DAYS’ Nicole Moves in on Arianna’s Man

Nicole (Arianne Zucker) hasn’t been back long, but she’s already moving in on Arianna’s (Lindsay Hartley) man Brady (Eric Martsolf). In a Nicole vs. Arianna cat fight my money is so on Nicole. Watch this week’s Days of our Lives promo after the jump.

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    Good grief Arianna has to be one of the most boring characters to appear in a soap.  Passions, with the expectation of Eric, I give a big … Anways, Broe ( Brady & Chloe) will always be my number 1!

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    When Nicole knows what she wants, she goes after it.  So unlike Sami of late who relishes being a victim of her own self-center stupidity. 

    Agree that Arianna is a boring and useless character. 
    Very tired of Carly and her plight.  Vivian, while entertaining, is a one-trick pony.  Her song only has one verse and we’ve heard it ad nauseum. 

    We need some new stories.  It is not summer yet, so hopefully we won’t have to put up with the teens just yet.  Stephanie needs a new man.  Melanie needs to get pregnant with triplets or quads or something even more multiple.  How about Victor and Stephano doing something other than huffing and puffing.  Isn’t it about time Kate did something outrageous? 

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