Jillian's B&B Spoilers

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Whip/Taylor: The couple inform their loved ones about their wedding.

Ridge: He starts to have issues with Taylor's upcoming wedding. Later, he stops the ceremony.

Agnes: She's upset to see the Marones as the happy couple, all the while fully aware with Bridget's indiscretion.

Stephanie/Eric/Donna: Taylor informs Eric she doesn't want Donna at her wedding. Eric decides to abide by her request, leaving Donna pissed. Later, Donna phones Stephanie and rescinds Eric's offer to have her stay at the guest house. Unfortunately for Donna, Eric arrives back home with Steph in tow!

Steffy: In her quest for Oliver, Steffy decides to step up her game. Steffy decides to pull a prank to embarrass Hope in front of Oliver. Unfortunately for Steffy the plan backfires.