characters.  I feel like I am all over the place, but again, I understand your point…it’s just hard to accept for some people.  I do think aside from the Metro Court hostage crisis on GH, when OLTL does a storytelling right they are the BEST, however, this show has taken a major and noticeable nosedive in the last few weeks and it’s not good.  I feel it may be hard to pull out of the direction they keep going….sadly.

  95. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    [quote=tml]At this point, please just take the show off the air immediately and put us all out of our misery.  I can’t stand being tortured anymore.  Bring on your stupid game shows and court shows…whatever.  I need to start reading more books anyway…..[/quote] LOL, tml, I reading more books too.

  96. Profile photo of Plants39

    This show has had a record breaking descent into the writing toilet.  What once was groundbreaking about this show-more african-american characters and realistic gay storyline have been basically written off the show.  The Kish storyline was the most interesting storyline on the show. All the african-american characters are now mostly gone-where’s Destiny been!.

    Today’s show was a disgrace. We now have ANOTHER babyswitch story brewing with Roxy’s flashback???!!!  There is absolutely no imagination going on in the writing.

    The show has gotten so out there that it deserves to be cancelled.  i began watching it after Guidling Light started failing.  Now this show is failing.

    Bye Bye-OLTL will be gone by year’s end-a shining example of how to destroy a great show.

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