A Parent’s Worst Nightmare on General Hospital

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare this week on General Hospital. Kristina’s (Lexi Ainsworth) beating brings back old memories for Sonny (Maurice Benard). Watch this week’s GH promo after the jump.

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    All this just to make us feel bad for poor old Sonny. I could get into it if I could actually believe GH wants to responsibly deal with a social issue. Na-ah, it;’s all about Sonny!

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    If TPTB at GH wanted us to feel sorry for Kristina then as of today’s show they really blew it!  Kristina is being portrayed as a spoiled rotten lying bitch.  The only one I feel sorry for is Ethan!!!  Way to go GH!

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    @ Sassy


    this “social issue” is being told the WRONG way. I don’t know why I expected different from this soap opera.

    Ethan is the only sympathetic character in this piece of crap!

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    I have learn to watch GH w/different eyes and to be honest it is not as bad as evreyone makes it out to be and this is coming from a fan who use to think like the internet masses. Under all this mob undertones there’s a soap opera in every sense of the word.

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    ok, i’m really trying to keep an open mind here. trying to hold out for when the truth comes out, and we can get krissies explanation. again, the key word here is TRYING.

    they are staying fairly realistic with this s/l though.  i’ve seen this exact thing unfold in my once close group of HS friends. it isn’t unheard of.

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    Is anyone really surprised that the writers are trying to conjure up sympathy for Sonny??? This man SHOT his own son less than two months ago, and the writers have been working OVERTIME to try to get every character on the show back under his thumb, as well as to force a reconciliation between Dante and Sonny!! Pretty soon, every character who hates this man will begin to "come around" and eventually forgive him!!!! This show has been FOCUSED around Sonny for over a decade, and that is certainly not gonna change anytime soon!!

    I cannot believe that NOBODY is considering the possibility that Keifer—-her BOYFRIEND—-may have been responsible!! Also, why would he beat her and then take her to the hospital??? That in itself makes no sense!!! The writers are just trying to pit the Spencer family against the Corinthos family.

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    alstonboy4315 –  Also, why would he beat her and then take her to the hospital???

    And not have bruises on his hands, I mean seriously there should be something on him other than two scratch marks, her blood, his blood..

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    Exactly, there should be bruises on his hands, right??? Also, on today’s scenes, did Keifer have any bruises on HIS hands??? Or was he wearing gloves when he beat her???? It didn’t look like he had any, which would just be sloppy on the part of the directors and makeup people…..never mind!!!LOL!!

    Guza is gonna milk this for all it’s worth, I can just see it now!!!!

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     I’ll have to re-watch closely…WHY is Kristina saying Ethan is her attacker?  Is she genuinely confused because of the trauma or is she protecting Kiefer out of misplaced guilt/loyalty and punishing Ethan for humiliating her?
    The performances are great but I’m looking for the why in the story.
    Like when OLTL told the story of the rape of Marty Saybrooke and she misidentified Kevin Buchanan as one of her attackers, there was a reason for that….

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    I really am dissapointed in Kristina, saying that Ethan was the one who hurt her.  I would have loved to see Kiefer "sweat" for a while!  I hope that the truth will come out and Kiefer gets whats coming to him!!!

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    [quote=maxsmom]Oh Raven, you and your need for attention to detail, Guza will tell you details are for suckers.[/quote]

    You know how bad I am – I noticed during the beating scene that Kristina did not have any bruises on her arm anymore.  I swear I get bored and notice the small stuff

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