Landon and Soffer Bring Gwen and Will Home to Oakdale on ATWT

It looks like more, um "old faves" are heading back to Oakdale as we prepare to say goodbye to As The World Turns. Soaps In Depth is reporting Jennifer Landon and Jesse Soffer are set to reprise oh-so-tortured twentysomething couple Gwen and Will. Well…that’s all well and good about the young ‘uns, but if I don’t see my Dr. John Dixon (Larry Bryggman) before Nancy (Helen Wagner) says goodnight to Procter and Gamble soap lovers for the very last time, I am gonna go PLUM CRAZY!
I know, why not make John turn out to be Reid’s (Eric Sheffer Stevens)  daddy? The mean, gay doctor is certainly onery enough to be another one of John’s strays! Picture it: Lucinda Walsh’s (Elizabeth Hubbard) grandson Luke (Van Hansis) in love wth John Dixon’s son. BUTTAH.


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     Also with that ATWT needs to bring back some old faves as well.

    Such as
    John Dixon played By Larry Larry Bryggman
    Andy Dixon played Maura’s West real life hubby Scott DeFreitas 
    Denise Maynard played by Cassandra Creach,
    Hope Dixon who is Andy and Denise ‘s child who should be a teen by now.
    Jessica Griffin played by Tamara Tunie 
    Duncan Mckehcnie played by Michael Swan
    Diana McColl played by Kim Johnston Ulrch 
    Kirk McColl played by Christian I am Acting Leblanc 
    Annie and Jeff Ward 


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    I was watching ATWT back when these two (Jennifer Landon and Jesse Soffer ) were on.  Awesome !!!

    And for the record, I LOVED the Original Jade.  yah, she had some haters, but she was fun to watch.

    What a difference an actor or two can make to an ensemble show like ATWT.  Once they left, the show wasn’t the same.

    Nice to see them again……….

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    Hahaha, I was just thinking, ‘wouldn’t it be great if the return of Jennifer Landon’s Gwen meant a brief return of her other character? That nut job that tied her and Jade to the railroad tracks that lovely summer day a few years ago.’  LMAO…Oh, well, it is good to see that Gwen and Will will be back.  Parker could use his brother and Carly could surely use her sister. 

    So hear this ATWT:  The fans want you to bring back Larry Bryggman’s Dr. Dixon STAT!!  Oakdale needs him now more than Dustin Donovan needs a swift kick to the butt (and Dusty sorely needs that, plus who better than his father figure Dr. Dixon to do it!).

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