The Bold and the Beautiful Cast Celebrates 23 Years (Photos)

In addition to releasing a hilarious spoof video, The Bold and the Beautiful’s cast, including Brandon Beemer, Katherine Kelly Lang, Lee Phillip Bell, John McCook, Bradley Bell, Ronn Moss, Susan Flannery and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (pictured above) celebrated the show’s 23rd anniversary on March 23. Check out more photos of the B&B cast’s celebration after the jump.

Brandon Beemer, Katherine Kelly Lang, Susan Flannery, Ronn Moss and Winsor Harmon


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    And they dust the infamous Emmy off for the occasion??? LOL!! Brad seems to have a LONG way to go if he wants to get another one of those puppies on his mantle. This show is so up and down in terms of watchability—–mostly down, in my opinion. Congrats on your milestone, though!!!!

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    Sarah Brown looks great, of course.

    Jack Wagner is a goofball. And is adorables.

    Ashley Jones shouldn’t have gone out without makeup.

    Susan Flannery’s wrinkles are out in full force.

    Lesley-Anne Down’s plastic surgery is very noticeable.

    Brandon Beemer looks really good. Much better than on tv, imo.

    KKL looks fab, and I want her vest.

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    I’m with wr022 on this one – well done for some of the gals turning up without make up! I thought Lesley Anne and Ashley looked beautiful and very relaxed.

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