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The story we’re all going to be talking about… Kristina’s abuse storyline! Is it wrong to be excited about a storyline featuring a teenager getting the crap beat out of her? Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted a few days back that Lexi Ainsworth was ‘acting the hell out of this abuse storyline’ and that only excites me more. Have I mentioned lately how much we love GH’s casting director Mark Teschner? We talked about Mr. Teschner and what we think he could do for All My Children on the latest ABC Podcast. Check it out!

But back to the abuse storyline and Lexi’s amazing acting… as Kristina acts her way through a lie. I have more for you on how Ethan is the one who brings Kristina to GH. I already told you that he goes to the lake house to apologize for how he treated her and finds he beaten and knocked out cold. Kristina comes too and freaks, scratching Ethan in the face. A little DNA sample perhaps?

What will Sonny say? A survivor of abuse himself, how will Sonny react to seeing his daughter beaten and broken? SPOILER has it he’s disgusted and will of course go back to memories of the abuse his mother went through. Krissy tells her parents that Ethan was her assailant. Will Dante stop his father from killing his partner’s brother?

Lucky is assigned the task of questioning Kristina about her attack. Does anyone in PC recognize the concept of conflict of interest here? Couldn’t Mac handle the questioning at the very least? K sticks to her story and Lucky must arrest his brother. Does Lucky believe Ethan when he pleads his innocence? I’m sensing that Lucky MAY have a little trouble believing little brother.

Didn’t I mention DNA above? Guess what sample they are waiting on the results of? Now Mac appears as he and Alexis go over the results of the test.

Who needs cops when you have Jason Morgan on the case? Sam is off unloading, physically on Ethan while Jason is getting awfully close to the real story of what happened. Will Kristina get a little upset at just how close Jason gets? Ethan tells Jason he is innocent. I’ve already told you that Sam and Jason will be on opposite sides of believing Kristina and Sam will ask Jason to not listen to Ethan and his stories. She’ll refuse to see that Krissy might not be telling the truth. We’ll see some sisterly moments as Sam helps Kristina cover up her bruises with the help of some make-up.

While the abuse story is what we’re all looking forward to… there is some other stuff going on in Port Chuck. The paternity test results are in and it only takes once honey or should we say Lucky! Helena however is more than happy to switch the results to say that the baby is Nikolas’s as she is giddy with anticipation over raising a Spencer as a Cassadine. Despite telling Elizabeth they have no future and that he hopes the baby isn’t his, Lucky has a moment of disappointment when he learns he’s going to be an uncle, not a daddy. Lucky is not alone in his disappointment, Elizabeth was hoping for a Spencer this time too.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Who cares about restraining orders? Not Ethan who is on hands and knees for Kristina to tell the truth. Sonny’s trial begins. Ethan, Sonny won’t kill you, yet. Dante to the witness stand. Luke supports his son. Will Lucky explain Luke to Ethan? Michael can tell you who attacked his sister. Maxie thinks her time is up. Luke asks Kristina to stop lying.

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    Wow, be careful what you wish for!!! Here I was wishing for more Kate on my screen, and after watching her give her best Miranda Priestly from "The Devil Wears Prada" impression, I find myself wanting her to disappear again!!!! Has Kate always been such a cold, heartless BEEYOOTCH or did I just miss all that "black-hearted" goodness? Did breaking up with Sonny make her this way???? I am officially no longer a Kate fan until further notice!!! I like her being a LITTLE bitchy, but at least give her a FEW likeable qualities!!!!! Come on, people…..

    I am still peeking through my fingers fearfully at the idea of Ethan being accused of attacking Kristina!! This whole story makes me REALLY uncomfortable!!! I like Ethan, and I really don’t wanna see him wearing concrete boots!!!! Wait until Sonny gets ahold of him………….

    Also in agreement that Judy Blye Wilson has done a HORRIBLE job at casting on AMC!!! She is either the most INCOMPETENT casting director in daytime, or she owes A LOT of people a lot of FAVORS!!! I don’t know what the hell she is doing over there, but she ain’t hiring that many deserving actors!!!!


