One Life to Live’s Scott Evans Found Out He Was Being Kished Out on Twitter!

Brett Claywell is continuing to stand up for himself and screen partner Scott Evans in the wake of their shady ouster from One Life to Live, this time to Zap2It. While Claywell takes the highroad when discussing the  TPTB TIIC, he does shame them for the way he and Evans found out they were being Kished to the curb.

We found out separately. I found out the day before the story broke; I was at "One Life to Live" because I was submitting my Emmy reel. And the same day I’m submitting my Emmy reel, Frank [Valentini] tells me that they’re no longer continuing the storyline and that I’ve filmed my last day.

I do believe there’s a certain way that things have to be done to protect the machine, and there are certain things that could be done differently. Scott found out through somebody tweeting him, and absolutely, that’s not the way he should’ve found out. It shouldn’t happen that way.

Twitter? Evans found out he was losing his job on Twitter? You mean to tell me no one up there at the House of Mouse had the decency to contact the man in person??? 

While I personally hope these guys burst out into hysterical laughter, before slamming down their phones if ABC ever has the audacity to call them to ask them to come back, the movement to fight for Kish continues to grow. Below are several links you might wanna check out:

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  1. Profile photo of BG

    Claywell is all over the media with his sob story, is he trying to appeal for his job back. He is no Eric Braeden, who by the way I didn’t like when he did it also, but at least wuth Braeden he had merit.

    When one door closes, God will open another one. He should look at this as a opportunity,

    Evans is handling this with much more class, I think this is partly due that Evans know he is a hot ticket

  2. Profile photo of dkp

    Yeah, this has to be one of the worst firing controversies I have seen. What a mess. I’m so glad Brett gave those couple interviews yesterday. The news broke a week ago today and  I am more appalled right now, than I was then.

  3. Profile photo of ltk

    It’s apparent that OLTL is undergoing storyline and character upheaval in several areas, and not handling it very well. Unfortunately, they are dumping the storylines that interest me.

    But I’ll remember the Kish storyline for a very long time. It was so honest and special.

  4. Profile photo of md1347

    [quote=BG]Claywell is all over the media with his sob story, is he trying to appeal for his job back. He is no Eric Braeden, who by the way I didn’t like when he did it also, but at least wuth Braeden he had merit. When one door closes, God will open another one. He should look at this as a opportunity, Evans is handling this with much more class, I think this is partly due that Evans know he is a hot ticket[/quote]

    Obviously, they did nothing wrong and he’s just trying clear that up before it can affect any future jobs they go after. You and everyone else would do the same thing.

    When Kish leaves the OLTL airways, I will also be leaving the show as well. Nothing on but rapist who all the women want to have sex with, teen sex, teen attitude, bad acting and incest storylines, which I have no interest in.

  5. Profile photo of simone66

    The guy has a right to defend himself . He is not being a cry baby. He is exercising free speech or is there an abc focus group that is offended by that too.

  6. Profile photo of BG

    Let’s try to  be consistent here. When Eric Bareden went to the media about his contract negotiations, many on this board crticize him.,

    Claywell is doing the same thing without the benefit of being a vet or a belove legendary character. I believe Evans see the bigger pic and has more confidencein  that this is a blessing in disguise

    OLTL is trying to survive and they have to do what they have to. That is why it is called Show Business

  7. Profile photo of tml

    This is apples to oranges….

    With Eric Bradean…the show wanted him to take a paycut in the middle of his contract….he would still have a job.

    With the OLTL scenario…these folks are being told the are being CUT and/or their storyline is OVER….

    two very different setups.

  8. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Uh, BG, let’s get real—being or not being Eric Braeden has nothing to do with common courtesy and/or human decency.  I have no issue with the way Eric Braeden discussed his contract issues; likewise, Brett Claywell is simply stating that the rumors and innuendo that are being bandied about with regards to unprofessional behavior on his part are simply untrue and I have no problem with that either.  I’m not sure how you would construe that as a "sob story"–if someone reports information about you that isn’t true I think that person has the right to set the record straight.  It doesn’t matter if the person has been on the show twenty days or twenty years. 

  9. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Brett and Scott both have the right and the OBLIGATION to defend themselves against untruthful rumors, but Brett needs to make sure he doesn’t cross that invisible line in the sand in terms of being "TOO OPINIONATED" or "accusatory"……..When actors start pointing too many fingers, particularly younger actors like him without the fan bases of the veteran stars, they start to shoot themselves in the foots and possibly sabotage their own chances for future employment.

    Brett needs to lay low and stop talking SO MUCH for now (where is his agent????), do a few magazine interviews, and then just move on with his career. It seems like he wants to do battle with ABC Daytime, and he should know that battling the networks is a fight that few actors, if any, end up winning. Just be smart, learn from the experience and move on with your career!!!

  10. Profile photo of md1347

    [quote=siomonstuart2003]Yeah, but why is BC and SE leaving than JPL and FF?  Because of "agenda" bias.

    Why fire the boring when you can fire the gays. We still have no reason why they were fired other than ratings, which we know is false.  I think the higher ups got scared of the gays with a baby and wanted them off.

    We all know that the ratings aren’t going to get better after Kish, Sky, the Evans family, etc… leaving because the remaining characters have all done the same thing over and over and over again. Your not going to get something new from JPL and FF. At least Kish was a new storyline that we haven’t seen on daytime.

  11. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    People always bash P&G soaps and their management, but I think ABC-Disney is far more grimy. I am still reeling from the Sabine Singh/EX-Greenlee debacle. And once again, those classy folks at ABC top themselves!

