Is Y&R Casting ANOTHER Dru-Droid?!

Here we go again… The Young and the Restless has placed a casting call for a 30-something, black female to hit the screen. Y&R’s looking for someone who is characterized as, "blunt, street-smart, sassy and doesn’t back down from a confrontation." The character for now is being called "Simone," but will hit Genoa City at the end of April.

Is this yet another Dru-like character the brass is bringing to the screen? We know how well that worked out last time, *cough Eva.* Sassy eh? Why are some characters listed as "sassy" in casting breakdowns while others are "no-nonsense"? SMH.

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    So it’s out the window for Victoria Rowell to comeback? When they were having all the salary disputes thought they were in talks with her coming back. But the cast wasn’t happy of her coming back because of the salary disputes.

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    BOOOO!!!! I don’t care who they bring on, they can’t replace my Vicki Rowell!!! Their decision to cast Eva "the diva" was a complete waste of time and energy, and having to watch Eva Marcille TRY to learn how to act onscreen was PAINFUL, to say the least. This just confirms my suspicions that there are certain actors who are trying to keep Vicki Rowell off of the show!!

    I think that Michelle Stafford, Peter Bergman and Christel Khalil are the forces behind this…….

    The writers haven’t demonstrated their abilities to write a sassy, diva-like black female character, so I am waiting to see what they come up with!! If this is the same casting director who gave me Yvonne Zima, I can already predict that it will be a failure of epic proportions.

    Just admit that the previous regime was incompetent and bring back Victoria Rowell. She is the ONLY black diva that I wanna see in Genoa City.

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    She can be Blunt, Street Smart and Sassy, but unless she can kill Daisy, I’ll just assume they’ll write as badly for HER as they did for that wretched Tyra (who, in the writers defense, had worse acting skills than anyone I’d ever seen on TV)

    Seriously. ENUFF OF DAISY!!

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    She can be Blunt, Street Smart and Sassy, but unless she can kill Daisy, I’ll just assume they’ll write as badly for HER as they did for that wretched Tyra (who, in the writers defense, had worse acting skills than anyone I’d ever seen on TV)

    Seriously. ENUFF OF DAISY!!

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     Victoria and Drucilla should be back on Y&R, and who cares if she’s a diva backstage or not liked by some actors. First off, the girl who plays Lilly is replaceable, Drucilla is not.  So if she has a problem with Victoria then either she can get over it or she can be replaced or killed off from her character’s cancer.

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     It is a combination of certain influential actors and TPTB — that is why we cannot have Victoria Rowell back in Genoa City.  The African-American storylines leave a lot to be desired on this show!

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     this would be a good role for Brook Kerr (ex Whitney, Passions) or Sherri Saum or Daphnee Duplaix, I wish all the Victoria Rowell fans would get over it and let it go,she is a mean, messy hater, and I don’t blame the people at Y&R for not wanting her back. 

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    TC irene

    Being a mean,messy hater hasn’t put Eric Braeden in the unemployment line yet. So is this a Woman thing or a Black thing at Y&R ? 
    Stop hating Victoria Rowell Y&R get a pair and ask the woman back already or is butt kissing only reserved for TGVN ?

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    Hmmm….. seriously people chill.

    Lets face it, it seems Ms Rowell, despite being a feisty and talented actress, must have annoyed lots of people on Y&R.  I am assuming these people includes people behind the scenes.  Maybe we should have her carry some of the blame, she did spend a lot of time criticising the show afterall.

    Saying that Dru was an amazing character.

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     Victoria Rowell has done nothing different than Eric Braeden and people love to call her a diva and talk about how she has bad mouthed the show…GTFOH!

    It’s amazing how the shoe fits differently for a black woman…Yeah I said it!

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    I agree. Eric Braeden has criticized MANY stories over the years, and he cusses like a sailor in almost every interview he does. Yet he’s never held accountable for anything that he does, simply because he’s a "beloved veteran actor"…Well, so is Victoria Rowell. Victoria Rowell got crucified for asking the producers to become a writer on the show. If Eric Braeden had made the same request, they would have accomodated him without a second thought, AND gave him a raise!!!!!!!

    Lynn Latham was a HORRIBLE writer, and she needed all the help she could get to make the show more watchable while she was RUINING it’s history and turning it into a joke!!!

    Besides, Victoria always rewrote and ad-libbed most of her dialogue during William Bell Sr’s tenure to make them more realistic and relatable!! William Bell understood that he didn’t know black people as well as Victoria does, and he allowed her to do it. A good writer and producer is willing and able to accept the fact that he or she doesn’t know EVERYTHING, and to ask for help when necessary.

    Michelle Stafford SPAT in Victoria Rowell’s face, and I am sure it was due to jealousy and self-entitlement. Michelle probably wants to THINK that she is the best actress under 50 in Y&R HISTORY, but that is far from the truth, in my opinion. I don’t care if she does have TWO Emmys. Victoria Rowell should have TWO Emmys on her mantle as well.

    I’m getting off my soapbox now. Victoria Rowell is a great actress, and she belongs on Y&R. If Michelle Stafford or Christel Khalil can’t handle it, I say get rid of BOTH of them. I would hardly even notice their absence.

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    Love the BOOB job that VR has and the fact that she tries real hard to keep them front and center at all times.  Really impressive and takes lots of talent to do that.

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    OP, get real, that is all VR and don’t hate.  Y&R is so high school and VR is telling it like it is.  Why is the new character is just like Dru?  Why not just be something totally different than Dru was?  You can’t recreate Dru like Victoria has done, it can’t happen, so don’t even try it.  Can’t wait for the book.

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    I think that IF TPTB really wanted VR, she’d be on, and it’s probably just the fact that she’s ticked off more people than EB or he’d probably be gone, too. Which would be fine by me.

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