B&B Catch Up: Whip Proposes, Bridget Feels Guilty & Stephanie Slips Eric the Tongue

The Bold and the Beautiful’s teen set took center stage at the beginning of last week. Sweet-yet-drippy Hope battled with supposed “vixen” Steffy for the affections of Oliver. Oh, how we yawned. Is Steffy starting to have real feelings for the DJ-turned-filmmaker? Or is she just out to make Hope’s life hell? It’s a mystery. As is the reason a school dance was held at Forrester Creations in the first place. Another mystery: why does that fool Marcus keep cheerleading for Steffy? She already admitted to hating the Logans, and would gladly have his mother thrown out of FC on her derriere. Yet still he stands around, all "aw, shucks, Steffy, you’re awesome." We learned that he has a girlfriend, so at least Mr Smiles is getting some.

Predictably, Aggie was stopped from blurting out Bridget’s secret in front of Nick (i.e. I saw you banging your mother’s husband! My brother videoed it! Take a look!). Instead, Nick butted in and reminded them what good friends they used to be. Yep, sure they were. I remember a time they were going to yoga and had a salad in Bridget’s office, and I think they might have been for coffee at Insomnia. But, great friends? I don’t think so. Anyway, the bottom line is Bridget offered Aggie her job back. As a result, she deleted the video of Owen and Bridget going at it. Meanwhile, Owen and Bridget had another heart to heart, with him reminding her that Jackie and Nick could never find out about their grief sex.

Aggie’s cousin Whip cooked up a plan with his ex-wife Brooke. They arranged a double date at Cafe Russe with their significant others to test Taylor’s feelings for (part-man, part-beast) Ridge. Taylor and Ridge had a blast remembering their past, and Brooke warned Whip about his future. Alas, Taylor changed her tune when the maitre d’ uttered the words “man and horse”. Yes, it was that funny she nearly combusted right there, before desert had even been served.

Taylor flashes back to the moment she and Ridge were pronounced "Man and Horse"

Her maniacal laughter was apparently “proof” that she wasn’t hung up on Ridge. Despite the cackling, Whip and Taylor were actually quite sweet; for once I thought there might be something between them. They went back to Taylor’s and he proposed. He didn’t want a long engagement, so she suggested tying the knot next week. Bada bing, bada boom: here comes a wedding for B&B’s newest insta-love couple. 

 "One time my undead corpse was stolen and replaced with a wax dummy!
What a scream!"

The proposal.

Donna worried that her relationship was in trouble. With Eric and Stephanie getting closer at FC, and loony Pam mocking her about her weight (Jennifer Gareis is pregnant), things didn’t look good for Donna. She went over to see Katie, and finding she was out, spilled her guts to Bill instead. For once, I liked Donna’s scenes a lot, and she is looking more like the blonde bombshell she’s supposed to be with a little meat on her bones. Donna and Eric I cannot stomach at all, but I hope the Bill thing remains platonic. It would be good to see him in the Logans’ corner for the next power struggle/business storyline, rather than having him passed between the sisters for boinking purposes.
You got any honey in that bag?

As for Eric and Stephanie, they started getting fresh in his office after Donna and Pam had left. He’d been spouting some nonsense about Donna’s disloyalty due to her filming of The Catwalk, and Stephanie was all "my life won’t be complete until I’m in your bed." They kissed. What would that horny old goat want with the emasculating ball-breaker known as The Stephmonster? And why would she want his cheating ass back? I think they must both be more senile than Beth Logan (currently offscreen putting her shoes in the fridge). 
And this is just the entree, big boy.

After Taylor and Whip left, Brooke and Ridge shared one last dance at Cafe Russe, which was closing its doors that night. So, it’s goodbye Cafe Russe, hello kiddie dances at Forrester. I hope the next set to get the chop is the manky old steamroom; the thought Eric and Stephanie doing the funky monkey in there scares me.

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    Just a question here, but wouldnt Eric have to HAVE balls for Steph to ball-breaker??  LOL

    Seriously, I just started watching when SJB came on, but Eric is the whimpy patriarch I have ever seen on daytime.  AMC’s Palmer or Adam, OLTL’s Asa or GH’s Edward would eat him for a snack.  Heck I have only seen snippets of Days, but Victor and Stefano would make mince meat out of him too. Now Stephanie could go toe to toe with those players, but not whimpy Eric. 

    i would love to see them bring on someone cool for Steph instead of saddling her with Eric.

