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    Blaming the fags for low ratings, the only reason I started to watch OLTL again, next we gays will be responsible of ABC being in third place too!!!  HEHE going back and forth from ATWT and OLTL, I know I went back to ATWT but I have enjoyed the soap for 30 yrs and have see how it is wrapped and its a good day, Chris Hughes is back and delicious DR Oliver, who would of thunk it at least ATWT has struck with there gay characters, just might because of the family connection where Kish doesn’t have any family on canvas.  So far Dorian & Vicki, LOL…Viki telling Dorian she doesn’t need a marriage counselor…love them!!

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    sometimes they do listen so its worth a try… is absurd for them to blame kish for the low ratings when they were already lousy when their story started…they should have just focused on the kish love story which everyone loved but it was the faux lesbian Dorian and gay bashing story that turned people off….Brett and Scott put their hearts and souls into this story and its a travesty to suggest kish is to blame….it is a copout plain and simple and likely the real reason is to pay for the return of actors that no-one really cares about anyway………… 

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    This is the worst news ever. Why would they be so stupid? This is the only reason I watch the show now (oh and for the other hotties Eli and Ford too). I think neither one of these guys was on contract so they could have left at any time but they stayed to finish out this great s/l. I did read somewhere that Scott Evans wanted to pursue other projects so maybe that is part of it. I will miss them on OLTL and I wish they were not leaving but we all know how soaps are, they really only care about money these days and not the fans.

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