The Search for the Truth is Just the Beginning on Y&R

The race to find out the truth about Faith is only the beginning for Ashley (Eileen Davidson), Sharon (Sharon Case) and Nick (Joshua Morrow)! Watch this week’s The Young and the Restless promo after the jump.

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    That promo…good stuff!

    I was thinking that all Sharon has to do is take Faith and let Ashley keep the yellow blanket and Ashley should be good.

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    Yeah, even though I feel that Ashley, for the most part, has caused 95% of her own grief and misery over the years due to her own foolish choices, I still feel sorry for her!!!

    I wish the writers would give this woman a baby and get it over with!! She’s had at least two miscarriages, then that abortion………just give her a baby!!!!

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    I hope they wrap it PRONTO! tired of this get Sharon her baby, Ash say she a stronger person now I hope they don’t let the woman go off the deepend again we seen her crazy way to many times already.

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    Yeah, for some reason, when shows are struggling creatively or looking for stories, they feel the need to write numerous BABY stories???? Don’t really understand that!!! It seems kinda lazy to center all your stories around babies!! If they don’t decide to go down the baby switch/paternity/surrogacy road, they simply decide to give established characters NEW children that they never knew existed!!!

    Whatever happened to romance stories, career stories or ANY OTHER STORY other than writing about babies????

    I love babies, but enough is enough!!!!

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    Why don’t they just hand all the babies and children and young adults over to Victor? He seems to want and need kids around him to raise in his own vein. Then they become adults and most stand up to him and then he disowns them. So he always needs a new batch!

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    feel so happy for sharon and nick but heartbroken for ashley DAMN U ADAM do we really need to see ashley walking around with the yellow blanket again because look like its heading that way LAST WEEK WAS AMAZING, BEST WHOLE 5 DAY WEEK IN WEEKS OR EVEN MONTHS i hope they do nt drag it out too long but i dont mind ashley all crazy on the run with the baby good for plot and and good for bringing sharon and nick together but bad for phyllis HEY it might make a great fight for your man storyline for BIG RED.

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    Hot Mama Jama——-sorry, I RESPECTFULLY disagree with this notion!!!

    Ashley and Neil have a baby together???? To quote Smitty: "Jesus, take the writer’s pen!" Please don’t give Maria and company any more crazy ideas!!! If that wouldn’t bring Drucilla back from the edge of that damn cliff, nothing else would!!!

    I think that Neil and Ashley are a HORRIBLE couple… chemistry and completely contrived!! After watching Karen and Tyra go up in smoke and dust, I have become convinced that the writers of Y&R simply have no clue how to create a BELIEVABLE black female character for Neil to be involved with, so they seem to have gotten lazy and given up!!

    This relationship seems FLUNG together (to guote Jamie) out of a sense of convenience and to get under Victor Newman’s skin!! Seeing his former right hand man with his ex-wife might make the MOUSTACHE uncomfortable, but Ashley and Neil are boring, incompatible and have no sparks on screen!! They were better off as friends, and I hope the writers give Neil a suitable love interest sooner rather than later.

    Ashley doesn’t need a man!! She just needs a few THOUSAND sessions on the a psychiatrist’s couch!!!


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    I actually like Neil and Ashley as a couple and don’t find them boring at all.  I find them sweet and caring of each other.  As a matter of fact, this is the first time in a very long time that I’m enjoying either of them.  I prefer Ashley with Neil over him with either Tyra (who imo was a complete waste of effort) or Karen.  I wasn’t a fan of Drucilla either but apparently enough people keep saying that she should come back so maybe I’ve missed something.    

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    I see nothing wrong with a Neil/Ashley pairing. It could bring Ashley some stability and it could give Neil an actual personality finally again. (Just as long as he does not ask her to raise the Cane/Lily spawn.)

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    Or blackmails "Pattycake" into doing it after he realizes that she’s NOT Emily and that she put the real Emily into a coma!!! Personally, I think that Patty deserves a medal for ALMOST getting rid of that hideously boring Emily character!!!! This show needs to get rid of Patty and Emily permanently!! Adam is still bearable, but those chicks have to go………..

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    I like Emily, but I think that this switcheroo storyline has to end.  There’s no way a delusional psychotic could get away with this for this long, and the whole switch thing had too many holes in it.  Stacey Haiduk  is an incredible actress, though for how she’s handled the whole thing. 

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    Hot Mama Jama

     One second, we say they don’t integrate the AA characters with the rest of GC. Then when that happens, the complaint changes to how they are snuffing them out. AshNeil actually has the potential to work.

    When Ashley isn’t all emotionally unstable, she is actually fiesty and that balance is just ideal for Neil who always feels the need to be "Mr. Knight-in-shining-armour". In whatever century that they decide to bring Dru back, I don’t see Ashley backing down from a fight for her man.

    I’m team AshNeil all the way!!!

    p.s…….maybe they’ll beef up Devon and make him best buddies with Billy as they both could do with a male pal to hang out with (opposites attract and all that). Finally, Devon will be out of college and get in the corporate world.

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    I agree, Neil and Ashley being together does seem to take a break from their usual semi-irritating selves! I have been loathing Adam for nearly 6 months, for what he did to Ashley and Sharon! I had my baby a couple of days after Faith was born and it was soo annoying to watch Adam soothe Sharon’s pain when HE was the reason!

    Hot Mama Jama: Devon SHOULD get a friend, his ordeal with Tyra was disgusting!! But also, for as fast as they make kids grow up on that show I am REALLY surprised Devon is still in college!

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