Chris Evans to Play Captain America

Chris Evans, brother of One Life to Live’s Scott Evans, has signed on to play the highly sought after role of Captain America in Marvel’s big screen release of the Captain America franchise, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Evans, who played the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four films, landed the role amid a slew of other possible stars, including The Young and the Restless’  Wilson Bethel who was also in the running.

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    Luke Kerr

    I’m pretty sure Fantastic Four and Captain America are both Marvel comics, not DC comics. And Chris Evans doing this is nothing.

    Ryan Reynold’s played Deadpool in the Wolverine movie, will be headlining his own Deadpool movie for Marvle AND he’s going to be playing Green Lantern for DC comics.

    At least Chris is staying within the Marvel universe. LOL

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    I like CE, but I wish they would have cast someone older like mid-30’s for Cap.  Also, what are they going to do if there’s an Avengers vs. FF movie?  Is CE going to play dual roles? 

    With so many talent actors (and actresses) out there looking for work, there’s no need to double-dip in the Marvel pool.

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     They cast younger actors because they hope for multiple movie franchise and its easier to have a youthful star like Evans (born 1981) than catch someone on the brink of middle age as in the case of Robert Downey Jr. (born 1965).

    Since the the FF movies have rights held by a studio other than Marvel, and are in the process of being rebooted anyway, there is little likelihood that Evans will have to worry about Johnny Storm vs Steve Rogers…could still be fun though!

    I’d pay to see Favreau act out Foggy Nelson vs Happy Hogan!

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