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    I think the teenage abuse storyline is going in the WRONG direction.  While it’s commendable to highlight teen dating violence…for Kristina to blame her beating on Ethan sends a BAD message to teens going through it right now.  I know they will rectify, etc, but still, in my opinion, not the right way to do it.   The storyline is powerful enough as it is, but to make it all "soapy" with someone wrongly acceused is, again, not a good message to put out there.

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    People are actually excited for this storyline?  Thanks for the spoilers though.

    I will not be watching. I will only read Perkie’s comments until this storylines ends.

    Now this abuse storyline is suppose to be about Kristina yet who is going to be the  victim, Ethan.

    What will happen, instead of fans supporting Kristina, they will be upset with her for lying and blaming Ethan.  Then we have Super Jase knowing the truth and Sam believing her sister.

    So of course in the end, we will see Kristina, who is suppose to be the victim, apologizing to Ethan and everyone else for lying.

    We will see Sam apologizing to Jason for not believing him.

    We will see Dante turn over a new leaf and become one of Sonny’s goons because he will hear Sonny’s abuse tale and feel sorry for him.  Also Lulu will soften up to Sonny and tell Dante to get closer to him.

    I will not be watching this crap.  Why couldn’t they write this like Liz’s rape. A young teen overcoming a tragedy and becoming strong. Originally, Ethan was suppose to be Kristina’s shoulder to cry on and help her though this ordeal.  Now he’s the "victim".  Just imagine if Kristina told everyone the truth. Was hurt that Ethan beat her so badly. Stood up to her father telling him not to hurt Ethan. Watching her try to overcome her horrible experience. Watching her talk to Molly about being abused. TIIC is messing up.

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    Thanks Regan for the scoops..

    I am for one really liking this S/L because it is more real than anything GH has done in the past years …
    I am not going to talk  about Robin’s PPD because that was ruined when Robin put her baby on the tree..

    I don’t think people will be upset with Kristina, I am not ,I think this is real that she is accusing another man , Sadly many women who have been abused tend to protect their attacker, and she needed to say a name so she said Ethan…
    Right now until today, Friday this story is good the young actors that plays Kris and Kiefer are doing amazing job…
    I like that we will see Sam as the big sister mode , I want to have  more Woman family scene,and I think The davis girls are that.. 

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    I can’t stand the character of Kristina to begin with much less watching this abuse storyline.  I am finding the fact that anyone believes that twit after her lying about the car accident.  I wish the baby were really Nicholas’ as well.  I am tired of the same old same old with who’s the real daddy stuff.  I will still be watching but probably doing a lot of fast forwarding.  

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    BigDede IA    I loved that Ethan was there for Kristina and now they’re going to make me HATE Kristina.   I’m sorry I don’t go for woman lying about something as important as this, it makes me not feel sorry for them and that shouldn’t be.   It’s like when a woman cries rape and she wasn’t, it hurts all the woman who truly were raped.   I think this actress is excellent and would have been wonderful in a Liz type story where Keifter beats her and Ethan rescures her and gets her to talk after hestitation on her part to name Keifer.

    BTW AMC DESPERATELY needs Mark Teschner.   MT is one of the best on daytime and he has now done an outstanding job with the kids on GH.

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     If GH does a PSA on violence towards women I will scream!!  GH abuses women on a daily basis and if they get on their high horse trying to educate us wee little viewers on violence, I will smash the TV!  LOL.

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    Mobb Ish

    I liked this story better before they put the blame on Ethan.  I wish that Michael could’ve been the one to find her as Keifer was still beating her, that way he could chip him off like he did Claudia…Not even kill him, just beat him to a pulp! That way he could get all his anger out on something useful, besides he’s been subject to Keifer’s bs since he woke up out of the coma!

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    I thought that the abuse storyline was going to have Ethan be the shoulder to cry on after the beating.  I do NOT like where this is going.  Why and the world will she stick up for that  loser Kiefer who did that to her.  Geez writers get it together!  Gosh this makes me so upset!  I like the Ethan character now didn’t like him at first but he his growing on me and I don’t like that he will be to blame for all this. UGH!

    Thanks for the spoilers Regan

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    [quote=BigDede] What will happen, instead of fans supporting Kristina, they will be upset with her for lying and blaming Ethan… Why couldn’t they write this like Liz’s rape. A young teen overcoming a tragedy and becoming strong. Originally, Ethan was suppose to be Kristina’s shoulder to cry on and help her though this ordeal.  Now he’s the "victim".[/quote]

    BigDede makes an interesting point.

