Hope Busts Oliver and Steffy on B&B

As much as I LOATHE Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) in the corporate storyline, I sorta don’t mind her (a ringing endorsement I know) as a foil for Oliver (Zack Conroy) and Hope (Kimberly Matula). Watch The Bold and the Beautiful promo after the jump.

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    Darren Lomas

    I am tired of her stinking up every storyline like bad eggs. Enough already! >)

    At least this year’s teen ‘drama’ doesn’t feature either (a) singing or (b) Constantine :D

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    A foil!!! more a schizo…….How can she work well pitted against a 16yr old and having a 18yr old Oliver as a love intereset when just recently she had a thing for Bill. If you Luke Nylund think this works i think i need to thump you in the head with my newspaper

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     I have to be honest…JMW has improved.  Is she the best?  No way.  Is she the worst? Close to it but not quite.  I like the character as a schemer.  I think the writing for the show needs to improve before they recast.

    Steffy has become the ultimate schemer and it’s a little absurd to believe that she a girl who is barely old enough to drink can outsmart Dollar Bill and the entire Logan clan.  That’s what’s hard to believe.

    JMW has been kind of hot and cold for me the last few months.  She is good some days and others it’s hard to watch her.  I personally think if the storylines were better she would be much more tolerable.  

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    Hi Smitty, I would have to agree with you. It is like a yo-yo with this character. Still, why recast now? She is finally getting some kind of characteristics and to tell you the truth, is pretty naive which I think passes perfectly to her life so far.

    As far as her besting $B, we hadn’t seen his weaknesses up until that point, so I personally can’t say it was believable or not. For me, Bill would have been  so hardened to being left alone by now that this angle of his character seems out of context. Yet, they had to give him a weakness and weak it was! As far as Katie, we have seen that she is insecure since very early in her new bout on the show. It is no wonder when her sisters persist on treating her like a pimply teenager. They give Hope more respect than their own sister— having said that, she left herself wide open… that she showed Stuffit that she can be had, was a definite sign that she already lost. So, I believe that.

    Now where Brooke is concerned, that is another story. We are speaking of the master of Slore-Manipulation, here. Brooke will always wrap her legs around any conflict and win because she has ALL the men on this show Whipped.. except Whip for now! Brooke’s ace in the hole is Ridge, who best will, will never be sleeping with Stuffit. As long as Brooke continues to control Ridge, Stuffit can forget about ridding FC of the MRLV ((Multi-Resistant-Logan-Virus)),  that has been plaging its halls and the steamroom since the begining of the show.

    I am looking forward to AMBER! First of all, because I believe that Stuffit’s attention will turn to Rick and this will fire the Brooke/Stuffit battles a bit more. I can even see a return to Storylines where Stephanie prefered Brooke over other women in her son’s life being rewritten to fit this situation, where Brooke would prefer Stuffit with her son than Amber.

    Also…………… Amber will continue to be a thorn in Brooke’s side, when she ((as did Brooke)) not only beds Brooke’s son, but also her hubby! YAY! 

    Then there is always Deacon… will he challenge the Mirrored one for parental rights over his daughter?  How will this affect La Logan???

    Stuffit may or may not be everyone’s favorite, for now.. but I see a wind-change coming up.

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