  2. Profile photo of DaytimeFan0001

    Anything the beautiful Hunter Tylo does is great to me!  I just loved seeing being lively, and fun.  Hunter is amazing!

    Love the shoes in the freezer lol.  

    And I am wondering why they had to axe Cafe Russe.  I wonder what purpose it served?  The two lovebirds could have just recounted memories there with the host.  Why is Cafe Russe closing?

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    LOL!!!! I’ll take the risk. Hunter Tylo looks like a WAX figure that belongs in the Museum of Natural Arts!!!!! This is exactly why plastic surgery should never become a recreational sport!!!!!

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    also, whip should be paired w/ hope.

    whip/hope would have incestuous tones w/c b&b’s known for, since whip claimed to be hope’s father to cover up deacon and brooke’s affair. also should deacon return to town, whip being w/ hope would have them at odds w/ each other. whip/deacon had a violent rivalry where whip basically beat the crap out of deacon in an airplane. it was 1 of daytime’s most graphic dogfights.

    it would save the show cash since there’s no need for video phone whiz ollie if whip is paired w/ hope.

    hope’s paternity is one of those storylines that needs to be played out w/ kanan in the cast, but they need a girl that can act like a jennifer finnigan. matula is pretty bad.

    but bell is keen on the teen set, so it’s a go for boring steffy/ollie/hope.

    knowing brad bell though, he’d probably pair hope and thomas since they are not biologically related even if they’re both "forresters". i’d rather they recast thomas w/ neal bledsoe, who portrays tyler on ugly betty, or any other actor for that matter, since drew tyler bell is b&b’s worst psycho ever. hope/thomas would put brooke and tay at odds again, so bell would probably do that.

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    the weight jokes directed at donna are typical of pam, and donna’s only there to be humiliated by steph or pam since she lost all her bitchy spark.

    b&b should have made a storyline revolve around donna’s weight gain. she is after all a forrester model. eric could have told her that bec of her weight gain, she can’t model the forrester gowns, brooke’s lingerie and bikinis anymore. and donna could discuss w/ her model sisters the pressures of maintaining her weight in the modelling business. it would have been a logical storyline for b&b, and i’m sure many of the actors would relate to the material, especially the women, since there’s a lot of pressure for them to stay in shape and look a certain way.

    also, since eric and donna’s rel is based on looks, then it’d cause friction in their marriage that she isn’t looking like a trophy wife anymore. their rel was based on the physical, sexual aspects, since donna did seduce him and eric is a horndog who has dumped steph repeatedly for younger women. so i think that’d be interesting and they could actually do this while jg is preggers.

    rather, they’re recycling old scripts from their vault again by making eric kiss steph. worse is they seem to be creating a katie/bill/donna triangle since he’s been comforting her while shirtless. b&b is the soap where a weight gain storyline would be the least preachy since they’re in fashion, but brad can never think of anything new, unless it pertains to incest.

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    also, this cutesy whip/tay pairing is a yawnfest. b&b is really stupid. anyone w/ a brain on b&b’s writing team should know that there are 3 men that tay should have been paired w/ rather than whip.

    1. tay/stephen logan would have been awesome. when he slept w/ her to get tay’s measely forrester stock, they should have romantically paired them. if tay married stephen, she would have been brooke’s step mother! how much fun would that have been?

    2. tay marrying rick would even be better. brooke as her mother in law?! absolutely fantastic! brooke would have mercilessly attacked tay. remember when rick and tay disgustingly made out in front of brooke, only for brooke to break them apart and slap tay! that slap was so great! kkl’s brooke looked so angry that she could have killed tay. lowder’s rick had a duh face on, but tylo’s tay had an expression of "i can’t believe you slapped me!" w/c was priceless. and all of tay’s grovelling for brooke’s acceptance of tay/rick could have been a lot of fun.

    instead, tay had a wet dream abt ridge, ended her engagement, begged for ridge to return to her, abd get rejected again. while rick went bonkers, w/c led to lowder and moss’s bad acting to be immortalized in talk soup. they really need to recast rick, or ship him off the canvas since they never use him.

    3. tay/thorne would be perfect before they send allie to boarding school. allie should be a demon child that begins doing crazy things, and tay could begin counselling her. then allie could make tay’s life a living hell, try to drive her crazy or get her medical license revoked. they should make allie like tom’s evil daughter on desperate housewives. allie could paint tay as a bad step mother, get tay to slap her publicly and turn the forrester family against tay. that would be awesome!

    instead it’s this snoozefest w/ whip, and they’ll either be really happy and boring, or divorced really fast!

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