B&B Celebrates 23 Years With Spoof “Reality” Video

In celebration of their 23rd anniversary, the good folks over at The Bold and the Beautiful have put together a spoof video starring Lee Phillip Bell, Bradley Bell, Winsor Harmon and Susan Flannery. For B&B’s take on The Bachelor, Undercover Boss and The Amazing Race, check out the video after the jump.



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    Who knew that Brad Bell had a flair for comedy??? All he ever seems to do on this show nowadays—for the most part, is depress the hell out of me, when I do watch!!!
    He’s a SPLITTING image of his daddy, William Bell Sr. (may he rest in peace!!) Susan Flannery was hilarious…"If we lose, I’ll shoot you!"

  2. Profile photo of sodsince16

     Seeing Clarence is a total "what ever happened to" moment – I remember him from the "turn on the light" promotion – I think he was even wearing the same suit (ha ha)

  3. Profile photo of californiaguy888

    Congrats B&B !  Although I routinely make fun of the show (hee hee), it is fun to see from time to time.  As an added bonus, I get a kick out of seeing the stars from the show around Los Angeles  (Whole Foods, Target, Farmers Market).

    Congrats to 23 and counting………..

  4. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    LOVED seeing Clarence again! I remember him from the promos in the 90s!

    This spoof was like a box of candy – just delicious. Brad was adorable and Lee was fabulous!

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