21st Annual GLAAD Media Award Red Carpet Photos

One Life to Live took home the award for Outstanding Daily Drama at the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards on March 13 in NYC at the Marriott Marquis Hotel. OLTL’s Brett Claywell, Scott Evans (pictured above) and head writer Ron Carlivati attended the gala, which brought together some of TV, film, stage and music’s biggest stars. See more photos from the event after the jump.  

Scott Evans, Ron Carlivati and Brett Claywell 

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    ^Or he could have been just a little wet from the rain, since it was raining cats and dogs in NY yesterday?

    Anyway, HAIR cast, KISH and Dustin Lance Black pictures made my day. Awesome pictures <33

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    "I’m sorry, I’m not hating on anyone, but DC has been Kish overload the past few days.  "

    I’m sure we’ll get back to Sason vs Liasion and "Wow, (fill in the blank actor who is famous for another soap, usually on ABC) is joining Y&R, Riri rocks!" soon enough.

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    "Biggest stars" ?????  Have you been to the GLAAD Awards?  They tend to drag out the same names they have for the past 10 years.   Mostly D-listers.

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    If you don’t like Kish, then just skip the stories.  Your intolerance is pretty sad.  It makes you seem like homophobic bigots.

    DC has sad several other articles in the last few days.  The normal amount of updates haven’t changed.  It always strikes me as odd when someone complains about an article that they aren’t forced to read.  You have a choice about rich articles to read on this site.  Other people are happy to read about these two.

    I’m not a great kish fan.  But I know that there are people who are just as devoted to them as others are to Nikki & Victor, Jason and Sam, Sammy and Rafe, etc.  

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    Jamey Giddens

    We didn’t plan on One Life to Live making the bonehead move to ditch one of it’s most popular, and most buzzed about couple the same week of the GLAAD Media Awards. I am sorry, but I don’t apologize for the amount of coverage we’ve given the Kishtastrophy. It would have been one thing if they decided to write the couple off, but to write them all and blame them for the ratings is outrageous, and we are going to keep shining a light on it, as well as continuing our regular coverage on the other soaps.

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     Good job, Jamie! Preach to these homophobes out there. Those who don’t want to read it can read something else. 

    Just another sad day for soaps. Kish was awesome and will be missed.

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    Um. I’m sorry, but Daytime Confidential is doing exactly what’s it’s meant to do — inform and break news.

    These men and women are keeping us in the know. I, for one, appreciate their work. Let’s not bite the hand that feeds us.

    Criticize DC when they stop breaking news, as opposed to when they bend over backwards to keep us informed, give their honest opinion of the best shows on daytime and post current pictures of Darius McCrary.

    I LOVE MY DC!!!!

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    Jamey Giddens

    I’m not saying anyone is a homophobe because they think we are covering too many angles of the story, I am just explaining why there has been so much coverage—and will continue to be so much coverage. We were similarly outraged when Jarlena, Payla, etc were booted, yet those long term supercouples didn’t effect the kind of online response that OLTL booting Kish has. We are gonna keep making sure ABC is held accountable for this, but it won’t compromise the rest of our coverage.

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    Homophobic bigots!? That is a riddiculous and overeaching thing to say. If anything it is fatigue. DC is doing what other outlets do when big news breaks in their genres. I am over it b/c it is what it is at this pt. They got fired and will hopefully move on to bigger and better things and I am still enjoying the show so that is all that matters to me.

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    I don’t know if these comments are directed at me, Josstheguy.  I am not a homophobic bigot, nor am I intolerant.  Read closer Joss.  I said, I’m not hating on anyone and I meant it. I agree with what Jamey says above.  And Jamey no need to apologize, I was just commenting.  If there was a ton of stuff about a couple on Y&R I would have said the same thing.  

    I was just simply pointing out that it was Kish overload.  I think it’s terrible what happened over at ABC and I hope it’s fixed soon.  I support this all the way, so please don’t spin stuff.   Got love for em all.

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    I guess why I’m surprised this is seen as overload is that you get a limited amount of stories anyway. I don’t care about Liasion. I don’t care about Jasam, or Sason, or whatever they’re called. Yet I understood why there were endless posts and endless comment arguments about them — they aroused a response.

    This has only been going on for a few days and it’s not every day you see someone go to TV Guide and directly blame gays for ratings losses. Considering how many people invested in Kish and boosted the show based on them, to have that spat in their faces is tough.

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    Again, if you don’t like a story, you don’t have to read it.  This is a soap news site.  DC is covering a breaking news story.  What other major firing has happened recently in soaps?  

    Kyle and Oliver have never been my favorites on OLTL. They’re both pretty milquetoast for me.  But other people have invested a great deal into them.  Why should I care about their coverage?  If I don’t like it, I can skip it.

    For me, OLTL is about Robin Strasser’s Dorian, the vets, and Destiny. 

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     Jamey this is indeed overload. What makes me so disappointed in you guys is because the soap community should have been pushing for ‘REAL DIVERSITY’ a long freaking time ago! Now when a "WHITE GAY COUPLE" sl is scrapped this is the time when you have outrage! WHY THE HELL SHOULD I BE THAT SUPPORTIVE? Everyday minority characters are used as props, backburned or simply ignored…some aren’t even represented (asians in particular) yet I have to hear this every blepping second about a "WHITE GAY COUPLE”. No wonder the different races in American will never get along!

