Imagine a Life After the Mob for Sonny on GH

Stephen Seidel from We Love Soaps TV went on the set of General Hospital and spoke with some of your favorite GH stars, including Maurice Benard. When Seidel asks if Sonny can ever get out of the mob I was reminded of the Reba McEntire’s "Is There Life Out There" because let’s face it, there’s a whole lot of stuff Sonny hasn’t done that doesn’t involve the mob. Sonny Corinthos for Governor! GH fans who speculate about Sonny and Jason’s (Steve Burton) relationship might also want to watch the clip.

Seidel also chats with Nancy Lee GrahnLexi Ainsworth, Jonathan Jackson, Rebecca HerbstDominic Zamprogna and Julie Marie Berman.

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    This Stephen Seidel guy is ANNOYING…..especially the way he keeps moving the damn microphone around while they are trying to talk!!! Give the actors their own microphones!!!

    Personally, I don’t necessarily want to see Sonny out of the mob!! Not every "bad" character on daytime needs to be REFORMED or CHANGED…. It’s who the character IS, and always has been!! I don’t understand why viewers can’t accept the fact that this character was never meant to be a "mainstream" character!! He’s not a doctor, lawyer, governor, or a busboy at Jake’s. He’s SONNY CORINTHOS—MOB BOSS!!  If Sonny were anyone else, I don’t think he would be nearly as interesting. Also, the writers have created him to be this way, and I don’t see how they can logically turn him into a "regular guy"….

    Just like Luke Spencer. He’s never been a "straight and narrow" type of character, and the show has always kept his personality and lifestyle in tact!!

    There are certain things that people just need to accept!!! There are mobsters in the world who KILL people, and I applaud "General Hospital" for not trying to change this show just to appease a small portion of the population that seems unable to deal with violent behavior.

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