Anthony Geary Drops by The Wendy Williams Show

General Hospital’s Anthony Geary dropped by The Wendy Williams Show March 19 and while there they discussed his relationship with Elizabeth Taylorwho originated the role of Helena Cassadine. Watch the clip after the jump.

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    I don’t buy this story at all.  Want a juicy story?  Why doesn’t Tony talk about his relationship with Ron Glass from BARNEY MILLER?

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    I like Tony Geary BUT I have to agree..I do not buy this story at all! He keeps his personal life too private…this is just a way to make people look/think the other way!

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    Personally, I think that Anthony Geary is…, same-sex oriented!! Just like Tuc Watkins from OLTL and "Desperate Housewives"……or maybe he’s bisexual!! Either way, he’s the same age as Susan Lucci, I think!!! I think he looks pretty damn decent for 62 years old!!!

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    I think that many are so sick of TG getting the vacation time and then get prenom for basically no s/l.  And for having an agenda on the show is also not making him and fans either.  But Tony is a great actor but Luke has been written as a joke lately and we want so semblance of the old Luke Spencer that we all know and love.

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    An Emmy ballot without Anthony Geary’s name as a "Lead Actor" nominee just wouldn’t feel right. Even when he’s on the backburner, his talent is ALWAYS stronger than 98% of the other "lead actors" on other shows who have front burner stories and are on seemingly seven days a week. All Geary has to do to shine is show up, spout a few one-liners and pour a few drinks!!! He’s definitely in the top 3 of best actors in daytime, for me! David Canary would be the best, then Anthony Geary, and then Peter Bergman!!!!

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    I am assuming that your comments were directed toward me, since I made that comment about how I thought Tony Geary was gay. Well, here’s my take on your comments…..

    You’re right, Tony Geary’s sexuality isn’t any of my business. But that’s not gonna stop me from voicing my opinion about it. That’s what this website was created for, and I come on here to speak my mind, regardless of what the situation at hand is. Most of us come on here to criticize actors, writers and producers, SPECULATE on situations that we know NOTHING about, blow off steam and engage in meaningful debates, and I am certainly no different.

    My comments were not politically correct, but I doubt that Tony Geary or anyone who knows Tony Geary would really CARE if they read my comments. I doubt that I am the first or the last one to suspect Geary of being gay. Besides, I am gay, and love gay people!! If he’s part of the club, I’ll willingly buy him a strawberry daiquiri and give him a big old kiss on the mouth!!!!

    BTW: I still admire and respect YOU and everyone else on this website!! I LOVE "DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL"!!! Glad to be a member. 

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    alstonboy, love your posts, but do think that TG need to be on the prenom even though he is a great actor with no material to show last year?  NO.  But he is way better than the actors that was on last year, but I don’t think he deserve the prenom.  That just me.

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    Yes, sir, I do agree he needs an Emmy nod. Why??? Because he’s just that daggone good, sir!!! LOL!! He is definitely in the top 5 when it comes to the best actors in daytime. I don’t care if he’s flirting with Tracy, threatening to slit Helena’s throat for the THOUSANDTH time, or pouring everyone drinks and simply giving out smart-allecky advice. I feel like he deserves EVERY nomination he gets, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this year or next year, he adds a SEVENTH Emmy to his mantle.


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    All I have to say is people forget that these shows are fake and these are actors playing roles and saying scripted dialogue. Nothing makes me shudder more than when I read of actors saying that fans approach them in public, address them as their characters, and reference the storylines as if they are really happening. Pathetic.
    Love you Tony! xo

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    I really do think Tony Geary is fudging on this story.  Elizabeth Taylor went to Betty Ford in December, 1983, and again in 1988.  She met Larry Fortenski (sp) on her second visit and married him in 1991 at Michael Jackson’s Neverland.  So, just like Kristina’s, Tony Geary’s time line doesn’t fit.  I do believe they were friends, and that he has her permission to tell this outrageous story.  I have heard she can be quite prickly so I doubt he would risk her wrath. 

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