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    I also do not know if your comments were directed towards me but I am neither intolerant or a bigot.  I was just stating my opinion about the coverage overload.  You should refrain from making blanket statements about general comments in the future.

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    White gay couple diversity


    Okay sorry But Diversity is just not skin color. Its Gender, class economy, SEXUALITY, Age, Religion etc.

    Im sorry but this is what pisses me off about this and I have not seen it here yet is agruements aganist Kisg cause at least with Race and Gender you can tell who’s who and thats why that discrimination is worse then aganist gay people


    Look in tolerance Bigiotry and whatever is wrong no matter what form in comes in and when we all finally accept that maybe the world can be a more accepting place

    So If You dont like kish fine, FF but dont derprive fans from their story or their right to assemble and work to get them back on OLTL

    Hope You All Have A Great Day

    John Walter Seip

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    I like kish and I am mad about a lack in diversity in all the soaps and DC and the fans have been clamor for more diversity but tiic don’t care, they only care about one type of viewers and that why I am not watching the soaps anymore.

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    Jamey Giddens

     Jamey this is indeed overload. What makes me so disappointed in you guys is because the soap community should have been pushing for ‘REAL DIVERSITY’ a long freaking time ago!
    :O :O Yeah, because we’ve NEVER pushed for diversity, except for white gay men… Oh and yes, Kish IS Real Diversity. Jesus take the wheel.



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    "DISCRIMINATION IS DISCRIMINATION" whether it should be race, creed, gender or whatever….Yes get all upset when something is not being featured because we do this all the time but I’m sorry but I see a pattern with those who cover soaps for a long time now and I’m freaking fed up with them about it.

    THE OUTAGE SHOULD ENCOMPASS ALL THE OTHER SHIT THAT HAS GONE WRONG WITH THESE SOAPS FOR SO LONG! The biggest one is the lack of "DIVERSITY" that has plagued soaps like forever. They love to prop up OLTL about them having all these black characters on but most of the black people I know who watch stupid soaps realized that they were being suckered into something that wasn’t real! All this fanfare and nothing! Then our AA actors are used as props, backburned or just leave! That makes me more upset than anything! When daytime confidential gets more upset about this issue then I will gladly join the fight for this issue with KISH! (They certainly played my girl Layla with this sl)

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     I need more than two examples Jamey for me to be taking daytime confidential seriously about addressing this trend in soaps.

    I look at the soap magazines these days and what the hell do I see not examples of my face. Nah I’m not against KISH but I want the equal outrage for the rest of shit that has been going on! Being black, hispanic and especially asian in daytime seems to be a curse rather than a blessing. How many soaps are there and why can’t they show families from different backgrounds interacting together? Everyone isn’t white, rich, blonde and blue eyes. I can count on my hand the amount of black couples that have been portrayed successfully in daytime and don’t get me started on OLTL these days. OLTL was created with a diverse cast what the hell happened?

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    Jamey Giddens

    Okay, go ahead, play the "gay agenda" card, I am cool with that, because I know doggone well it is complete and utter bull shit. We have taken Y&R to task for its treatment of it’s black storyline/actors for YEARS, same with the other soaps. We have asked why GH only fosters a stereotype of the angry black woman, why Amerasian characters like Keemo Abbott and Lien Hughes have been missing in action, so sing another song. We have fought for diversity of all kind since forever. YOU, Fedupsista, just seem to have a problem acknowledging that fighting for gays on soaps in a part of fighting for diversity, and I am gonna be real here. If you have that much of an issue, then don’t read or listen to us.

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    OLTL has publicly stated that a diversity storyline is not attractive to the "mainstream audience".  I think this is news. And the GLAAD awards did take place this weekend and awarded a soap award, so that is news also.

    Anyone interested in diversity on soaps should be interested in this "news".

  22. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I need more than two examples Jamey for me to be taking daytime confidential seriously about addressing this trend in soaps.
    Then obviously, you don’t read or listen to this site, because we fight harder for diversity of all kinds than anyone. Okay, now knock yourself out, because I’m done responding to you.

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    OH Jamey, Jamey, Jamey….Soaps have already knocked me out of their visualization of soaps future. I was just playing with you and judging by your emotional response my tactics have seemed to work. Hey watching gay, white males isn’t my cup of tea but I’m not going to knock anyone for their views about it…just like me liking the couple of Todd and Evangeline wouldn’t turn much people on…to each his own.

    The same way you are passionate about stuff is the same way I feel about what’s been going on for years but it just looks like the soaps nor the magazines are responding to any of us.

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     I’ll write my final comment about this.  I got love for everybody.  Like I said, if it was a couple on Y&R I probably would have thought the same thing.  And for the record, my comment had nothing to do with the legitimacy of DC’s reporting.  I am a longtime follower of this site and EVERYONE who works for DC I consider a friend.  My apologies for a quick comment gone bad if you must point the finger. 

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