GL’s Blake and Ross Reunited and They Look so Good!

One Life to Live’s Jerry verDorn may not have been able to return for the Guiding Light finale to reunite Ross with Blake (Elizabeth Keifer), but GL fans who attended the "So Long Springfield" event at the Mohegan Sun Resort & Casino on March 7 were treated to just such a reunion. New mommy and soon-to-be The Young and the Restless star Marcy Rylan also participated in the event, along with Beth ChamberlinKim Zimmer, Robert Newman, Jessica Leccia, Bradley Cole, Grant Aleksander, Justin Deas and Michael O’Leary. See more photos from the "So Long Springfield" event after the jump.

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    Gosh I miss this show, and look how great they all look! Why isn’t Jessica on my screen more? Same for well all of them. I’d love for more of the soaps to cast them or use them as recast.

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    Are any of these shows on youtube I’ve looked? If someone can find anything provide a link. It’s a damm shame Jerry couldn’t be on GL for the finale episodes. I don’t know what I’m going to do when ATWT goes off the air. Watch Retro TV. I’ve been watching I dream of Jennie and Bewitched reruns after GL was canceled. I may go back to working the day shift. Stared watching with my mom since I was 15, they are just convert shows knowing that they were always going to be there.

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    Here is a clip on the so long tour think that’s what he was wanting. What a great bunch of people for doing that. I can’t believe they couldn’t keep GL going with that many fans. Trekkie fans have kept Star Trek going for over 40 years. I’ve been to a Trek convention, they are quite wild, not what I expected. I would like to go to a GL tour guess youtube is the next best thing. Has anyone been to a tour?

    Some views are crappy someone cell phone camera.

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    great cast !  love those photos !  I really love this cast of actors – they were a great bunch and these farewell tours is a testament to that.  They seem like fun, talented, genuine people.  As one poster said, Where is Grant Aleksander these days?  I think he chooses not to be on tv at this time.  Anyway, thanks for the pictures.

    The cruise ship sounds fun but 5 days? aiy yiyi

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    Think people were little hard on GL when it was canceled, they did everything they could to stay on the air, CBS did everything they could to destroy it. Starting next year they are going to start counting online viewing, but thing that sucks about that is has to be an equal amount of commercials. They do count DVR and TIVO but it has to watched within 24 hours. So I suggest to record ATWT even if you watched it, and to save other soaps.

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     Yah, Ross and Blake together again!!! Too bad ABC had to be jerks and not let him return to GL for the finale! But at least this way fans have some closure seeing their beloved Bloss together.
     Great pics of the cast, so sad that this show is off the air. I miss the cast and the characters.

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