    I realize that doing things this way can draw more characters into the storyline (giving people like Ethan and Sam, who haven’t been seen that much lately, something to do), but having Kristina name the wrong person as her attacker, whatever the reason may be, could take the viewers’ sympathies away from her.

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    And hopefully after Patrick is done riding Lisa, Robin will be riding Stephen.  Now if that happens, I will tune in to see that.

    But for now with the Kristina and Liz spoilers, I’m out. Just for the time being until its’ over.  I think I read on Regan’s older spoilers that Keifer is out by April.

  12. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    there is a clip on with kristina in the hospital……

    i know its a soap opera but my heart dropped when i saw it the make up job on Lexi it is awesome (in the way that it looks real) but i don’t know if many people are gonna be able to watch because it really looks like she got the crap beat out of her

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    One thing to clarify here – if we are going to talk about Krissy lying and how the audience responds, lets remember that this isnt a WOMAN lying about something important but rather a GIRL – young girl – teen girl thats lying.  I think that is a totally different thing.  Plus I am assuming that part of the lie is going to be about her shame and hopefully with Michael knowing the truth we will get to see that side of it…that she is embarrassed that she let Kiefer get away with hitting her before and she probably on some level feels guilty – like she deserves what happened to her. 

  14. Profile photo of watchingallday

    Kristina blaming Ethan will be one of the most ridiculous things to happen on this show in quite sometime.  I know that she is a screwed up little girl, who has made wrong decisions over and over again in the past year, but this is beyond the pale.  Even if she wanted to get back at Ethan for rejecting her, this would stupid, because she would be letting Keifer get away scott free.  There is nothign that Keifer or his dad could say to her that should make her literally put Ethan’s life on the line.

    It would be okay if she was in a coma and the evidence jsut happened to point to Ethan or if she had memory loss.  That is typical soap, the wrongfully suspected, but to outright lie in such a serious manner and let the guilty party party go free just so he can go to Harvard after beating the crap out of her repeatedly?  Put me down for not pleased for the conclusion of a possibly great story line.  I am hoping that these spoilers are for the week meaning this ridiculousness only last for a few days and not multiple weeks!

    Also, why would Sonny being a caring father sway Dante into being more forgiving towards him?  He already knows that Sonny loves his kids, but that did not stop Sonny from pulling that trigger.  No matter what else he does, Sonny is someone who is capable of killing an unarmed police officer, and for for them to write Dante forgiving him of that will be inexcusable.  Since this is not Nip Tuck, I am pretty sure that bullet hole should be a permanent reminder of what kind of person Sonny really is to Dante.

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    [quote=keanna]We will see Lexi acting the hell out of this abuse storyline andseeing Bradley Cooper (though wish he was playing a different character), but I still don’t like the fact that Krissy names Ethan as her attacker.
    Bradley Cooper is the hottie from "the hangover", Bradley Cole will play Kiefer’s dad.

    I for one adore this storyline.  The acting is great and it will only get better.  I will have to give special props to Christian Alexander since I’m sure no one else will.  The guy is friggin’ amazing!!!!!!!!!!

    Props to GH!!!!

  16. Profile photo of keanna

    As always thanks for the spoilers, Regan!!!!

    We will see Lexi acting the hell out of this abuse storyline andseeing Bradley Cole(though wish he was playing a different character), but I still don’t like the fact that Krissy names Ethan as her attacker.

    I know I was in the minority, but I didn’t want Liz’s baby to be Lucky’s, he needs a clean break from her.

    Alstonboy, I am with you about Kate, she was always strong, fiery, and independent, I don’t like that they turned her into a cold-hearted bitch.

    I forgot to mention on the latest ABC podcast, Regan, totally agree with you, Jamey and Luke about Mark Teschner. He has knock it out of the park multiple times. I say now that AMC is in L.A., get rid of Judy Blye Wilson, who has done a terrible job in recent years, and let Mark cast two soaps why not?

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    There was something on Daytime Dish that either Ethan or Johnny will be killed during the mob war with Sonny.  Any truth to that??  I REALLY hope  not.

