Ex- OLTL Star Scott Evans Takes The High Road at Fan Event

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s Damon Jacobs caught up with ousted One Life to Live star Scott Evans and GREEK actor Gregory Michael at the recent Gays of Our Lives event in New York. Once again, Evans proves how graceful he is by basically saying the brass at OLTL didn’t owe him a call to tell him he wasn’t coming back because he was on recurring. 

Good for Evans for taking the high road, but I still say it was a tacky, chicken shit move on the part of OLTL executive producer Frank Valentini to allow this man to find out his groundbreaking, buzz-generating story— not to mention his job—was coming to an end via his doggone Twitter account! It wasn’t like Evans was an Under 5, or a fry cook at Mickey D’s. He carried half of the one storyline garnering this soap any favor. Ugh, still disgusted.  Keep shaking the haters off Kish boys.

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    No Daisy

    It’s really the fans loss but OLTL and ABC don’t get it.  Take away what the fans want to see, and the fans stop watching.  Gone are the days where people keep watching their old faves even when they suck.  There are too many other options.  OLTL, in just one month, has gone from must see tv to fast forward tv.  Its such a shame.  But I’m sure both SE and BC will land on their feet.  Good luck to both of them!!

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    I remain disappointed and ultimately saddened with regards to how this has all gone down.  I’m one hundred percent in agreement with Jamey; I’m sick of hearing about what a tight ship Valentini runs over ar OLTL–that means nothing when you treat your employees the way Scott Evans was treated.  Evans is indeed a class act with regards to how he’s handling it but, recurring or no, this was handled with the utmost of unprofessionalism on Valentini’s part.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–I don’t care if you’ve been on a show twenty years or twenty days, you should NOT hear about your dismissal via the internet.  It’s inexcusable and frankly the one who should be hunting a job is Valentini.

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    Scott and Brett continue to show that they are true class acts and that they can rise above all the negativity.  Props to both of them!  I can hardly wait to see how their careers take off from here.

    OLTL not so much.  I will no longer watch the show once Brett and Scott are gone.  Once I felt excited to see how these characters interracted with the rest of the canvas and would have fought to keep OLTL on the air.  Now I can barely stand to watch the mess that has been created.  What huge mistakes this soap has been making.  Diminishing the story between Kyle and Oliver, ending it the way they did, and alienating a huge fanbase was, to say the very least, a massive mistake. 

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    Good for Scott. I’m sure he (and Brett) will move on to a lot better things than OLTL. The show has been so bad lately and frankly doesn’t make much sense.  I won’t be watching after Kish goes off the screen.

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    Yeah, it was tacky and not professional, Frank.  I sorry, but OLTL now sucks and Frons should be ashamed for not giving this show the respect and the chance to survive and thrive on its own its a shame and Frons needs to have his job gone too.

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    I am with you, Jamey.  OLTL was the BEST show on TV due to the diversity of its cast and its message of tolerance and acceptance.  It helped so many people come to terms with who they are, to feel good about themselves, and to encourage others to do the same.  Unfortunately the show has now lost me as a viewer forever unless they bring Brett and Scott back.  I cannot believe how these two guys were treated, esepcially Scott.  I don’t care if he was on recurring — they still could have had the decency to call him after the huge impact he had on the show.  Who would have ever thought this would happen to such a wonderful show.  I hate to say it but I will be surprised if it lasts much longer.   

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    Being dumped via text message or Twitter is horrible, but losing your job via Twitter is far worse. I don’t watch OLTL, but I do know that this show can’t afford any more negative press. From what I hear and read, the rest of the stories are mediocre, to say the least, and now that they have alienated a large portion of their gay audience, there seems to be nowhere to go but DOWN—–in the ratings!!!

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    Something has happened to OLTL since the end of last year.  It was a show with interesting storylines about diverse characters and some really heartwarming relationships.  Since the new year, it’s back to tired storylines from the last century and adolescent and bad behavior.

    But, it’s great to see Scott’s positive attitude.  I’m excited about his future.

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