Kimberly McCullough Responds To GH Departure Rumors

General Hosptital fans, relax. Kimberly McCullough cleared up rumors swirling about her departure from the show on Twitter. McCullough states,

I am not leaving the show. Will be tackling both at the same time. Thank you for your words of encouragement!

This news comes on the heels of McCullough tweeting to fans,

Been accepted into the AFI DIRECTING WORKSHOP FOR WOMEN 2010! I’m overflowing with happiness.

Congrats to Kim on this amazing accomplishment!


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  1. Profile photo of LovesDog

    Congrats to Kimberly for being accepted into the workshop! GH doesn’t appreciate her or use her enough so she should pursue all avenues of her career.

  2. Profile photo of tml

    I wouldn’t mind seeing "Robin" take a break from our screens for a bit.  She has become annoying….even more than the post partum storyline.

  3. Profile photo of laduke19

    Congrats to Kim! That workshop is really prestigious. Only a handful of women get accepted each year.  I would love it if she became a more succesful writer/director than the hacks running GH right now.

  4. Profile photo of Spooks19

    So happy for Kimberly. I’ve heard this AFI thing is a pretty big deal.  And I’m glad to hear she’s still be on GH.  I would miss her if she’s gone.

    Now if I could only get Patrick and Lisa to disappear offscreen so that I wouldn’t have to hear any more of their lame, boring, and not at all wild college stories.  Robin should tell them that she was dodging bullets and dating mobsters when she was in college so they should just stuff it with their "wildness."

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