Billy Magnussen's Reserved for Rondee Rocks Project Give Benefit

As the World Turns' Billy Magnussen and his band Reserved for Rondee performed at the Rose Bar in NYC on March 19 to benefit Project Give. Magnuessen's former ATWT co-star Tom Degnan (f. Adam Munson) is also a member in the band. Bonnie Dennison, Mick Hazen and ATWT newcomer Ben Levin also attended the benefit. Check out more photos after the jump and follow Reserved for Rondee on Facebook.

Billy Magnussen and EJ Canto


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Billy Magnussen is HOT!  That's all!  LOL Smile

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Yeah, he's not too shabby!! I decided to look him up on YouTube and found that episode of "Law and Order" where he played a gay prostitute. He actually gave a kick-ass performance, and he has one hell of a country accent!! I was shocked!!!