Betty White to Host SNL on May 8

We rejoiced at the news Betty White would appear on an episode of Saturday Night Live, now SNL’s executive producer has cleared up whether or not White will be hosting the show. The episode will air on May 8. 

Michaels says that as the live show’s oldest host, she can perform "as much as she wants to do" but adds that the physical demands of the show led him to plan the cast reunion, though make no mistake: White is the solo host.

She’s flattered and flabbergasted by the attention: "It’s lovely, and at my age it’s certainly unexpected." And she’s not worried about the workload: "I’ve got so much energy, it’s ridiculous. I love working. My schedule is a feverish one, and I’m used to that."

Read the entire article at USA Today.

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    That is freaking awesome!!! I wasn’t thinking it was going to happen, but it’s funny that someone started the campaign on facebook and it made news and got thousands and thousands of supporters and got her the gig!
     Plus I’m glad that she’s hosting on her own, there’s no reason she can’t do it on her own.  And they can’t question her energy, she’s been working non stop for years and has been doing it decades before the other hosts and even cast has.
     Can’t wait to see this!

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    I know a lot of people don’t think SNL is funny any longer (which is a bit confusing, cause if they’re not watching how would they know?) but I think it still has great moments of joy and comedy in almost every episode.

    I doubt that Lorne Michaels intended to be offensive, but his comments about the demands of the show could easily be seen as ageist.

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    Scott Novick

    This is awesome. A lot of times, the strengths of the host will inspire the SNL writing staff, and there is lots of potential for the kind of things they can do with Betty.

    As for Michael’s comments, anyone who knows about the show would know his remarks are not ageist. While all we see is the 90 minutes (less commercials) that airs, there are all the rehearsals in the days before, running through sketches that sometimes don’t even make it to the air. And with SNL’s tendency to focus a lot of sketches around the host, that could be a lot of work for Betty. Lorne is rightfully leaving the ball in her court in that regard.

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    Thanks for your comment Scott.

    I absolutely agree with everything you said about the pace of the show and what goes on before the actual airing (similar could be said about B&B, White’s new TVLand sitcom, and probably any job).

    It is doubtful that those thoughts would come in to play with a different actor (read: younger)hosting.  Some would conclude that, in and of itself, is pretty much an example of ageism, no?

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    When Cloris Leachman wanted to do DWTS she was initially turned down because people thought she couldn’t handle the pace of the show and its rehearsals.  She had also reportedly inquired about working for Mel Brooks’ theatrical staging of "Young Frankenstein" and was told no with similar excuses being given.  Many thought those were examples of ageism.  Cloris proved that age isn’t always a factor for energy and vitality.  Betty White has said in recent interviews that she has more energy now than she can remember having. 

    Sometimes, and this is merely my opinion, we use worry or care or concern (maybe they should all be in quotes, I don’t know) to mask our own, however subconscious, prejudices.

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    No offense to SNL fans I just don’t think it’s funny anymore. I seen everything that Betty white has been on even the original Password with her husband, if anyone her is old enough to remember that. Of all the shit there bring back I would love to see Password come back and Betty host it. That would be a blast.

    Password thought you guys would like to see, this good old stuff.

    This one has Frank Gifford Kathie Lee’s husband.

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