Lyndsy Fonseca to Star in The CW’s Nikita

Former The Young and the Restless star Lyndsy Fonseca is set to costar in The CW’s upcoming La Femme Nikita remake Nikita, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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    Sorry but the original cast of Nikita were perfect.  No one is going to be able to change who I think Nikita and Michael are and look like.  I have that entire series on DVD and have watched it from beginning to end several times.  Love it.

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    Terrible casting. No offense to Lyndsay. This is all on the CW.

    They also cast SHANE WEST as Michael.

    I was a huge La Femme Nikita fan way back when.

    (Although, when I heard about the remake I started my own re-watch and it turns out the show wasn’t all that great. But hey, I was in Junior High at the time.)

    But gee, this is gonna suck.

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