AMC’s Bianca and GL’s Otalia Among After Ellen’s Top 50 Lesbian and Bisexual Characters

All My Children’s Bianca Montgomery (Eden Riegel) and Guiding Light‘s Natalia Rivera (Jessica Leccia) and Olivia Spencer (Crystal Chappell) were recognized by After Ellen as part of their Top 50 Lesbian and Bisexual Characters list. After Ellen ranked them No. 31, No. 26 and No. 22 respectively.

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    Congratulations to all three amazing actresses for bringing these characters to life with such passion and grace. Although their characters are gone from our screens, they still live on in our hearts.

    Thank you ladies.

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    You can tell there’s a bit of a younger demographic over there at  I think when I voted on this, my top ten were:

    Olivia Spencer
    Natalia Rivera
    Gabrielle (Xena Warrior Princess)
    Luce (Imagine Me and You)
    Idgie Threadgoode (Fried Green Tomatoes)
    MacNally (Unexpected Love)
    Maca (Hospital Central)
    Tala ( I Can’t Think Straight)
    Rachel (Imagine Me and You)

    I just watched Anything But Me this weekend though and if I voted today, I’d replace Rachel (Imagine Me and You) with Aster (Anything But Me).  What a great character and that Nicole Pacent that plays Aster is quite the find.  They need to figure out a way to make her the lead. 

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    I’m shocked! After Ellen hardly ever mentions Otalia or Venice and the girls placed # 22. Olivia Spencer (Guiding Light)   26. Natalia Rivera Aitoro (Guiding Light)
    I hope AE gets a hint…

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    It makes me sad that these great characters are gone from our screens. Its a shame how AMC and GL took a loved story and didn’t do it justice at the end. When ATWT ends Nuke will be gone and we all know about Kish. After that will there be any gay/lesbian relationships anywhere on soaps? I can’t think of any. I wish the networks would embrace the loyal fanbases of these characters.

    Anyway, that being said. Love love that Otalia is still in the minds of people. Crystal and Jessica brought amazing characters that I miss dearly. And I hope Eden is able to make a new home at Y&R. One that respects her talent.

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