Ronn Moss Talks “The Love of Ridge’s Life”

According to his portrayer, the love of Ridge’s life is not his mirror! In honor of The Bold and the Beautiful‘s 23rd anniversary, Ronn Moss talked to Soap Opera Digest about his time on the campy sudser.

SOD: Are you surprised at the longevity of Brooke and Ridge’s romance?
No, not really. There was always good chemistry and still is. It has always felt like a 23-year marriage, even though there have been periods of separation. Brooke continues to be the love of Ridge’s life.

Personally, I cannot bear much more Brooke and Ridge. This is the man who treated her like dirt for a good portion of two decades and constantly acts the pompous fool with a bloated ego. Enough already – free Brooke!

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    In other words, stop this runaway train so that your viewers can get off, Bradley Bell!!! This advice is coming about 15 years TOO LATE!!! Why do I get the picture that Brad read this and STILL keep torturing people with this TIRED THREESOME?????

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    Darren me…BARF wasn’t intended to represent Brooke and Ridge Forrester but I think it fits perfect for them!  I will now refer to them as BARF LOL 

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