Two Fathers Go Head-to-Head on GH

Ethan (Nathan Parsons) is an innocent man and big daddy Luke (Anthony Geary) is coming to his son’s defense, threatening Sonny (Maurice Benard). Watch this week’s General Hospital promo after the jump.

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    Luke will wipe the floor with Sonny!  Get him Luke.  Sonny takes on the mobster of the month.  Luke has battled mobsters, psychotic Cassadines trying to freeze the world and the DVX.  Sonny won’t know what hit him.

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    Oh please, Luke is an old man with no organization behind him – what is he going to do, challenge him to a scotch drinking contest.  And sure Tracy is bad ass, but Jason is armed and dangerous. No contest.

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    EET – Just because we aren’t privy to Luke’s connections and dealings doesn’t mean he doesn’t have them.  Remember it was Sonny who went to Luke to arrange that meeting with Joey Limbo.  Apparently even Sonny knows Luke is connected.

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    Yeah, I like Nathan Parsons also—–just wish he’d get a TAN!!! Kinda pale, but still endearing!!!


    As a pale girl myself, I have no problem with Ethan’s paleness.  I certainly prefer that over the orange-tinge so many people on this show seem to have.

    It’s funny because I stopped watching GH around the time Ethan showed up (not because of him, but just all the stories in general stopped interesting me).  And then I started watching again a few months ago and I was like "um, when did this Ethan fellow get so hot?"     

    But his looks aside, I think NP is doing an excellent job in this storyline, as are the rest of the cast members.  I know some people hate Kristina, but I think she has done a good job of saying words that sound on the page like her brattily blaiming Ethan for why she accused him, but she has portrayed as a scared, confused girl who has gotten caught up in her own lies. 

    So kudos to all involved.


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    Like most of you, I am having a hard time with this story.  Mostly with the "why would Kristina lie?"  NO ONE thinks to question the boyfriend?  Didn’t Ethan see Keifer man-handle Kristina on more than one occassion?  Why isn’t be pointing the finger at Kiefer?  Also, since Kiefer attacked Kristina, he has been in like 3 epsiodes.  What was the point in casting his parents?  That scene was ridiculous at the police station.  Why haven’t they focused more on Kristina and Keifer’s "relationship?"  What a way to take a compelling story and ruin it for drama’s sake.  I just hope Luke wipes that snarky look off of Sam’s face.  Ugh.

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    So Kristina gets beaten and is the victim here, and somehow the story is now about Sonny, Ethan, and Luke?!?!  I HATE that Kristina is being painted as a bad guy for fingering Ethan.  I HATE that Ethan, a pretty useless character, is being given the spotlight over Kristina.  I HATE that the only thing GH can think to advertise is that Sonny’s once again chest-beating over a kid he’s ignored for years.  I HATE that what could have been a compelling PSA story about teenage abuse has once again become some sort of testosterone-fest, and I HATE that violence towards a woman once again becomes all about the men.

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