    I feel more bad for Scott Evans. Brett Claywell already had an established career so he will find work again. Scott Evans is just starting out. Both are great actors, and I wish they can be together again on TV or in movies…I don’t care if they are gay characters or not, but they work so well together, I would want to see them acting together again.

  12. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    I agree that ABC is grimy as hell when it comes to getting rid of stars, especially when they are pushing an agenda down people’s throats!!!!

    With that being said, Sabine Singh was NEVER Greenlee in my book, and never should have been brought on to play Greenlee. Rebecca Budig might not be the ONLY actress who can play that role, but Singh didn’t do the role justice. I feel the same way about Jamie Luner. She’s a GREAT actress, but not a good fit to play Liza Colby.

    Sometimes, ABC gets overzealous and tries to FORCE things to happen that shouldn’t happen, and the actors suffer more so than anyone else. It’s just a dirty way to do business, but at least ABC isn’t cancelling all their shows to make room for game shows. I guess that is one of the FEW good things I can say about ABC Daytime.

  13. Profile photo of syworld82

    Honestly, I APPLAUD his Passive Aggressive Attack on ABC daytime and DESPISE their Passive Firing of Brett and Scott.To be frank, lets not forget that brett is the straight actor and scott is the gay actor. This tells a lot about how they are handling the situation. Scott is aware of the business specifically as a Gay Actor whereas brett can speak his mind because he is a Young Heterosexual.

    Honestly they have trashed the Gay actors but they know the business. They used them for the realism of the story and then TRASHED THEM to the side because they got scared of taking a stance on Gay Families in America.

    This was obviously Rons story. Ron was commited to this story and the producers let him go away with it but I think the problem was just that. They let him get away with too many things with the story. In the end, they had to cut the story because this just was longer OLTL.

    I blame Ron for this because he teased us with a Lovely Gay pairing and their  story but due to the horrible writing it ended up with the producers having to pull the plug.

  14. Profile photo of sunnydays25

    I think, too, think there’s a big diff between how Breaden handles his interviews and how BC is handling his. I could’ve cared less what Breaden did…don’t watch his show, never did. He had the right to say what he wanted, but was there anyone who didn’t think he’d go back to the show when the whole thing was hashed out?

    I didn’t read anything disrespectful in BC’s comments in any interview he’s given. He praises FV for giving him the chance! He has every right to defend himself wherever and whenever he wants. I hope that if OLTL does ask him back he says HELL NO.

    I did sign one of the petitions to save Kish a day or two after everything happened, but now I am of the mind that this needs to end . There are maqny other worlds other than daytime…let the hacks like JPL and FF stay while actors who have talent, like SE and BC are off to better things.

  15. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I gues I simply don’t understand the use of their word "fired" which implies to me anyway, that they did something wrong.  Why don’t they say they didn’t renew their contract or some other word other than fired.

    Frons is and has always been a dictorial assWipe he is and remains the absolute worse thing to happen to this genre of storytelling.  I read about the writers who helped KO soaps but his way of leadership is abrasive, polarizing, and exploitive.

    I guess you can read you’ve been canned on twitter or get a fax after 30 years on Xmas eve.  This is Frons way of doing business.  He has little respect for actors and this genre of storytelling.  I am just so done with ABC across the board.  I am down to one show.  Flash Forward otherwise I’m ABC free 

    Frack them.  I don’t like their way of treating people.  Its not necessary to belittle these actors just let them go in a "humane way."

    Welcome to the World of Disney all that PeterPan and Little Mermaid sweetness and light is all bs these are harsh businessmen that’s it period.. 

  16. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    He is just speaking out and saving his reputation and I can’t blame him.  I feel that if you go to rid of folks because of budget cuts, just say it instead of slandering their name.

  17. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Thanks tml
    I didn’t know that they use  (fired)
    when your contract isn’t renewed.
    It still seems (to me)
    its as if they didn’t do their job or something

    If its budget cuts why can’t they say something
    to that effect or we’re going in different direction
    why use the word "fired"

    So Greg Vaughn was fired so Jonathan Jackson could be
    hired, they press released it   was his decision but he set the record
    straight saying they fired him

    I guess its a no win either way

  18. Profile photo of abc soap lover
    abc soap lover

    OK Let’s be consistent.  EB was asked to take a pay cut (which he should have done).  Brett and others did not have their contracts renewed (OLTL’s perogative) but some were not told in a professional and courteous manner.  That is not acceptable in any industry. 

    They call it show business becuase they are in the business to entertain us the public.  Their actions are, in many people’s eyes, crippling their ability to do just that. 

    Brett Claywell is just letting fellow actors and other industry insiders know just how sleezy his former employer can be.  He has called no names in a negative way and has only put out statements to counter a slanderous attempt to justify the firings. 

  19. Profile photo of steve

    i have heard it all now commit is anger and saddness on twitter not cool [unprofessional]  abc/disney brian frons – ceo frank valetini – producer why not
    call  scott & brett in together to give them the news. i would say you did not treat scott
    with respect it is to say let’s take out the trash. this fine young bright actor did not deserve this treatment look at scott & brett 6 months of accomplishments
    gladd award  march 13th,interviews march 10th, feb. 18th,etc. they may have won
    daytime emmy for groundbreaking storyline. i guess you did not want the attachement
    to the show . it is your loss let reassure they will go own to greater work. i hope you
    can sleep at night.
                                                                                                best of luck guys in future,

                                                                                               steve h.



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