    Saw some pics linked there too of Sam laying the smack down on Ethan.  WOW.  I would NOT want to be Ethan.

  18. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    keanna – "Alstonboy, I am with you about Kate, she was always strong, fiery, and independent, I don’t like that they turned her into a cold-hearted bitch."

    Keanna – Kate was a cold-hearted bitch from the moment she landed in Port Charles.

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    First of all I think it’s very realistic to have Kristina accuse someone other than her boyfriend of beating her up.  The victim usually protects their abuser because they "love" them.  But I hate that it’s Ethan.  We’ve watched the last few months the bonding scenes between the two, and I hate that they ended it this way.  I also wanted Ethan to be Krissy’s protector, the two actors  have good chemistry and down the road I could see a romance.  But now that’s ruined. 

    I’m looking forward though to Sam’s beatdown of Ethan.  I miss watching Kelly Monaco do something meaningful on this show, other than being Jason’s lapdog.  Not to mention Sonny’s reaction especially since his mother was beaten when he was a child will bring up painful memories for Sonny.  And poor Alexis.  She’s spent the last few years doing everything in her power to protect her girls, and to have this happen to her precious Kristina is going to devastate her.  It will be nice to see NLG in dramatic mode again.

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    I hope TIIC does not F*&K  up  the abuse s/l  the way they did Dante’s s/l. I don’t understand why Jason has to be the one to question Kristina! He IS Not A COP and should not be involved at  ALL  except to comfort Sam. It should be Dante,Lucky or Mac questioning Kristina. And Dante should be there for her as much as Sam ,Alexis & Sonny. On anther note i agree that M.T is the best casting director in daytime  which makes me  think he was not  working for ABC when G.H hired  S.B because i doubt  Mark would have hired him if he were.

  21. Profile photo of GH LOVER

     Rebecca I think Jason questioning Kristina is because he is very much  involve , He is Sonny’s enforcer and he’s best friend, Sonny will probably want Jason to kill Ethan and Jason will have a problem with it because of Lucky and their friendship…
    Jason will want to see if it Ethan did do it ..
    Jason is also Sam’s boyfriend , and he will want to help her, not to mention that Kris is very  much his family..

    Dante should not be involve with the questioning because he is Kris’s brother so most of the chances Mac will order him not to…
    Dante also not really close to Kris as Sam so most of the chances Kris will have troubles confide in him like she is with Sam…
    But I do know that Kris will have scenes with Dante , LH tweeted that 

  22. Profile photo of rebecca

    I agree that maybe Dante should not be questioning her because of conflict of interest but Jason should not even be allowed into the room. What i don’t  like about the show is that Jason (a known murder) is allowed to walk into anybody’s hospital room and can do whatever he wants to them without anybody trying to stop him. That is just stupid.
    I do agree that Sam can relate to her more then Dante because she has been around her more and i like their relationship.Sam is a cool sister to Kristina & Molly. But i think Dante can relate more to Kristina on a different level when it comes to Sonny because he feels the same way about Sonny as Kristina does. Also because they were both raised without Sonny in their lives and their mothers both tried to keep them away from Sonny.

  23. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Rebecca Jason will probably want to see her because she is like his family , Kristina likes him , she knows him since she was a small kid , not to mention he and Sam rescued her and Michael when they were in Mexico..
    I don’t think anyone will have problem seeing Jason there because they will know he is Like  family member…..

  24. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    OK a few things

    1. Yes most abusers lie about who actual beat them, but most don’t lay the blame at the feet of another person they know.  They usually say it was someone they just met or they were attacked by an unknown assailant.  This is all kinds of wrong.  Even for GH.  Like BigDede mentioned GH will have the actual victim of a horrible crime look like the criminal for knowingly name another man as her attacker.  But I should never expect more from GH because the woman are dumb and men are smart.

    2. So will all those up in arms about Ethan putting his hands on Kristina be up in arms when Sam puts her hands on Ethan?  Will it be ok because it is a woman hitting man?  Is it ok because her sister (the ocassional liar) told her it was Ethan?  If Ethan decided while Sam was hitting him to defend himself and put his hands on her would that be wrong??  I mean Sam is far from a dainty flower and has the skills to hurt a person so would Ethan be wrong in defending himself?

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