MORE Fan Faves Return to Salem!

An all-star studded cast will make their return to Days of Our Lives for Grandma Horton’s (Frances Reid) funeral. Published reports are confirming former DAYS stars,  Bryan Dattilo (Lucas), Christie Clark (Carrie), Jaime Lyn Bauer (Laura), Lisa Trusel (Melissa), Maree Cheatham (Marie)  Mary Beth Evans (Kayla), Melissa Reeves (Jennifer), Patsy Pease (Kimberly), and Roark Critchlow (Mike) are all heading back to Salem to say goodbye to Alice. No word on their airdates.

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    OMG!OMG!OMG!This is going to truly be the be the best funeral on daytime.I think I just went into hallucinations!I’m sooo happy!That sound you hear is Jamey doing the running man lol

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     That is so awesome! Definately glad to see Carrie, Mike, Jennifer, Kimberly coming back!
     I wish Days could swalllow their pride and let John and Marlena return for it also. Marlena and Alice were such good friends, on screen and off!

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    Even though I’m sad about the loss of Frances Reid, it’ll be wonderful to see all these old faces again.  I’m very grateful that Ken Corday is giving this loss justice and making it seem as important as it really is. 

    Jennifer is returning, it’d be great to see Jack return with her. 

    Kiyote72, I was always a bigger Mike and Carrie fan than Carrie and Austin (I just found them so dull), I was a little disappointed when Carrie returned last time saying that she and Mike had split up. 

    Will be nice to see Shane and Kimberly again, too.  Very exciting news

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    Also according to Soap Opera Digest 

    Calliope and Eugene Reunion on DAYS?
    With Arleen Sorkin returning as the zany Calliope Jones, is it only a matter of time before John deLancie, her longtime partner in frolic and fun, returns as the equally zany Eugene Bradford? "Well, they want him back, but he’s very busy," reveals Sorkin, who’s kept in touch with deLancie over the years. "He’s got a lot going on. Hopefully, they’ll get him." Indeed, deLancie has enjoyed great success in film and prime-time since exiting daytime in 1989; most notably his seven year run on STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION.

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    SO happy about the returns! I grew up with Days in the 80s so many of these characters/actors coming back are MY faves! I only wish some of them would stay and we could get rid of others in their place (Chad, Mia, Gaby, Melanie, Chloe (she was great as "Ghoul Girl".  When they made her "pretty", she lost that spunk to me.  Now she’s just a doormat!).  But I agree with the other posters that Jack/Matthew Ashford and Marlena/Deidre Hall both NEED to return too! Alice totally supported Jack when Jenn was ambivalent about him way back when.  And Alice came to console Marlena during the Salem Strangler storyline (watch old You Tube clips).  They both share history with Alice.  To not have them there is wrong! Hear that Gary Tomlin? Marlena also NEEDS to touch base with Sami after this whole Sydney kidnappinng.  That’s not our "Doc" to be in Europe and not touch base with her daughter like that.  They used to send Marlena to Colorado to check on Eric and her folks all the time when she was on contract! Consistency people! We fans know our characters! Totally out of character for her not to touch base with Sami…period!

    I would LOVE for Carrie to be with Mike again! To me, they were the couple.  Austin was just way too dumb.  He’s probably lost in the bathroom in Europe since Will is in Salem and can’t help him out.  When Mike and Carrie made love in Vegas, she was literally floating on a mattress.  Partially cheesy, but they were THAT good together.  It sealed the deal for me.  And Austin always ran back to Sami.  I never considered their love to be as deep.  And will Carrie and Sami butt heads? Will did stay with Carrie and Austin for a while so he could be SORAS’d.  I’m assuming they have buried the hatchet, but it would be nice to see them bicker…just a little bit!

    I would love for the returns to overlap with one another.  It would be nice to see Kim, Kayla, Bo, and Wayne Northrop Roman in a room with Caroline at the Brady Pub as they talk about Alice.  And if Kim and Shane could cross paths, well I would jump up and dance with Jamey too!

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    Patrick Muldoon will forever be that sleazy Jeff who stole Kelly Kapowski away from Zack Morris, IMO  hahahahahaha 

    I don’t think I was ever a huge fan of Austin, in either form.  He was really stupid and gullible, I think JER modeled Ethan on Passions after Austin.  Two of the dumbest men on Daytime TV EVER lol  I did like Austin at one point, I think when they were toying with pairing him with that Greta, I think that was her name.  I liked them together, but I just never found him and Carrie to be that interesting.  I thought Carrie and Mike had a more mature love, and I adored them

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    that is hysterical.. i totally forgot about that but i can seriously see jeff & kelly dancing at The Max..

    oh man – those were the good old days..

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    I love Saved by the Bell, still watch it if  I’m home at 7am every morning on TBS hahahahaha   And sadly, even though PM was on DOOL much longer than SBTB, I still associate him more as the creep who stole Kelly from Zack than Austin Reed.  Maybe because Austin Peck was Austin a lot longer, so I tend to picture him as Austin.  I hated AP at first, but after a while he grew on me.  Still thought he was a really stupid character though LOL  He let Sami walk all over him.  I kinda wish Sami would regain some of that bitchiness back, I can’t believe she’s falling for this crap EJ is dishing out to her after being duped for months by Nicole.  WTF has happened to this girl? 

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    I’m happy to see that Days takes the loss of a legacy character seriously and tries to do their best to get it right. Other shows should take note of that (AMC).

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    hmm i wonder if Lisa Rinna was asked to come back for the funeral? her and alice were friends too if i remember she lived at alice’s for a while…also Greta i wonder about that girl sometimes too.

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    hmm i wonder if Lisa Rinna was asked to come back for the funeral? her and alice were friends too if i remember she lived at alice’s for a while…also Greta i wonder about that girl sometimes too.

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